854 Chapter 854: Qin Min Ah Want to Find Her Back-Up

"Wait,  Second Brother. Only Fourth Brother should be one who undergoes the punishment." Liang Mo Han said.

"Why only me?" Ren Qian Yi argued.

"You are in the last place." Liang Mo Han pointed.

"Well, I think Second Brother is right." Fang Mo Li said.

"Why?" Ren Qian Yi and Liang Mo Han turned to Fang Mo Li.

"Both of you have lost to Yu Qi, right?" It was a simple explanation that both of them could not deny.

"Is it really okay?" Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

"Yeah. Don't worry about that. They will forget it after drinking." Long Hui nodded.

After a little competition, they sat again and started to drink. As Long Hui said, they only felt down for a moment. And now, they were drinking and talking like nothing happened. Yu Qi wondered if that punishment would happen or not.


"Our big boss is here today." 

"You mean the real owner of this nightclub?"


"Where do you hear it?"


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