676 Chapter 676: Become Famous Again.

She continued again. "I began to inquire about her condition. After getting information from her friends, I made my diagnosis. She was having a deep neck infection. Her throat swollen, blocking her airway."

"I see." The doctors nodded and mumbled among them.

"I was thinking to do cricothyroidotomy. But I did not have the equipment to do it. So, I thought another method." Yu Qi said.

"So, that is the method that you have thought?" Doctor Bai was looking very shocked. 

"Yes." Yu Qi innocently nodded.


"I have never thought that endotracheal tube could use like that." 

"This is the first time I am seeing the first aid treatment like that."

"I think it is a good first aid treatment that we need to learn." 

Yu Qi was dumbfounded facing this current situation. She was blinking several times.


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