1066 Chapter 1066: Compete In Shooting

"I have heard about your Jade Store. I have never thought that you have a business mind since you are a doctor." President Hai said.

"It is my hobby and generates money as well. So, it is good to have the side income." Yu Qi did not deny that she loved money.

"I have also heard that Miss Tang likes shooting too." A middle-aged man suddenly mentioned that.


"Yeah. I have heard that she won a shooting competition during her university." 

Yu Qi just smiled when she heard that. She was trying to understand what this person wanted her to do when he mentioned that.

"Coincidently, this place has a shooting training ground. How about Miss Tang show her talent to us?" 

"On what basis?" Yu Qi suddenly asked that.

The people who talked about that were silent for a moment. They did not expect that Yu Qi would react like that. They thought Yu Qi would happily accept to showcase her talent to them.


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