1055 Chapter 1055: Owner of Qi Qi Skincare

They left the dress shop and walked around. Long Hui asked someone to bring the dresses back to the Long Residence. Yu Qi saw her Qi Qi Skincare Store. She decided to take a look at the store. It was the first time she came to this branch.

Yu Qi pulled Long Hui to the store. Long Hui followed her. He knew that the store was under Yu Qi too. The store was not too crowded with customers.

"I have to buy the moisturizer but I don't have enough money to buy it."

"Yeah. These skincare products are too expensive."

"I don't think it is worth our money."

"If you don't have the money to buy our product, please leave." One of the shop assistants heard the conversation between the two girls and drive out the girls.

"What?" One of the girls was shocked.

The shop assistant made a proud face. "What? Am I telling something wrong?"

"No, but..." The girl wanted to protest but her friend pulled her.


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