1052 Chapter 1052: Being Scouted

The couple went to the dining room for breakfast. They had been informed that Grandpa Long had already gone out. Hearing that, Yu Qi glared at Long Hui once again. Long Hui who received the glare made an innocent look. After breakfast, Long Hui decided to take Yu Qi out for shopping. 

"It has been a long time since we have gone t shopping together. There is really fun in choosing what outfit you are going to wear." Long Hui grinned. 

Yu Qi knew it but she was going to get tired of trying all the dresses that Long Hui picked up. But she did not want to disappoint him. 

"Then, have you decided your outfit for the night?" Yu Qi asked.

"I will wear my formal uniform." Long Hui said.

"Really? I can't wait to see it." Yu Qi's eyes lifted up 

Long Hui saw it. He knew that his fiance had a strange fetishism that she liked him to wear the soldier uniform. 

"I will dress up nicely for you." Long Hui grinned.


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