1051 Chapter 1051: A Beast On The Bed

"Have you messed with my moisturizer?" Yu Qi asked again.

"Of course, if your face gets disfigured, Young Master Long would leave you." The little maid said while smirking.

"Oh, really? And he becomes yours? If Brother Hui only likes my face, and my face becomes disfigured and he leaves me. I don't think you will be his choice because you are not pretty as me."

Pang... It felt this invisible slap on that little maid. 

"There are more beautiful women outside there. So, it is not a guarantee that Brother Hui would choose you if he is into the pretty women." Yu Qi continued giving invisible slapping on the little maid's face.

It was a redundant way to humiliate a person. Everyone never thought that Yu Qi was a person like that. Yu Qi did not care what others think about her. She would not be so merciful towards the woman who wanted to covet her man.


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