1 A Created Era

Inside a dimension lying within the boundary between light and dark, and within the realm not bound by the laws of universe, there lied a void eclipsed with profound daos unknown to everyone.

A young teenager with lean and slender body was soaring in the aether, smoothly flowed within the disarray space, full of cracks and unstable dimensional quakes.

He had an immaculate appearance, the perfect embodiment of beauty. His eyes glowed like jewels of the heavens, yet emanating a deeply profound ancientness.

He was not deterred by the phenomena and easily traversed the pitch-black surroundings, without bothering the occasional pure and holy white lightnings striking his fragile body.

During the space quake, his body would be consumed and travelled to another dimension, hence splitting his own existence, ultimately dispersing and perishing him. However unbeknownst, it didn't affect him the slightest as if everything could not block him.

The darkness were as if had its own life, consistently corroding the feeble being of a young teenager. But as if his physique was indestructible, the darkness' properties were as good as nothing.

He continued to tread until the core place in the middle of this dimension. He had travelled far from his own universe, the distance measurement could not be measured by deity's standards.

The time he had stretched so far could no longer also be measured by time itself.

He had experienced countless perils, dangers lurking everywhere until he reached to a point, his body had now started to decay in time.

Yes, gods and deities in his place were said to be immortals, the highest plane of existences among all other things. But only he know the truth, since time memorial when his universe started to take form. He was the first human to be born and the first one to discover that there is no such thing as "immortality".

He was formed by the natural essences of the universe, guided by the gods to take shape of a human being. Upon his growth, he made a cultivation path to defy the heavens, and achieved the pinnacle of existence, hence, becoming the god among the gods.

From a normal human, deemed as ant, he became the sole existence everyone feared even the creators themselves.

But when time had flowed to its extreme limits, a universe was perennial but a being was not eternal. They were not dao itself, which held for eternity.

As such, he felt his time was near even his unfathomable cultivation granted him omnipotence.

So he started his journey leaving his universe behind. The first gods would perish in age, he knew that, and would become a shocking discovery of all existences. But all of those were in the past, as all of those gods' ages combined could not even compare to a nick of his true age.

His name resounded unduly fame to all existences but he had remained a legend or only a myth. But on this present time, he could confidently say, everyone had totally forgotten him, the one who invented the "cultivation path".

The cultivation path could only be a mystery, and said to be the gift from gods to the living beings, unaware that gods had forsaken them as toys to watch. Humans were surviving in an inhabitable planet while gods took leisure to look at them enjoyably.

Only he had the courage to defy the heavens, and broke it to finally take revenge. The blood he spilled could cover the entire universe and the countless corpses he destroyed, could stack up to make another universe of its own.

But unfortunately, everyone forgotten his invaluable deed to them. It was truly a sad thing.

However, this greatest existence harbored no such thing of emotional care. The only thing that driven him so far was his insatiable greed to live.

As one passed his time and experienced it, only they could understand their fear of old age. That had resulted for countless wars to havoc in any world, dimension, plane and realm.

Money could buy anything but time itself.

If money could prolong one's time, this type of currency could only be deemed as valuable.

Mountains and oceans of golds and currencies had stacked up on its own but unable to hold its value until it could buy an item to exchange for time.

The young teenager was one of such beings, had countless money he could discard, yet it remained useless as ever.

Moreover, he could even make his own universe, much more, making money.

This time, he could finally grasp he truly desired. The one to become dao itself, the dao of human.

It was a minor dao that everyone thought, a futile dao that was tragic to think. Among the countless daos, this dao of human was the same as the other countless daos, a named word dao that held no combat prowess.

No one could even think of improvising and analyzing the dao of human. Even it sounds like a joke, yet it was deemed to not be called as joke as no one would ever think it is a joke, as everyone had not bothered to think of it all!

If a word dao needed to be researched, then everyone would be dead tired. The dao of boy, the dao of man, the dao of tree, the dao of root, the dao of house, even the dao of cloth: these kinds of daos were unintentionally cultivated but these were not major daos.

Any cultivator would naturally cultivate minor daos that had chances to become major, or factor daos of a major dao.

A minor dao could not be improved to a greatest extent, only intended to become a support to a major dao.

Such minor daos were dao of raindrop, dao of rain, dao of flood; as these daos were intended as precursors for a major dao which is the "Dao of Water".

Moreover, these major daos could be improvised and improved infinitely, becoming the source of power of a cultivator or a deity.

There were only few major daos but countless minor daos. And the dao of human was one of those countless daos, whom everyone didn't manage to think of, as one leading to immortality.

It was not a dao of immortality nor the dao of time itself but the dao of human itself. The minor dao everyone disdained to cultivate, which is not even a factor to a major dao.

Even the young teenager, the supreme existence, hadn't even thought of it. It didn't occur to his mind at all. He had cultivated all the major daos and countless minor daos to its limit.

Even the dao of human was also included as it was a precursor of cultivating the heart. The heart is not a major dao but it remained abstruse, complex and profound. It held immense power no one could comprehend. As such, he was knowledgeable of the dao of human itself.

But he had bridged a limit. A breakthrough requiring for the dao of human, it didn't come to his mind for he knew it no longer needed a breakthrough. It had achieved the apex of a minor dao, the utmost limit of the dao of human.

Why should he research the dao of human when it was already on its limit, unable to proceed further?

To think after all of his travel, he finally traversed to this point, attaining knowledge incomprehensible by anyone, yet the key to becoming immortality was the dao of human he had already neglected.

He could not believe it was all along the dao of human since his countless research of immortality.

It was laughable but knowingly, this would be the cause of his eternal existence, he could laugh in exultation.

"At last, I've finally found you, my treasure."

It could be said anything in the universe was deemed as trash or garbage for himself. To praise this dao of human as "treasure", this proved its value.

Slowly, he crept himself inside the ball of light. This light was akin to the size of a normal world, such as the Earth. His small stature was like a speck of dust, in contrast to it.

Profound information assailed his mind, like countless pricks of needles attacking his delicate brain in raw. However, it didn't budge him a little. His soul remained as still as ever, steady as a towering mountain and peaceful as a calm ocean.

Human was the pinnacle and perfect form one should take shape. It could embody anything as long as the vessel remained condensed and pure. Even gods had testified for it, as when they represent themselves, they showed their human appearances to the public.

As information slowly slipped within his bank of knowledge, his lips was unable to bear to smile. His lips curled upwards uncontrollably.

He had learned and been enlightened, yet he was also dismayed.

There is truly no such thing as immortality. However, power is truly eternal. As long as one gained power, he could be granted with continuous lifespan.

He had achieved the limit, hence, unable to prolong his age. However, now he found a way how to breakthrough.

The reason was it required a vessel compatible enough and could sustain the essences with the later breakthroughs of all the daos. His vessel, which is the human form, could not hold it any longer for it required the storage sustenance and quality existence.

Upon basking of the new knowledge, he could finally reborn itself back to becoming an infant of the nature. A baby born out of pure essences of the laws that extended beyond the universe. It eclipsed all the daos of the major and the minor.

This was one requirement to reborn which is an existence that transcended anything. It was higher than the existence he had already attained in this life.

He could finally solve his age problem and attained back to age zero. If he could achieved his current cultivation when he would reborn, the lifespan he had tread could be tread anew again.

Everyone knew the rule of the laws. After attaining immortality, one could no longer be reborn. One could only disintegrate out of existence if unluckily perished.

He was the only exception after granted with the breakthrough of his minor dao, which is the "dao of human." He finally knew another way to reborn which is to merge all of his daos to create a new him.

However, the pain he felt right now had escalated to a degree even gods would falter. He didn't budge a bit but he could not prolong it any longer.

This was a side-effect from attaining a breakthrough of a dao out of a vessel's limit. In the end, he could only disintegrate and nothing would remain to remember his almighty existence.

"One's form of existence barred anyone to reach one's ambitious desires. Hindrances and obstacles of my path, shall be annihilated and destroyed. Forcing my way in, I'll be the greatest existence ever!"

His monologue was out of the natural words of a normal human being. These sentences were the styles of supreme existences like him, uttering complex words as natural could be, like a flowing river.

His body was illuminating with fulgent light, as bright as the core explosion of a "supernova". However it was only the starting phase, as the lights kept increasing and intensified to an extent, it could no longer be described.

The space cracked in innumerous amounts, the aether rapidly approached and absorbed by the young teenager. Every existent daos were not spared including the holy lightning.

This dimension was located in the illusion between the particular two universes. It was an illusion yet remained tangible. However, this dimension was quaking terribly that it affected the two universes it touched upon.

All living beings were terrified, the destined doom was thought to befall them. Even gods trembled in fear.

This catastrophe would soon be called "The Gloating Merge", the harbinger gloat that selfishly taken countless lives in pursue of merging the two universes.

The catastrophe that successfully sacrificed even gods to start a new era!

An era which merged daos of both universes.

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