1 Prologue

Her dress was covered in blood, pain all over her body. The house is on fire, and smoke is everywhere. "How are you holding up, Anna? Ha-ha-ha!" She looks at the person who's laughing wickedly, the only person she trusted in her whole life, her best friend. "Awwww, come on, don't look at me like that, I'm not the only one who did this to you, right?" That's right, and she's not the only one who did this to her, who brought her suffering and the feeling of betrayal. Her best friend and her lover did this to her, the man she married today betrayed her.

She tried to stand up, but her body couldn't move. Every time she tries to move, she would feel pain in every inch of her body. "Trying to stand up, huh?" Juan, the bastard who betrayed her, pulls her hair, and it hurts her so much that it made her scream loudly in pain, and it just made the both of them laugh wickedly.

She asked herself, 'What did I do to deserve this kind of punishment?! What did I do to them, for them to betray me like this?!' Her friend, her best friend Rebecca June, whom she loved dearly, treat her like a real sister had betrayed her. Rebecca was the only friend she has. Juan Li, the man she loved, her first love and her first in everything. She had loved him very much that she had given him everything, fame, and riches, everything he asked for her she gives it to him without hesitation, even her precious pearl that her mother reminded her that she should never give it to anyone until someone worth it comes, but she had failed her mother.

Why? Why? Why did both of them do this to her?! She had loved them both very much, and they were the ones that she cares for in this cruel world.

"Why?" She asked while trying to stop the tears from falling to her beautiful face.

"'Why, you ask? Heh! The reason is simple, my dear, to get everything you have away from you! You don't deserve it. You don't deserve anything at all. What you have should have been mine in the beginning." What Rebecca said made the tears that she was holding back falls to her cheeks, and it just kept on pouring and pouring.

"Anna, what does it feels like to lose everything you have now? Hmm?" Juan holds her chin, forcing her to face him eye to eye. 'It hurts. It truly hurts! Everything that the both of you did to me is painful to bear' that's what she wants to say, but her voice just couldn't come out. "Well, what you feel right now doesn't satisfy me, and to make myself satisfied, me and Rebecca want you DEAD."

The only thing that's been running to Anna's thoughts is death. Anna would gladly accept it without any hesitation. It's unbearable for her to stay alive and to breathe the same air with the two traitors.

"Oh yeah, do you remember the car accident that your mom was in?" Anna diverted her gaze to Rebecca's direction when she heard Rebecca mentioning the woman who acts like her mother and father at the same time when her dad disappeared mysteriously. "It was just not an ordinary car accident, though."

Anna saw that evil grin on Rebecca's mouth, and a thought suddenly hits her. "What the hell did you do?!" Anna angrily stared at Rebecca.

"Well, since you're going to die anyway, might as well tell you the whole truth. It's not just us who plotted your mother's death, my father and your uncle James participated in our little plot." Anna was shocked to hear it. Her uncle James who showed her a fatherly love all these years, schemed something like that to her mother. Her mother treated her uncle James with kindness and helped him and his family when they needed it. Is this how he repays her mother's kindness? Despicable! Unforgivable!

While cursing her uncle James in her heart, she suddenly thought about her grandpa's sudden death. "Are the two of you is also the reason why my grandpa died?!" Anna's voice was shaking when asked that question. She's scared to know the truth. Knowing the truth about her mother's death was enough to give her more pain than she already felt, but if she's going to tell about her grandpa's sudden death, it's going to be too much for her to handle.

They both looked at Anna, and from what she saw on their faces, her guess was right. They're responsible for her grandpa's sudden death. "Yes, I put poison on your grandfather's meal. Putting poison on his meal is an easy task. He trusts me too much that I am allowed to bring out his food." Juan, how despicable of him to do that if it weren't for her grandfather's kindness, he could have died in the middle of the streets.

"Come on now, Rebecca, let us not stay here any longer, the smoke here is not good for you and the child in your tummy, you know." As Juan said, he looked at Anna, full of mockery plastered on his face. From their gazes on Anna, it's like saying that they've already won and there's nothing she could do anymore. She's going to die anyway.

Anna started crying again. Her tears won't stop. She closed her eyes and remembering all those times that she, Rebecca, and Juan did together. All those memories, they looked happy, but all of it was just fake. 'They're the ones who deserve to die! Not me! I did nothing wrong!' Anna said in her mind.

Anna opened her eyes and saw one of her experimental bottle tubes that can explode when it's thrown into a fire. Anna picked it up and looked at Juan and Rebecca, who's walking away from her. Anna couldn't accept this. If she's going to die, those two traitors should come along with her.

She said to herself that if she's going to be reborn again before her grandpa and her mom died, she will make their lives miserable than what the two of them had given her.

She threw the bottle into the fire near Juan and Rebecca. The two traitors were shocked to see the bottle and realized what it is. They hurriedly walk away, but it's too late for them, there was a massive explosion, and everything went black.


"Anna." Someone's calling her name. It was a gentle voice that warms her aching heart. That voice feels so nostalgic for her, 'what's this feeling' she asked. She feels like she's floating, like every pain that she felt earlier is suddenly faded away. "Anna." There it is again, that voice. 'Whose voice is it?' She wondered. "Anna." Ah! She remembers now. This voice was her mother's, the voice that she missed so much.

Somebody was shaking her. It's like someone is trying to wake her up. The hands that are shaking her feel like it was her mother's. The heavens must be playing tricks with her. She's dead already, why would the heaven want to play pranks with her? Making her hear her beloved mother's voice, making her feel her mother's warm touch. "Anna, open your eyes." Should she open her eyes? But what if she opened her eyes her mother is not there, and the heaven from above likes play tricks with her. Anna doesn't want to assume that, but still, she wants to see her mother.

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