Reborn Just To Be a Big Shot Family Freeloader Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Reborn Just To Be a Big Shot Family Freeloader

Guo Fears Fat

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After a huge fire that broke out at home, Yan Qixun had inexplicably regained memories of her past life as a scientist. Then, she realized her whole family had coincidentally regained memories of their past lives as well. After that, she found out her family members all used to be some big shot or another. Her father was the oldest mythical dragon, her mother was a deity, her oldest brother was a crown prince, her older sister was the best physician in history, her younger sister was a plant spirit, and her second brother was an immortal. This made Yan Qixun constantly feel like she did not belong among her family because of how insignificant she was in comparison. That was alright, though, because while her family was great at humbling others, they had to depend on her when it came to farming and building infrastructure. The scholar proclaims that she quite enjoys the life of a freeloader.


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