1 Her Arch-Rival Died For Her

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Wen Ruan died at the young age of 22.

She was disfigured, legs crippled and had been locked up in the basement for a year.

During that period, she was mistreated and tortured every single day. Before she died, she had become extremely emaciated and totally unrecognizable.

Wen Ruan was finally discarded into the deserted mountains until someone found her after a painstaking search.

A man wearing a black coat strode steadily out of the eerie-looking dense forest.

His face was hidden in the shadows of the night. Wen Ruan couldn't see his face but his presence was exalted and fearsome.

He bent over and knelt on one long and slender leg.

He knelt in front of the corpse that was already beginning to smell and caressed the now unrecognizable face with his slender hand.

Wen Ruan's spirit shifted close to the man and slowly moved her gaze upwards from his Adam's apple.

It was a flawlessly handsome face. His features were distinctly etched, as if carved out of marble by an artist.

Wen Ruan stared at the man in disbelief.

Huo Hannian?

Her arch-rival since her high school's senior year!

Wen Ruan had never expected that he would be the one to come and collect her body.

Her ignorance at that time had caused him indelible damage. She always believed that he hated her bitterly, as he should.

The man's dark and obscure eyes stared at her face that was beginning to bloat up. It had been rotting for a long time. Suddenly, he stretched out his arms and picked up the body.

He brought her to a beautiful island. This was Wen Ruan's favourite vacation location, Yunmeng Isle.

She had heard in the recent past that it was bought over privately and was not open to the public any more.

The atmosphere here was no longer boisterous. But her favourite lilies and sunflowers were growing in the well-maintained garden of an opulent manor.

The gruesome corpse, which even she didn't dare to look at, was carried by the tall and strapping man straight into the manor.

Wen Ruan followed him into the place after a moment of hesitation.

A news bulletin was playing on the huge LCD screen in the living room.

[An explosion took place at St. Peter's Church at 10am, on 20th June 2020. The bridegroom, Huo Jingxiu, and the bride, Ye Wanwan, died on the spot, in the blast. After investigation, the police have identified the suspect to be Huo Hannian, the world's richest Sorbonne Family's newly appointed Young Master…]

[According to rumors, the newly-appointed Young Master suffers from severe depression. He is cold, cruel, paranoid and irascible…]

Wen Ruan trembled when she heard that Huo Jingxiu and Ye Wanwan died in the explosion. Her clenched hands relaxed their grip and the heavy grievances in her heart were instantly lifted after hearing the news.

That cheating couple who broke up her family and tortured her to death, finally got their rightful ending.

They deserved to die a long time ago!

However, were they really executed by Huo Hannian?

Wen Ruan heard noises coming from the basement, so she went down there.

Huo Hannian had removed his black coat. He was wearing a well-tailored black shirt, with the top two buttons remaining undone. He was bending over the crystal coffin. He lovingly combed her hair and changed her clothes.

Because he was bending over, his shirt was stretched tightly across his back. It revealed the well-defined muscles and the taut lines of his rear.

Wen Ruan had not seen Huo Hannian again since their high school graduation.

Watching his slender and clean fingers combing through her dried and entangled hair carefully brought tears to her eyes.

Her lips quivered. "Why are you not chopping my corpse into pieces after how I treated you at that time?"

Obviously, the man couldn't hear her voice.

After settling her in, he took out a green porcelain bottle. Tilting back his head, he drank its content in one smooth gulp.

Wen Ruan could smell a potent poison which seemed to be contained in the porcelain bottle. She shouted in panic and with disbelief in her eyes. "What are you doing, Huo Hannian?"

"What did I do for you that made you avenge me and then die with me?"

"Don't drink it, Huo Hannian. Do you hear me?"

No matter how much she screamed, and tried to stop him, it was useless!

The man drank the entire contents of the bottle and laid down slowly.

His black and obscure eyes were looking at her body and his big hand was holding her decomposed hand. His thin lips went close to her ear and he whispered in a hoarse voice. "Girl, I fulfilled my promise."

Fu*k the promise. When did they ever promise anything to one another?

Looking at the blood seeping out of the man's lips, Wen Ruan felt as if her brain was going to explode. Her heart was torn apart painfully with the last breath he took.

She howled like a trapped animal. "Huo Hannian!"

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