Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

The trembling Hyuga Kuroto finally got the treasure that he dreamed of! How exactly will the world of Naruto be perceived with his glowing Royal Blue Tenseigan .............................................................................. Disclaimer: This is just a translated version of the Chinese Web Novel! ........................................................................................... For more chapters support me on Patreon! Patreon: p atreon.com/Milta_translations

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Chapter-1 The Dark Laboratory




The sound of water droplets echoed in the gloomy passage, causing Kuroto to tighten the robes on his body unconsciously.

He hated it very much. The dark passage in front seemed to lead directly to hell, always making him have all kinds of horrifying thoughts, but the one-eyed viper on his shoulder made him dispel the thought of turning and leaving.


When he reached the end of the passage, Kuroto opened the door. Behind the door was a well-equipped laboratory with a figure standing inside.

The figure turned around: "It's Kuroto-Kun."

Hearing this hoarse voice, Kuroto's heart trembled, and he lowered his head quickly;


Orochimaru looked at Kuroto thoughtfully, and then said for a long time:

"This laboratory will be yours in the future."

Feeling the real gaze of Orochimaru, Kuroto didn't dare to think more than necessary, and hurriedly bowed and replied: "Please rest assured, I will definitely work harder!"

Orochimaru looked away and glanced around the laboratory for a while, a bit of melancholy appeared in his eyes.

"I may be leaving the village. For the future material, you can figure it out by yourself!"


Kuroto nodded and said yes without any hesitation, while the one-eyed viper standing on his shoulder was lazily flicking its tongue.

Finally, Orochimaru took one last look at Kuroto, didn't explain anything, just left with a Body-flicker technique.

With the departure of Orochimaru, the huge and gloomy Chakra that filled the laboratory slowly faded.


Kuroto breathed a sigh of relief.

Recently, the aura on Orochimaru's body has become colder day by day, and it seems to have a bloody smell. Even if Kuroto reports the progress of the experiment from a distance, he still feels extremely uncomfortable.

Fortunately, this difficult day seems to be over.

But after thinking about it, Kuroto was a little confused.

According to the vague memory from his previous life, it seems that Orochimaru left Konoha after 4th Hokage's death. If Kuroto is correct then because of some conflict between Orochimaru and Danzo; the information on Human experimentation of the village children was leaked that led to investigation under 3rd Hokage's orders and further course of events.

But Orochimaru's attitude and actions just now seemed to indicate that he has already prepared a plan to defect and could be launched at any time.

"Where did the deviation cause Orochimaru to defect early? ​​Is it because of me?"

After sorting out everything in the past, Kuroto still couldn't think of a reason, but Orochimaru's defection is a good thing for him after all. As for whether he defected actively or passively currently he can't do anything about it.

Regarding Orochimaru, Kuroto's feelings are obviously complicated.

If it weren't for the asylum under Orochimaru, Kuroto knew that he would not have survived the 3rd Ninja war so easily. After all, seven out of ten students in the same period had already died on the battlefield.

Even a genius like Kakashi almost lost his life on the battlefield, and when compared to students of the same generation from the Ninja Academy, Kuroto couldn't even match one of Kakashi's moves.

Living in the Naruto world as a pathetic weakling is the biggest sin one could commit!

It's been more than ten years since he transmigrated here, but to this day, Kuroto still finds it hard to adapt to this ninja world full of killings. This is one of the reasons why he took the initiative to take refuge under Orochimaru, because when it comes to fighting talent; he is obviously behind his peers. During the battle, especially in life and death situations, his reaction is always slower than others.

Sometimes, he really admires the ninjas in this world. Often, they have the ability to kill at the age of six or seven. It is commonplace to go to the battlefield at the age of ten, and then there are geniuses like Kakashi and Itachi, who have already killed countless enemies by the age of twelve.

It's simply unbelievable.

Kuroto does not have this talent. Fortunately, he was born in the Hyuga clan with white eyes. With the help of the white eyes, he was able to live in danger and survive on the battlefield several times.

But good luck will not always last. Seeing the students of the same period die one by one, Kuroto resolutely took refuge under Orochimaru.

You have to survive first. Staying alive is the most important to be able to rise!

Kuroto also has certain advantages over others. With good education in his previous life, his comprehension abilities are far superior to that of ninjas of the same age. Coupled with the natural advantage of having white eyes, he quickly stood out in the laboratory of Orochimaru. He was able to learn a lot of genetic technology under Orochimaru's wings.

Maybe because of witnessing too many deaths. In the later period of the 3rd war, Orochimaru was obsessed with the mystery of life.

The clearest explanation is that Orochimaru no longer cares about the 3rd Hokage, no longer adheres to the low moral bottom line, and started doing a large number of cruel and bloody human experiments.

In addition, Orochimaru also developed a keen interest in Woods, White Eyes / Byakugan, and Writing Chakra eyes / Sharingan.

Kuroto's active refuge made it easier for Orochimaru to study the secrets of white eyes, so Orochimaru is still doing his best to guide Kuroto.

The two sides hit it off quickly, so there was the scene just now.

Of course, the reason Kuroto dared to take refuge under Orochimaru was that he knew that it would not take long for Orochimaru's attention to be attracted by the forbidden techniques in the village, such as the "Edo Tensei" and the "Eight Gates of Life", plus he has the protection of 'cage bird', therefore he did not worry that Orochimaru will directly conduct human tests on him.

Yes, the 'cage bird' is indeed protection for the current Kuroto.

Or to be more precise, for all the weak and struggling Hyuga clansmen, the "cage bird" is not only not confinement, but a kind of protection. Because of its existence, the Hyuga clan has avoided many serious problems and there are fewer people that covet Byakugan compared to Sharingan.

As for another reason for taking refuge under Orochimaru, that is Tenseigan!

With his mediocre talent, besides attaining Tenseigan, he really couldn't think of any other possible way for him to turn over and take his destiny into his own hands.

As for Senjutsu, even a once in a decade genius like Orochimaru has difficulty to master it, let alone him.

Otherwise, let alone the mediocre talent of Kuroto, even a genius like Neji died just from shielding Hinata from the debris of the 10 tailed attacks according to the memory of his previous life.

The white eyes can indeed give the Hyuga clansmen an unparalleled advantage Genin, Chunin, and Jonin level combat power.

But once power comparison reaches the Kage level or even the super Kage level, the advantage of white eyes is not obvious.

For the Hyuga clan who specializes in soft boxing, it is next to impossible for them to counteract the power of Uchiha's Susano, the strength of the human column force, the Senjutsu, etc.

Hyuga's are really powerless when put into a confrontation against enemies of this level, so the Tenseigan is the only hope for the Hyuga clan to intervene in the super shadow level battle.

This is also something Kuroto never forgot at the beginning of the journey.

But it's not easy to evolve a white eye into a Tennseigan eye.

In terms of blood inheritance, Hyuga Kuroto has almost no knowledge reserves, so to achieve this goal, only the scientific research madman Orochimaru can help him in the entire village.

Disclaimer: This is simply a translation of the Chinese version with the same name.

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