48 Chapter - 48 Fierce battle

"Wh=what the hell!!?"

In a panicked state, Iwamoto was dragged towards Kuroto.

Kuroto who fell on the ground suddenly propped his body and with all his effort used "Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!"

… tuk…. tuk….… tuk…. tuk….… tuk…. tuk….

Accompanied by the rapid sounds of palm strikes, Iwamoto flew out and fell on the mud not far away.

"Cough-cough…...Shit!" After delivering a series of gentle fist strikes to Iwamoto, Kuroto again coughed out blood.

Although he deliberately pretended to let Iwamodo drop his guard but the injuries he suffered were not fake. To be honest he didn't expect the mud whip to be powerful enough to injure him, having fallen from such height injured his lungs and due to internal bleeding, he was feeling a little dizzy.

'Guess that's what you get for underestimating the enemy!'

Taking a deep breath to stabilize his ragged breath, Kuroto said lightly, "It's useless Iwamoto, I know you are well awake!"

When Iwamado heard Kuroto say this, he opened his eyes suddenly and jumped out of the mud while speaking in surprise, "Boy, what Jutsu was that just now?"

Kuroto snorted, "Idiot! You think I'll tell you!!??"

However, Iwamoto wasn't angry at Kuroto's denial as he said lightly, "It's alright I'll make sure to extract everything out of you after I rip your arms and legs apart!"

As he said, Iwamoto pulled out a short knife from his waist.

Kuroto had to accept that Iwamoto is an elite Jonin of Rock Village, previously when he was pulled by Kuroto under Rein Wheel's effect, the bastard immediately used an Earth Release ninjutsu, hardening several parts of his body, so even though Kuroto's palm strikes sealed his tenketsu, it still didn't cause any significant harm to his body.

Although Iwamoto's tenketsu are blocked making him unable to use chakra from them but as an elite Jonin, even without complete access to his chakra pathway, he is definitely a dangerous enemy.

And since Kuroto was injured therefore Iwamoto felt he still had an advantage over the kid.

Seeing that his situation was not very optimistic, Kuroto said no-nonsense and directly took out a scroll with "San" written on it, to summon Kazekage puppet in front of Iwamoto.

"This is…?" Iwamoto was stunned when he looked at the puppet floating in the mid-air with iron sand all around him.

As a ninja to have experienced three shinobi world wars, his knowledge is more than enough for him to recognize the unique Kekkai Genkai of the Kazekage Clan!

Exposing the Kazekage puppet here is a very risky move, so without speaking any nonsense Kuroto transferred his chakra to the puppet to launch attacks.

"Magnet Release: Iron Sand Weaponry!"

Instantly, the iron sand floating in the sky turned into hundreds of sharp spikes, shuriken, kunai, spears, and swords, which rushed towards Iwamoto like raindrops.


Iwamoto had a cold sweat on his forehead seeing this series of attacks, as soon as the spikes, spears, and swords rushed towards him, he took a defending stance, and the short knife in his hands was like a gorgeous dancing Bella, accompanied by the sound of the harsh metal collision, he continuously diverted, deflected, blocked, dodged, and reflected back the iron sand objects.

Seeing this Kuroto frowned, he thought since Iwamoto's chakra is sealed, the battle should be concluded quickly with Kazekage's attacks, but he didn't expect the bastard Iwamoto is such proficient in Kenjutsu.

However, Kuroto was still not very worried, because Iwamoto obviously can't stop an endless rain of attacks, and not long after Iwamoto's waist, abdomen, chest, right eye, and several other parts of his body were ridden with sharp objects.

Now Iwamoto also knew, he can't make a turnaround in this battle, so he gritted his teeth and shouted: "Secret Technique: Blood Burst Technique!"

The Blood Burst technique is Iwamoto's unique secret technique, as soon as it is used, the amount of chakra in the body of the user will sharply increase, making it possible to break through genjutsu, chakra restraints, and even some seals.

As Iwamoto used the secret technique, his face and body turned blood red as if all the blood in his body was burning, and steam started coming off of him.

For some reason, even Kuroto felt danger and immediately retreated backward to increase the distance between the two.

In the vision of the Tenseigan, he could see that the Chakra within Iwamoto was like a raging flame, it was so violent, unrestrained, and uncontrolled!

Kuroto remembers this kind of chakra turbulence, this is similar to Guy's Hachimon Tonkou.

However, Iwamoto's state is much worse than Guy's as his chakra could completely engulf him at any moment, which is definitely a negative effect of the secret technique, and very often such techniques have extraordinary power that can even turn the tide of a battle!

In just a few breaths, the tenketsu sealed by Kuroto's palm strikes were overflowed with chakra following which Iwamoto started printing hand seals with a flashing speed.

"Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet!"

"Earth Release: Earth and Stone Bamboo Shoot!"

"Earth Release: Mud Whip Bind!"

In an instant with a low voice filled with murderous intent, he fired three Class-A ninjutsu simultaneously.

All of a sudden, the howling dragon rushed towards Kuroto, then four spears sprout out of the ground in an attempt to skewer him not to mention the violent mud whip that was coming to entangle him to prevent him from dodging.

Faced with this series of attacks even with the insight of Tenseigan; Kuroto wasn't sure how to dodge.

Since he can't dodge then the defense is the best option.

"Magnet Release: Iron Sand Armor!"

The Iron sand flying all around suddenly condensed into a huge iron sand ball wrapping him and the Kazekage puppet inside in protection.

…. Boom-boom…. smash….and…. crack...….

The deafening sound of the continuous impact was hurtful to the eardrums but the Iron Sand Armor didn't budge.

Inside the Iron Sand Ball Kuroto was squatting on the ground, trying to think of a way to make an effective countermeasure.

The sequela of the secret technique is bound to be unsustainable for Iwamoto, so according to common sense as long as Kuroto drags out the battle, the balance of victory will continue to tilt on his side, but considering how meticulously Iwamoto arranged this ambush, the enemy may not be just their four-man team, as reinforcements could arrive at any time.

So, it isn't possible to be sure whether dragging out the battle would be advantageous or not.

After a little brainstorming, Kuroto decided to go for a quick decision even if that would involve some risks. After all the identity of the Kazekage puppet is too sensitive if any other Rock shinobi discovers it and passes on this information to their higher-ups, it would be very big trouble for him.

After making up his mind Kuroto instructed Kazakage puppets to use their strongest move.

"Magnet Release: Iron Sand law!"

Most of the iron sand protecting Kuroto were pulled away in an instant and turned into sharp spears, that rushed at Iwamoto with cannonball speed.

Seeing hundreds of spears coming at him, Iwamoto's who has already gone insane under the effect of chakra overdrive, cackled maniacally as he was driven by madness.

The bastard actually gave up the defense and launched Earth Release ninjutsu at Kuroto like a mad man, the only thought rushing in his brain was to kill the brat!

Even Kuroto didn't know what to feel about this situation! But at this point, he let go of all the thoughts. In the battle of life and death, half-heartedness will only lead to regret. This lesson has been taught to him by his Jonin Sensei.

After taking a deep breath to let go of unnecessary thoughts, almost at the same time, both sides attacked each other at the same time.

Iwamoto's already damaged body that he somehow roughly mended using Earth Release was now again pierced, his entire right shoulder was stabbed, limbs were impaled on the ground by multiple smaller spheres. The whole person was ridden with spears from head to toe, the pool of blood dripping along the sphere stained the ground in red.

On Kuroto's side, because Iron Sand Law took away more than half of the iron sand from the protective iron sand sphere, there was a large gap in the defense, although it still safeguarded him from most of the attacks, there was still one Rock Spear that managed to get through and pierced him through the right leg…


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