487 Chapter – 481 A Cringe Chapter

After making sure that Orochimaru was really gone, Fujin turned his attention toward Kurenai.

Seeing Kurenai's state, Fujin's eyes condensed and he looked at Kurenai's injuries with his Byakugan to see if she will live or not.

After noting all the damage to her body, Fujin breathed a sigh of relief, "Fortunately she can live."

At this time, Kurenai had already passed out due to excessive blood loss, her chest was stained with blood, moreover, there is a deep cut from her shoulder to her right breast.

There are several fractures in her body, including, the ribs, hips, and ankle.

Additionally, she seems to be having a very high fever, there is poison in her circulatory system, and even her Chakra is sealed.

And finally, her clothes are also torn into fragments, resulting in her private body parts are also pretty much exposed.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that Kurenai's current condition is really bad, but none of these injuries are immediately fatal, not even the deep cut caused by Nidaime Hokage.

Because the purpose of Tobirama's sneak attack on Kurenai was to hold onto Fujin and create an opportunity for Orochimaru to escape, therefore, he made sure to avoid all her vital organs including the brain, throat, heart, lungs, et cetera, and only inflicted a long and deep wound on her chest that would cause blood loss but will not immediately endanger her life.

Of course, if Fujin does not provide immediate medical treatment to Kurenai, she will die without a doubt, so he had no choice but to treat her.

Fujin of course has the option of using Karin for this purpose as biting Karin can easily heal all of Kurenai's injuries, but he decided not to, he didn't want to bring out Karin in front of Kurenai, although Kurenai is somewhat important, her value is not as high as Karin who is extremely important detrimental to Kuroto's plan in the grand scheme of things, and by no means does he want to bring any sort of attention on Karin. So, Kurenai will have to make do with the treatment Fujin will provide her.

Although Fujin is not a medical-nin and does not know much about medical ninjutsu, however, he has a lot of knowledge of the human body so he is capable of giving standard medical treatment. Additionally, the Yang Chakra of this Clone body is also very high, so when the Yang Chakra is transferred to others, it can help in mending wounds; especially the fractures in bones, therefore, Fujin is confident in saving Kurenai's life.

Since the situation was urgent, Fujin only used a simple Earth Release Jutsu to lift a rock above and placed unconscious Kurenai on it, then, he removed all her clothes, they were torn apart, wet, and soaked in blood anyways... so they were not doing their job.

With Kurenai now lying on the rock without any clothes, Fujin focused his attention on the deep cut on her breast and thought about how to stop the blood flow, at the same time stitch the cut without damaging them too much, after all, if this isn't done properly her mammary glands would be damaged and we all know what that would mean.

Understanding this, firstly Fujin wiped off the blood, then washed her wound to clear away the germs and dead cells, after doing so, he poured an antiseptic agent on the wound.

After the basic forensic tasks were completed Fujin placed his right hand above the wound and started to slowly pour Yang Chakra on it to start the healing effect.

Under the stimulation of therapeutic Yang Chakra, a healing effect appeared and steam started to rise from the wound, of course, the wound wouldn't be healed completely only bleeding will stop, and that too temporarily.

When the bleeding was temporarily stopped, Fujin immediately plucked out a strand of his hair and after covering it in a thin layer of Chakra Fujin used it to carefully stitch the wound.

"Unfortunately, it will leave a scar…" Muttered Fujin realizing that this is because he is not a professional medical-nin, so his treatment will definitely leave a scar, "I think she wouldn't mind a scar, after all, it's just a scar, it's better than dying, right?"

Nodding to himself, Fujin then focused his attention on the fractures. Since Fujin himself is capable of manipulating Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts, because of his Shikotsumyaku Kekkei Genkai, therefore, mending fractures is not that big of a deal for him, however, that is only the case for his own fractures. Treating fractures in others' bodies is not such an easy task and it will consume a lot of Chakra.

'Since I have already started to treat her injuries, so I might as well take care of those fractures.' Was the thought in his mind as he put both of his hands over the fractured part of the ribs and started to carefully inject his Chakra inside her body and then stimulated the broken ribs to automatically mend themselves and did the same with the ankle fracture.

After the ribs came her hips, for mending the hip bone, he turned her over; made her lay on her stomach with her back facing him, then did the same as previous two cases, placed his hands on her hips and poured his Chakra inside in order to mend the Hip Bone fracture.

"Phew… that took more out of me than the entire fight with Orochimaru." Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Fujin then turned over Kurenai and lay her on her back, and pondered over how to extract poison out of her body.

While Fujin was busy curing Kurenai, the remaining bone forest that wasn't yet destroyed by the fight gradually shattered into white powder because of having lost the Chakra support, the white calcium powder was then blown in the air by the cold winds and was all over the sky.

Attracted by this scene, Fujin looked up into the sky…


But suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his chest along with a paralyzing sensation in the body, and the very next moment he coughed out a mouthful of blood!

Cough-cough… puff…

Because there was no warning before, so Fujin was sort of unprepared, as a result, a mouthful of blood splashed on Kurenai's face… making her face muddled again.

The cold winds of the night were already causing Kurenai's unconscious body to shiver, and now that warm blood splashed on Kurenai's face, she suddenly regained consciousness.

As soon as Kurenai regained consciousness, the first thing she saw was Fujin covering his mouth and intently staring at her… then feeling the cold surface under her, and the cold sensation of the chilly night winds on her skin made Kurenai feel that something was wrong… she tried to confirm it, and soon saw her bare shoulders, exposed breasts as well as her bottom part.

Realized that she wasn't wearing anything on her body like anything-anything-not even her underwear… and feeling the gaze of Fujin on her, Kurenai immediately felt ashamed for being completely exposed… she wanted to exclaim but was too weak to do so, and had only one though going on in her mind, 'It's a nightmare… Orochimaru must have given me some kind of hallucinating drug that's making me have all kinds of weird nightmares… yes, that's the only explanation! So, I am still in a dream and this is not real, AT ALL!'

She felt that she was having a horrible nightmare so without mentioning anything she fainted again.

"Why did she faint again?" Fujin was confused as he saw the whole process of Kurenai regaining her consciousness and then immediately fainting back without even saying a single word… He wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth and then also cleaned the splashed blood from Kurenai's face, after doing so he touched Kurenai's forehead and muttered in a wondering tone, "The body is still burning because of fever… maybe it's because of a high fever that she lost consciousness again."

This is the only explanation, otherwise, Fujin can't think of any other reason that would cause Kurenai to faint again, this is just unscientific.

Not caring about it anymore, Fujin then paid attention to the Flying Raijin Marking that Nidaime Hokage left on Kurenai's chest.

While rubbing his chin thoughtfully, Fujin muttered, 'The Flying Raijin Marking must be cleared.'

As long as the Flying Raijin Marking exists, Kurenai will always be in a dangerous situation, Orochimaru can send Nidaime Hokage to kidnap and kill Kurenai anytime… Just treating her injuries is not enough… this Flying Raijin Marking has to be removed to ensure her safety.

The coordinate of Flying Raijin placed on Kurenai's chest is also a Fuinjutsu, and essentially; Fuinjutsu is just Chakra. As long as a stronger Chakra is used to erode the Fuinjutsu seals placed on Kurenai's chest it should be possible to clear away the Flying Raijin Marking.

But this kind of erosion will take a lot of time and Chakra, along with deep concentration. Even with the high chakra reserves of Fujin, it would take more than an hour to erode; moreover; during the eroding process there should be no hindrance or disturbance as even an instant of disturbance would require him to restart the process.

This is also the reason Flying Raijin is very dangerous… if the Flying Raijin Marking is placed on someone in the middle of a war, it would make the situation very passive… there would be no opportunity for the person to erode the marking as aside from time and high chakra, extreme control is also required, which is not something one can dedicate while in the midst of combat. This is why Namikaze Minato was extremely dangerous during the third great shinobi war, there was simply no counter to him.

Anyway… Fujin then started eroding the Flying Raijin Mark.

In the blink of an eye, an hour passed.

After a full hour of delicate chakra control, he finally managed to erode the Flying Raijin Mark. After doing so, Fujin wrapped a bandage around her chest to wrap the stitched area, of course, he made sure to not tighten the bandages too much else she would have a problem breathing.

Next, Fujin removed his own Kimono and made her wear it, 'With this, she shouldn't feel cold anymore… As for her fever and poisoning… if it was a simple fever and poisoning, I would have already treated her, but unfortunately, it's not, Kurenai needs to be conscious so these two can be put on hold for now. And unsealing her Chakra? Obviously, I wouldn't do that for now.'

Now that Kurenai's matter was dealt with, and he was sure that she would live Fujin then stood up and focused his attention on the surroundings… especially in the direction of the Shrine half a kilometer away.

"What the hell are Shisui and Itachi doing? There was such an intense battle going on outside, yet they didn't even notice it. And now that I think about it, even when I looked inside the Shrine with my Byakugan I didn't sense either of their Chakra… so does that mean they have yet to arrive here?" Fujin muttered in a doubtful tone.

But he quickly denied this possibility, because, in the message he received from Itachi's Clone in Konoha, it was specifically stated that they have already arrived at the site, so why are they not here?

"Is it possible that they had an accident?" Fujin was indeed a bit worried and walked towards the Shrine to find out what was it that Shisui and Itachi wanted to show to him.

As Fujin walked towards the Shrine, he was followed by an Iron Sand Flying carpet on which an unconscious Kurenai was laid.

Arriving at the Shrine, Fujin looked around and soon noticed several cat decorations around along with several scriptures which clearly stated that this Shrine was dedicated to Cats…

And at the worship ground, the statues of two cats, one black and one white cat could be seen… and what's more interesting is that they seem to have several human characteristics as well, 'They are called Nekomata, huh?'

Curious, Fujin walked forward and looked at the statues of the two Nekomata.

'Apparently, these two Nekomata also have names… Kuroka… and... Shirone?' Fujin had a thoughtful look as he searched for other information about these two Nekomata, but sadly there was no other information around that would give him some insight, so Fujin had to give up and focus on finding Itachi and Shisui.


Just as Fujin was preparing to search further, he again felt a paralyzing sensation in his body, coughed out a mouthful of blood staggered his steps because of a sense of dizziness, and almost fell to the ground.

Cough-cough… puff…

At the same time, behind him, the Iron Sand Carpet floating in the air also began to collapse.

Fujin hurriedly leaned on a wall to maintain his balance and controlled the Iron Sand to slowly put down the unconscious Kurenai.

After taking a few deep breaths, Fujin sighed, "Damn it, I did not expect that the pain and body paralyzation caused by hemopathy would be so strong… It seems that I can't use Shikotsumyaku too much in the future… else this Clone would be ruined because of the Curse of the Kaguya Clan."

From the time he had first vomited blood, Fujin knew this is because of the Curse of the Kaguya Clan. This Wind Clone-A is really excellent, and precisely because of this, it is always under the threat of death due to the Curse of the Kaguya Clan.

As far as the status of the curse had to be considered, then it is already more critical than Kimimaro's case, but no matter how bad the situation is, Fujin didn't care too much… after all, this situation was inadvertently linked with Shikotsumyaku… and nothing Fujin would do change it so it's better to not worry and put your attention on more important things.

After wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth, Fujin separated a Shadow Clone to keep a watch over Kurenai, then searched for Shisui and Itachi.

The previous battle with Orochimaru also affected the Shrine, and the already dilapidated Shrine was almost close to being destroyed, but there was one particular hidden chamber that was completely unaffected.

With the help of his Byakugan, Fujin quickly located the hidden underground tomb, but there was no grave in the tomb and only a giant stone sculpture in the form of a giant Gourd.

But there was no entry to the Tomb, the walls of the chamber were indestructible, and no matter how much Fujin tried he was unable to break those walls…

How hard his own bones are? Fujin knows full well… if anything, the toughness of Fujin's bones is even comparable to the likes of Orochimaru's Kusanagi Blade and Sarutobi Hiruzen's Adamantine Staff: Enma, yet he was unable to slice through the walls leading to that Tomb… this feat alone indicated the toughness of these walls. It was as if they were made out of the most solid material in the entire Shinobi World.

'Strange… if the creator of these walls did not want anyone to break in, then why don't these walls block my Byakugan vision… I seem to be able to clearly see past these walls with the help of my Byakugan?' Fujin thought with a doubtful expression then focused his gaze on the Giant Gourd-shaped stone sculpture.

Fujin could see that it was just an ordinary Stone Sculpture as there were no Chakra Fluctuations… but he would be an idiot if he believes that it was just an ordinary Stone Sculpture, after all, if it is just a stone sculpture, then why protect it with indestructible walls?

So Fujin guessed that it must be somehow related to the Sword of Totsuka, and this Stone Sculpture is exactly the clue that Shisui and Itachi found… And this guess of Fujin is fairly reasonable as the Sword of Totsuka also has the shape of a Gourd.

"But if that's the case, then where are Shisui and Itachi?" Fujin muttered in doubt, then thought, 'Could their disappearance be related to some form of Space-Time Jutsu? Or are both Shisui and Itachi sucked inside the Sword of Totsuka to undergo some sort of trial?'

After all, it's a common anime trope for the predecessors to leave behind some kind of trial, and only the person who would complete that trial will become a worthy successor of their power, therefore, Fujin also thinks that this might really be the case here and decided to wait.

The night passed slowly and soon it was already breaking dawn.

Under the warm light of the early morning, Kurenai who has been unconscious for the whole night woke up… she looked around and found that she was lying on a bed made up of stone, and the member of Amatsukami, Fujin, who had saved her from Orochimaru was sitting not too far away and was playing with some fist-sized spheres of fire.

As if remembering something, she looked down and noticed that she was wearing an unfamiliar Kimono… 'NO! please no!' she was really panicked and immediately opened the strap of the Kimono to look underneath… "NOOO!" Kurenai exclaimed, as her worst fear came true. There was nothing underneath the Kimono, no underwear, only a bandage that covered half of her breasts and right shoulder.

Kurenai's exclaim attracted Fujin's attention… he looked over and noticed that Kurenai was awakened, he immediately extinguished the Scorch Orbs, got up, and while walking over he asked casually, "Well, you were asleep for several hours… I suppose; it's not too strange considering your injuries… anyway, how do you feel?"

Instead of answering Fujin's question, or being grateful to him; Kurenai looked at Fujin as if she was looking at a beast, and questioned in anger, "What happened to my clothes…? And this Kimono… you put it on me, right? Th.. then does that mean it wasn't a dream and you… you saw EVERYTHING?"

"Huh?" Fujin was speechless… and only now did he find this problem.

Because he is quite used to seeing a female naked body while controlling the Tsukihi Clone, therefore, he didn't really feel anything looking at her and didn't even realize that it would make Kurenai embarrassed.

'Now what should I say to her?' Fujin was now in a precarious situation, although it was a matter of urgency to give her immediate treatment in order to save her life, it was ultimately a violation of Kurenai's privacy, not to mention he kept her nude for hours.

Fujin wanted to explain to her but did not know how to explain… so after racking his brain, he finally decided that he should first complement her in order to ease the atmosphere a bit, then slowly tell her that it was necessary.

Nodding to himself at how genius he is, Fujin said to Kurenai with a pleasant smile, "I must say, you are very well developed at just the right places."



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