477 Chapter – 471 Learning Scorch Release

At the old Base of Root.

"Ahhh… Kuroto-sama, please don't be so rough… otherwise I… I will truly break… hn~yaa!"

"Can you please shut up already? And stop acting like a Masochist! it's not only embarrassing but also very creepy given the situation, not to mention cringy too. I am only looking through your memories, not molesting you, that you would exclaim like that." Said Kuroto in an annoyed tone.

"Mou, but by diving inside my brain, and reading all my memories; Kuroto-sama is also able to see my darkest and dirtiest secrets, and it's making me go crazy, in a good way." Said Kazekage Pakura with a visible blush on her as her breathing started to get rough.

Kuroto looked at the current Pakura with a dead-fish-eye look, and said, "I only want to see the memories related to Scorch Release, nothing else, besides, I have already read all your memories back then, so would it really matter if I look through them again?"

"Kuroto-sama, you are no fun." Said Pakura with a pout, and thought 'It's a pity that Kuroto-sama doesn't seem to display any interest in me.' Then she decided to stop teasing Kuroto, and focused on the important objective for which Kuroto has come to see her, "All right, Kuroto-sama, I won't tease you anymore you can see use that Jutsu of yours."

Kuroto nodded and without any wait, he used Tenseigan Soul Descend to take over Pakura's body. Because Kuroto has become quite proficient in using Tenseigan Soul Descend and because Pakura did not pose any resistance and actively allowed Kuroto to enter her body and take over her consciousness, therefore, Kuroto easily managed to take the dominant position.

"Now, I want you to use a small-scale Jutsu of Scorch Release, make sure to take it slow and steadily so that I can personally feel and understand the entire process." Instructed Kuroto.

Pakura in her consciousness nodded and decided to create a few very small scorch orbs.

Under her control, the chakra in her body soon turned into a few small orbs and appeared around her hands. Kuroto of course observed the entire process and soon understood its mechanism.

At the same time, Pakura also said, "Kuroto-sama, I take it that you have read the scroll of Scorch Release that I sent you?"

Kuroto nodded, "Yes, I understand the theory and mechanics behind Scorch Release quite well."

Pakura nodded then said, "All right, but even so, I guess I should explain Scorch Release once again."

Kuroto did not mind, perhaps it would give him a better understanding of Pakura were to explain Scorch Release personally.

"Basically, Scorch Release is an advanced nature transformation that combines fire and wind chakra to generate scorch orbs and manipulate scorching heat waves.

Scorch Release is similar to Fire Release but is quite different at the same time. The Fire Release involves the use of Fire to burn the target itself, but Scorch Release is different in this aspect. In Scorch Release, Fire is condensed and then amplified with Wind to very high temperatures in order to create scorching heat orbs. And Wind is again used to carry these Scorching Heat Orbs and heat waves to boil and then evaporate the water from the target."

"I understand this part. 'Fire is fueled by the wind to create high-temperature fire orbs that radiate high-temperature heatwaves to evaporate moisture from the targets, as a result, mummifying them.' Is the gist, right?" Kuroto nodded as he controlled the nine small Scorch Orbs that are a bit similar to Truth-Seeking Orbs, but much weaker and simpler in terms of power and functionality.

Pakura nodded, "Now despite being an incredibly powerful Kekkei Genkai, Scorch Release is also quite limited as it's mainly a close-range style of elemental technique." Said Pakura emphasizing the 'close-range' part.

Kuroto frowned, if he remembers correctly, Pakura had started to develop Scorch Release further in order to be able to use it at a large distance too.

Pakura seemed to have guessed Kuroto's doubt, and said, "Its mainly close-range style element does not imply that it cannot be used for long-range, it can be used with the help of stronger and more wind.

Remember, the wind that is combined with fire is what is causing the Scorch Orbs to burn so hotly. The Oxygen present in the Wind fuel the flames, this is easy to understand, however, the stronger the flames, the faster the fuel i.e., Oxygen is burned, this is important.

This is the reason why I mostly use Scorch Orbs for Close Range Combat because even before a Scorch Orb is expelled, it already starts burning the fuel supply. If it is sent to a longer distance, then the oxygen supply it would consume would increase tremendously, and that is very taxing on Chakra Reserves. The longer the distance it covers the more chakra it will consume, because we have to provide enough wind to fuel the oxygen supply until the Scorch Orb reaches the intended target.

My own Chakra reserves are not as high as that of a Bijuu, so I generally prefer to use my Scorch Orbs at short-range, but if required, I am willing to use them for long-range targets too."

Kuroto nodded in understanding, but he wasn't much worried about the problem of Chakra Reserves. The Chakra Reserves of his Fujin Clone are even higher than his main body, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Chakra Reserves of his Fujin Clone are as high as that of Nibi or probably Sanbi which is considered a lot.

In Kuroto's view, Scorch Release is indeed an incredibly powerful Kekkei Genkai, and is incredibly rare too, as there have been very few users of Scorch Release in history. It's very versatile and dangerous, therefore, Scorch Release is very important for the Fujin Clone.

Scorch Release also made Pakura the hero of Suna during the third great Shinobi War and Pakura's exploits speak for themselves about this Kekkei Genkai.

The only weakness of Scorch Release is perhaps Water Release so Kuroto will have to figure out a way to get around that, but it's no big deal in the end as Kuroto also has other Kekkei Genkai for the Fujinn Clone.

After completely understanding Scorch Release Kuroto began to have a discussion with Pakura about the limits of Scorch Release, and various other details about it.

Konoha Training Ground 21.

After completing her daily training regimen, Yuhi Kurenai walked to the side of the field, picked up a towel to wipe off the sweat then drank water from the water bottle to replenish her water levels.

Although she has to constantly perform missions as part of Team-Ro, Kurenai is unwilling to relax her training. She would still spend most of her free time in training in order to hone her skills so as not to be a burden in the Team-Ro.

The mission of assassinating Yondaime Mizukage left a deep shadow on her.

She couldn't accept the fact that she wasn't even qualified to accompany the captain on the mission, and because of that the captain had to leave the other members of the team behind else they would only be a burden on him.

This is completely unacceptable!

'I will definitely surpass him!' Kurenai would always encourage herself by thinking this. She wants to prove that she is no worse than the shinobi with Dojutsu Kekkei Genkai like that of Hyuga Kuroto and Uchiha Shisui.

Although sometimes Kurenai is annoyed at Hyuga Kuroto's blunt words and how he always looks down on her, she also understands that some of his advice is indeed correct. This is why she has been trying to constantly improve her Taijutsu proficiency, at the same time, integrate her Genjutsu with Taijutsu so as to cover up her weakness.

At the same time, she has also started to learn Ninjutsu in order to become a more versatile Kunoichi. Genjutsu is her specialty and she wants to continue improving this aspect of her, but she has also decided to not let Genjutsu limit her.

While Kurenai was busy thinking about how to proceed further, a young man 'coincidently' happened to pass by, he noticed Kurenai, so decided to come and walk over and greet her, "Oh Kurenai-san, such… such a coincidence, I did not expect to meet you here. By the way, it seems that a new restaurant has opened in the village today, would like to go have dinner there?"

The young man is none other than Sarutobi Asuma who returned back to Konoha not long ago.

After several years of experience working as a ninja in the Guardian 12, Asuma has matured a lot, he is no longer the rebellious teenager he used to be back in the day.

Kurenai was broken out of her thought because of the sudden words, she looked at the person in front of her only to notice that it is none other than Sarutobi Asuma, then shook her head, "I am sorry, Asuma-san, I have a mission tomorrow, so I must sleep early. Good night."

Asuma quickly nodded, "Oh a mission, huh? It's all right then… we can visit the restaurant on some other occasion, by the way, good night to you too."

Kurenai neither agreed nor denied and after picking up her belongings she directly passed by Asuma and left the training field, in fact, she was too tired and did not even pay much attention to Asuma's words.

Looking at Kurenai's leaving figure, Asuma murmured, "Huh, was there a problem in my approach? But Kakashi said that it should work this way, or did I make a mistake somewhere? It seems I will have to take more suggestions from Kakashi."

Asuma may have matured a lot as a person, but he is still far from reaching the point where he could court Yuhi Kurenai.

Kurenai came back to her home and wanted to take a hot bath, but before she could proceed to the bathroom to prepare hot water, Kurenai suddenly stopped, the reason being that her senses were screaming at her. It felt as if a vicious snake was looking at her as prey.

"Yuhi Kurenai, you were able to notice my presence, it seems that you too have matured. Shinku-San would be proud of you." At this time a faint hoarse sound that seemed to contain hypnotic power came from behind her.

Kurenai was shocked and turned around violently, as she drew out a Kunai from her shinobi bag, but looking at the person who had unknowingly snuck into her house Kurenai's face turned from shock to a horrifying look.

The person walked forward and said with a smile, "My-my, no need to be so nervous Kurenai dear, it's not as though I am going to eat you."

"Oro… Orochimaru? H… How did you sneak into the village? And… w-what do you want to do!?" Kurenai spoke in a panicked tone because the one standing before her is none other than the Snake Sannin Orochimaru!



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