292 Chapter – 288 Meaningless…

"Kuroto-Kun, please be careful, and please also tell Shion that her Oka-san will always be with her…" – spoke Miko-sama.

Kuroto said, "Don't worry, you will have at least one last opportunity to talk to Shion, so tell this to her yourself." – As Kuroto said, he started printing hand seals, and instantly a heavy chakra pressure filled the entire room, and heavy winds surged like a storm.

Instantly, cyan chakra flames erupted around Kuroto's body and wrapped around him.

Miko-sama subconsciously raised her arms over her face to protect herself from the pressure winds.

Honestly, she was rather surprised by the sudden change, this is because the changes happening here different from what she expected.

Miroku always thought that Ryuumyaku is Kuroto-Kun's greatest reliance, but according to what is happening here, Kuroto-Kun doesn't seem to be relying on Ryuumyaku, and yet such intense chakra pressure?

Fortunately, Kuroto's Tenseigan Chakra was very peaceful and gentle compared to the overbearing and violent chakra that most have, so even though raging wind pressure covered the room and the surroundings, it was not uncomfortable or scary for her spirit to withstand this pressure.

As the winds calmed down a little, Miko-sama asked, "What did you mean by the last chance, I am already dead, even my spirit won't be able to stay here for much longer, it is impossible?"

Kuroto said, "I have a solution for that, this gourd can isolate chakra pretty well, and I have created a small opening, enter inside the gourd and I will close the seal, then after I solve Yomi and the rest of the cultists, I will go back to Konoha, and you will have the last opportunity to have a conversation with Shion."

Miko-sama was silent for a while then nodded and rushed into the Ryuumyaku gourd.

After that, Kuroto looked coldly at Yomi who was standing on the other side.

Even Yomi was shocked by the sudden Chakra pressure, he obviously did not expect Hyuga Kuroto to have such an ability.

Kuroto said coldly, "The last time you somehow managed to survive despite losing your head, it was your luck and my carelessness that I did not destroy your entire corpse, but this time it won't happen again."

Yomi's look was gloomy upon being reminded of their last battle, he suddenly laughed wildly, "Bwahahhaha… idiot, do you think I would be unprepared? Ever since last humiliation, I have been preparing, I have been waiting to finally find you again and give you the same death that you tried to give me! So don't think that you will ever be able to escape from here, because I am not the only person who is after you!"

Kuroto's lips arched in a mocking smile, "Oh, is that right? So why don't you just call Hiruko nad Shinno here so that I can be done with you, and go back home to deal with the other pressing matters which are more important than taking care of some mob class villains who don't know when to give up."

Yomi's expression changed, "You… how do you know about those two…?"

"Does it really matter? Now, why don't you call them?" – Kuroto took a pause here, and seeing that Yomi did not come out of his shock, Kuroto spoke in disdain, "Why don't you call them? Don't tell me, are they not here any longer? Because if that's the case then just dealing would you would be too boring!"

Yomi roared in anger, "Shut up! Shut-up-shut-up-shut-up, who gives a damn if they are not here, I don't need either of their help anymore to deal with you."

Thinking of what Miko-sama said, Shinno has already swallowed Moryo, and his next goal seems to be Miko's power, and since Miko-sama herself is dead, so Moryo's next goal is Shion, and since Shion is in Konoha right now, then that means Shinno is headed to Konoha.

And since there is nothing more left in the Land of Demons anymore, so it is likely that Hiruko is also headed towards the Konoha.

It is difficult for Kuroto to know their exact positions, but Kuroto has to somehow understand how long will it take for either of them to reach Konoha, and since Yomi is his only source of information, so Kuroto tentatively spoke, "Both of them went to Konoha, huh?"

Yomi grinned, "Even if you guessed it, now it's already too late. Counting the time, both of them would have already arrived at Konoha by now, but you do not need to bother with that 'Yama,' you will die here, no, to be exact you will become a part of me, I will swallow you, becoming stronger than ever, and more close to creating Sennen Okoku.

Yomi said and spread open his arms, in the blink of an eye, his body swelled up, completely losing the human form, and turned into a large monstrous appearance with several, eyes, faces, limbs, and so on.

"Chimera Technique!?"

With just a glance, Kuroto judged that Yomi had used Chimera Technique to swallow many individuals, and judging from his disgusting appearance, it seems as if he has swallowed quite a lot of individuals, thus making him even more disgusting than the most disgusting creatures.

Nevertheless, Kuroto had to agree that Yomi's chakra volume was skyrocketing, easily surpassing the chakra level of a high-tier Kage. He has at least swallowed a few hundred people.

'Damn, is this guy crazy to swallow hundreds of people? This is suicidal!'

Kuroto really couldn't understand Yomi's suicidal behavior, but upon thinking a little Kuroto shook his head without a care in the world, it didn't really matter to him, with what Yomi has done, killing him has only become easier, just one blow is needed, and Kuroto can guarantee that even with everyone Yomi has swallowed, he would no longer be able to bear the burden.


At this time, Yomi or whatever that thing is let out a roar.

And immediately following which a dark and hoarse, at the same time a maddening voice sounded, "Hahaha… hahahahahaha… I have covered up the entire temple inside an enchantment barrier, this place is sealed off and you won't be able to escape from here!"

Listening to that 'thing' Kuroto chuckled, "Just perfect, now I can deal with you at once, there would be no issue of chasing and hunting everywhere!"

Yomi was speechless by Kuroto's comment and shouted loudly, "Die!"

Followed by Yomi's shout, a whole lot of flesh that was in a semi-solid state much like the 'leech' used for 'Chimera Technique' pounced on Kuroto, not only was the speed of this fleshy substance extremely fast but it was also extremely strong, because of the weight this fleshy substance carried.

But Kuroto did not panic, Kuroto just drew his hand, and instantly a golden sword appeared in his hands, "Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion!"

The dazzling chakra sword seemed to have instantly illuminated the entire temple.

And with just a simple swipe, the golden chakra sword easily cut through the fleshy thing coming towards him, but that was not the end, as the golden sword easily chopped Yomi's swelled-up body into two parts.


As soon as Yomi's body was split into two, blood, intestine, gut… colloidal fluids and who knows what not splashed out of his body and scattered on the floor, making the whole room stinky as hell.

Even Kuroto had to hold his breath for a moment as it smelled too disgusting to be able to bear, he was afraid that he would die of this rotten smell.

Anyway, the attack not only mutilated Yomi into two parts but also disrupted his chakra.

In just a few short breaths, the adverse effects of chakra disruption appeared.

Looking at the changes, Kuroto said indifferently, "Other people's chakra is other peoples' after all, even if you forcibly swallowed it, it won't ever be yours."

Yomi who had long lost his appearance tried to stop things from escaping but seeing that he was unable to do anything, he whined intermittently, "This… this is impossible… how could it be!"

Kuroto snorted, "That's what happens when you do things the wrong way."

Yomi never expected that he would lose, not to mention lose so fast and so thorough, it doesn't seem to be any different from the last time he died at the hands of 'Yama.'

All the effort, all the preparation were all meaningless…

"That's what happens when you try to do things that you just aren't capable of!"



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