280 Chapter – 276 And I am the Future Hokage!

As Kuroto expected, in just one night, the entire Konohagakure was covered in a thick layer of snow.

The swirling cold wind and the pure white look gave the village an unreal atmosphere.

Peaceful, and tranquil yet dreamy, and unreal at the same time.

Standing at the open window, Kuroto felt refreshed looking at the picturesque scene before him.

After getting fresh, Kuroto dressed in his Anbu gear and left his house through the window.

Kuroto appeared on a tree outside Uzumaki Naruto's house, as it was almost time to continue their shift to watch over Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuriki of Kyuubi.

By the time Kuroto arrived the other three members of the team – 11 were also here.

Seeing Kuroto arrive, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Shisui, and Might Guy greeted him and had small usual discussions.

Kuroto originally intended to use the 'Uchiha Tsukihi' clone while doing his Anbu duties.

After all, soul adaption is very important, the longer his soul stays inside the clone body, the better it would be.

But, if he were to use the Tsukihi clone while performing his Anbu duties, then he would obviously need to use Transformation Technique, and there is a possibility that Shisui and Kakashi would be able to see through that transformation.

And if while performing the secret task the transformation technique is revealed, then it would be very difficult for Kuroto to explain, Kuroto might still be able to handle Shisui, but Kuroto doesn't have any explanation for Kakashi.

And if discovered, it would put Uchiha Clan in a more passive situation.

So, unless absolutely necessary, Kuroto would obviously choose to perform the task in his main body.

Amidst their casual discussions, Kuroto looked towards the gate of Uzumaki Naruto's house and said, "Such heavy snow has covered the entire village and the surroundings, shouldn't this kid obediently stay at home, at least today?"

Kakashi said helplessly, "All things aside, today is also the day when the admissions for the academy starts and considering the dream he has, Uzumaki Naruto will obviously not be going to stay at home, although we all know that he hasn't reached the age where he can be admitted to the academy yet."

Team-11 has been watching over Uzumaki Naruto from the shadows for quite some time, as such, they now perfectly understand Naruto's hyperactive temperament. The little kid wouldn't stop for even a moment, all day wandering all over the village. Even the Anbu members keeping a watch over have to be in constant movement as he would never stay at a place for more than a few minutes.

At this time, another Anbu member arrived where the four of them stood.

All four of Team-11 frowned.

The Anbu member did not speak anything, just passed a scroll to Hatake Kakashi.

Kakashi took the scroll, unfolded it, and after reading through the information on the scroll, Kakashi raised an eyebrow, "Hokage-sama ordered this?"

The Anbu member simply nodded, "Yes."

Kakashi nodded and after folding back the scroll, he turned towards the other three members of team-11 and said, "We have been ordered to complete a task."

Shisui who was wearing his Cat Anbu uniform asked, "But captain what about protecting the target?"

"I suppose we have to split up for today, Hokage-sama has given his permission, I and Monkey will be in the group – A, and we will perform this task, while Cat and Eagle will be in group – B, protecting the target. Make sure to be on a high vigilance." – said Kakashi.

Eagle and Cat glanced at each other, then nodded. ""Alright, if that's what Hokage-sama's order is.""

Eagle and Cat did not ask the content of the mission as it is in Shinobi code to never reveal the content of the mission to anyone who is not performing the mission, more so with the Anbu missions, and both Eagle and Cat know that after completing the mission, their captain, Dog will obviously reveal the detail so there was no further questioning.

With that, the captain of Team – 11 and Monkey did not speak anything more and disappeared along with the other Anbu member.

With Kakashi and Guy gone, Shisui immediately asked, "Kuroto-san, where have you been these few days?"

When Kuroto went to the Land of Rain to observe Hiruko's Kekkei Genkai Absorption Ritual, Kuroto made sure that Shisui kept up his cover.

At the time of going, Kuroto did not inform Shisui where he was going, so now that he is back, Shisui is obviously curious.

Kuroto groaned a little, and said, "I went to investigate the whereabouts of Uchiha Hiiragi."

Shisui was surprised, and asked eagerly, "Investigate the cause of Hiiragi's disappearance? So, did you find anything?"

Kuroto nodded, "Yes, I found him, but he is already dead." – Then continued after a short pause, "He was kidnapped by Akatsuki and died in their hands, even his Sharingan, or maybe I should say, the Sharingan Kekkei Genkai was taken away."

Shisui sighed in disappointment.

The Uchiha Clan has already assumed that it would be impossible to save Uchiha Hiiragi just like the case with Uchiha Ryota and Uchiha Hideki, so Shisui was not much surprised by the news revealed by Kuroto about the death of Uchiha Hiiragi, but he still frowned about the latter part, "What do you mean by his Kekkei Genkai was stolen, is something like that even possible?"

When asked this, Kuroto briefly mentioned Hiruko's Kekkei Genkai Absorption Ritual.

Although Hiruko is not that well known within the village because of his mediocre talent, and not many achievements in his life as a Konoha Shinobi, and considering the generation, he was born in, Shisui was still very much aware of who Hiruko is because of being an Anbu.

And now that Kuroto mentioned Hiruko's Kekkei Genkai Absorption Ritual, Shisui can't help but be shocked, being able to steal stealing other people's Kekkei Genkai is almost unheard of, and the fact that Hiruko has created a Kinjutsu which he used to absorb other people's Kekkei Genkai, and not just one, two or three, but five Kekkei Genkai at once! All he could mutter was, "This… how is this even possible?"

Kuroto spoke, "Remember Shisui if you happen to encounter Hiruko in the future, do not take him lightly or the previous person he is known to be. Now his strength has reached a terrifying level, and will only improve as he gets used to using all the five Kekkei Genkai's, so dealing with him would become extremely difficult even for me if I am not careful against him."

Shisui nodded seriously and immediately said, "Then we must notify the village as soon as possible!"

Kuroto nodded solemnly, "I have passed the news to Sandaime-sama by an anonymous name." – Kuroto paused, then continued, "As for whether Sandaime-sama takes this information seriously is up to him, and I don't have any control ov-…"

"Wow, it's so snowy!" – However, Before Kuroto could finish his words, the door of Uzumaki Naruto's house suddenly opened, and Naruto, with a piece of unfinished bread in his mouth, excitedly rushed out of his house.

Kuroto and Shisui looked at Uzumaki Naruto, then turned towards each other and sighed, both understood that they will now be roaming all over the village until Uzumaki Naruto goes to the academy, and then come back to his home.

Sometime after the Academy part where Uzumaki Naruto only got cold eyes and not the opporutinity to take the admissions.

The first snowfall of every year is always very heavy, as such a whole lot of snow is collected, so the sight of many children playing within the snow is a normal thing. Their games obviously included various activities like making snowmen and snowball fights, etc.

In short, they are having quite a lot of fun.

Being a child himself, Uzumaki Naruto obviously wanted to play with them too, but he was unscrupulously chased away by the children as if he was some kind of wild beast.

The children feared him, even the adults openly ostracised him for containing the beast that devastated Konoha a few years ago.

Uzumaki Naruto, who is an orphan, with nobody to provide for him, with no understanding of what parental love feels like and no idea of why he is treated as such, Naruto could only sit on the swing alone in the snow-covered playground.

His small figure, sad and filled with loneliness, had so many questions, yet no one to answer them.

Even if he has already seen such a scene countless time, Shisui still can't help but speak, "Even as a child he has to go through such devastating experience, being blamed for the Kyuubi's attack, hated for housing the demon fox, and treated as the person responsible for the death of Yondaime-sama, when he should instead be treated as a hero… it's really painful to even watch. Kuroto-san, can we not do something to help him?"

Kuroto sighed and shook his head.

They already have too much on their plates. Uzumaki Naruto's situation cannot be solved in this way, because, if Naruto is touched in any way, then that would be hitting the nerves of many people at the same time.

So, they don't have the power to help Naruto currently.

The reason why Uzumaki Naruto is hated is also very simple.

Since people don't understand the circumstances behind Naruto's birth, so they don't hide away their hatred towards him, very few are willing to let go of their hatred towards Kyuubi and acknowledge Uzumaki Naruto for being the hero he is. But those are very few and cannot do anything to change his situation.

Since no one is willing to take responsibility for him, Naruto naturally becomes the scapegoat.

There are very few methods to solve Naruto's situation. Unless the circumstances behind his birth are revealed, or he wins over the heart of everyone, his situation will not change.

Kuroto might be able to do so for Naruto in the future, but currently, he doesn't have the necessary political power to do so.

While Kuroto and Shisui had saddened faces looking at Naruto, suddenly they heard some noises from the other end of the road.

"If you are really a Hyuga then show us your Byakugan!"

"But if you're not gonna, don't look at us!"

"Yeah, your eyes are creepy!"

"I bet you are some kind of monster, aren't you?"

"Yeah, the Byakugan monster!"


Several children were making fun of a little girl, making her lower her head in sadness, as tears flowed f=down her cheek, she suddenly crouched down and started crying.

Shisui looked over with a frown, "Kuroto-san, isn't she the eldest lady of the Hyuga Clan?"

Kuroto nodded, "Yes."

Shisui asked worriedly, "Shouldn't we do something about those three?"

Kuroto shook his head, "Firstly, it's a matter among children so they must resolve it themselves, moreover, as the supposed next head of the Hyuga Clan, Hyuga Hinata must overcome these things by herself, and even if she can't, we can't intervene in such childish things, let this matter be resolved the hero of the day."

Shisui was confused, "Hero of the day? By that you don't mean, Uzumaki Naruto, do you?"

Kuroto did not answer, just watched the happening with a bit of interest.

"Hey, cut it out!" – shouted Naruto

"Who are you?"

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, and I am the future Hokage!" – said Naruto with a determined expression.



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