232 Chapter – 229 Gods of Shinobi vs a Tokubetsu Jonin?

Looking at the familiar figure walking towards him, Ryota was suddenly alarmed, "You!? How are you still alive! I am sure I killed you before… or could it be that it was someone else?"

Hyuga Kuroto chuckled and spoke while tilting his head to the side, "Maybe? Or maybe not? Which one is it? But wait… You already forgot the lesson your beloved nii-san taught you a while ago? 'Just because you witness me die does not mean that I am truly dead!' I have to say, you are making me sad, and here nii-san thought that he imparted some knowledge to his soon-to-be-dead otouto…!"

"YOU BASTARD! That really was you! So, nii-san was speaking the truth, you were really controlling him!" – Ryota roared.

Kuroto chuckled condescendingly.

The 'Hyuga Kuroto' that Ryota killed in his prison cell while trying to escape was obviously the low-quality clone Kuroto cultivated using his own DNA.

At that time, he was controlling the Clone body using the Tenseigan Soul Descend technique.

When Kuroto came to the prison cell, Ryota was forced into desperate circumstances, and he didn't even try to conceal the fact that he was breaking the seal.

At that time, Kuroto was so embarrassed that he had no choice but had to turn his back to pretend that he was busy cleaning the surgical and torture devices and therefore couldn't notice what Ryota was doing.

Because Ryota's act of breaking the Four-Symbols was so obvious, that even with his acting skills, Kuroto found it difficult to act 'he did not notice Ryota's actions.'

In the subsequent battle too, Kuroto did not use full strength. Even if Kuroto was controlling a low-quality clone, he wouldn't be so helpless in the face of weakened Ryota, therefore, Kuroto let Ryota kill that clone and see if Ryota could awaken Mangekyou Sharingan after avenging his brother.

However, for the sake of safety, Kuroto made sure to cut off one of Ryota's arms, that way he would no longer be able to use ninjutsu, thus greatly limiting his strength in battle.

The Uchiha Clan is indeed famous for their Sharingan, but they are also known for their Fire Style mastery, so the loss of one arm would again limit Ryota's combat effectiveness.

This was pre-invested insurance to ensure that after Ryota awakens the Mangekyou Sharingan, Kuroto would always have an upper hand in the battle that will occur in the future.

And the next part is already understandable. Kuroto wanted Ryota to believe that he finally killed Yama, a.k.a Hyuga Kuroto, and avenged his brother so that when he discovers that his brother is still alive and learns 'the truth' from his brother's mouth, the emotional stimulus would be extraordinary; thus, pushing Ryota into the depths of despair and successfully awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Uchiha Hideki said, "Yes, it is him, Hyuga Kuroto, the person responsible for making us go through all this, and Homusubi is Uchiha Shisui, the traitor."

Kuroto did not care about what Hideki said both of them are going to die regardless, so it does not matter.

Hideki continued, "I have to agree that you are a terrifying person indeed, but this time you miscalculated something."

Kuroto muttered with an innocent and confused look, "Miscalculated? Whatever could that be?"

The more innocent Kuroto acted, the angrier Hideki got, he roared, "You never expected that both of us would awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan at the same time."

Kuroto gave an 'Ohh!' type surprised look and nodded, "Indeed, this is beyond what I expected, after all, you were supposed to be worthless, and yes it's a bit surprising that you managed to come out of your vegetative state, but what does that matter?" – the last part was spoken with a confused look.

Hideki's eyebrows twitched upon Kuroto's blatant use of 'worthless.'

At this time, Ryota spoke with a cold smile, "Now look carefully here, what you see before yourself is Susanoo the strongest technique of the ultimate dojutsu, this is the exact same power that you covet, but this is the power that only the Gods of Shinobi can have, a humble ant like you is not qualified to wield the supreme power of the Uchiha Clan."

Hideki also added, "You asked what does that matter, right? It matters a lot, you are going to pay severely for your greed."

Almost at the same time, Hideki spoke, both Ryota and Hideki controlled the arms of their respective Susanoo and hit towards the spot where Kuroto stood, one coming from the left and the other from the right.



Amidst the sound of breaking wind, the two gigantic fists caused a lot of rubble to fly as a deep pit was smashed the power of two Susanoo, but Hyuga Kuroto was nowhere to be seen.

He has long since disappeared from his position and landed on top of a nearby rock boulder.

Looking at Hideki and Ryota brothers fighting him, Kuroto thought, 'Why do I feel to be in the same situation as Kabuto?'

This scene reminded Kuroto of the battle of Itachi and Sasuke against Yakushi Kabuto, where both Itachi and Sasuke also fought the battle using their Susanoo.

However, the situation before Kuroto is obviously not on the same level as what Kabuto faced.

When facing Kabuto, Itachi was in the Edo Tensei state, so his stamina wasn't restricted because of his illness, and Sasuke also had the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

So the level of danger that Kabuto faced was several times compared to what Kuroto is facing.

Uchiha Ryota lacks an arm, is severely injured, along with many burns and the same is the case with Uchiha Hideki, his body may not have many injuries because of the treatment that Kuroto gave him, but his spirit is gravely injured, thus his chakra is extremely weak.

As a result, both Hideki and Ryota have reached their limit, Kuroto can even see that if he deliberately stalls them for a while, both Hideki and Ryota will not be able to hold on for too long and soon collapse.

However, considering that each pair of Mangekyou Sharingan comes with its unique ability, so Kuroto doesn't want to take any risk, if either of them manages to awaken something like Kamui by some chance then that would be extremely troubling as both of them are now aware of his identity, therefore, Kuroto does not plan to underestimate the enemy which may give them a chance to escape here.

At this time, Ryota laughed arrogantly, "Your greatest mistake was to covet the powers of Uchiha Clan, a mere Hyuga slave like you is unworthy of wielding such power, now it's your turn to experience the despair that you put us through."

Hideki added, "Do not worry, we will not be killing you right away, we will let you experience the taste of everything that you put us through, and your Hyuga Clan will not be any different, they too will bear your sin."

Kuroto spoke, "You think so? But let me tell you something again, you seem to be making a mistake here."

Ryota saw that even in the face of him and his brother, Kuroto was still calm and collected and he spoke with a cruel grin, "Hooh, you seem to be doing fine even if you understand what's coming next, and you are still capable of barking out? I would love to see how you wail when I rip you apart, I can't help but really look forward to torturing you more and more."

However, unlike his brother, Hideki frowned, "You said that we are making a mistake here, correct? What mistake are you referring to!?"

Kuroto chuckled, "Mangekyou Sharingan is indeed a rare treasure in the shinobi world, and you Uchiha have every bit of right to be proud of it." – Kuroto paused here and then continued, "But if it does not have that particular power or something similar, then it is just a dispensable eye that only has some research value, and for your information, there are a lot of Uchiha in Konoha, how many Mangekyou Sharingan can they give me? Just think about it."

The last part was obviously a bluff, Kuroto does not plan to do such a thing to the Uchiha Clan, however, the first part was indeed correct, if the pair of Mangekyou Sharingan does not have Kamui or a somewhat similar ability, then they are just valuable for research and nothing else!

"Cough-cough…!" – After coughing out a mouthful of blood, while he keeps himself steady, Hideki asked, "That particular power? W-what do you mean?"

Hideki was very concerned about what Kuroto said, from his words it can be easily understood that Hyuga Kuroto is incredibly knowledgeable about the Mangekyou Sharingan, and something was telling Hideki that it wasn't Shisui who gave such information to Kuroto, because Hideki can be sure that even he and his brother are unaware of something like Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan', so Shisui should be unaware of it too, but Hyuga Kuroto is, how is that possible?

The fact that the Uchiha are unaware of their powers but non-Uchiha is, has to be taken incredibly seriously.

Ryota spoke, "Nii-san, don't waste your time talking nonsense with him, he won't answer it directly anyway, so it would be prudent to torture out all the information that we wish to know, so let's catch him and be done with it."

Ryota knows that similar to his brother he too is very close to his limit, so if Hyuga Kuroto is not captured in a short time, then the consequences are worse.

But Ryota is not that worried, because he knows that a battle between the Gods of Shinobi against a mere Tokubetsu Jonin will result in only one outcome.



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