201 Chapter – 198 A serious talk

Walking out of the Patriarch's Mansion, Shisui walked down the streets of the Uchiha Clan with serious thoughts.

The people of the Uchiha Clan were coming and going, some in a hurry, some leisurely walking and discussing things with their acquaintances, although there was some inexplicable tension, there was also peace and joy, all these people are the ones who are non-shinobi, ordinary people, or the young ones who have yet to awaken the Sharingan.

Looking at this peaceful atmosphere, Shisui sighed.

'If you don't make up your mind only annihilation awaits Uchiha Clan!'

Kuroto's words kept echoing in Shisui's mind.

"Shisui-nii-san, are you going to play with us today?" – asked an Uchiha kid.

"Baka Itsuki, Shisui-nii-san must have to go on a mission, how can he casually play with us?" – spoke another kid.

"Ne-ne Shisui-nii-san, c-can you help us in Shuriken practice, please, I want to be a shinobi just like you when I grow up, so can you please teach us?"

One after another the children of the Uchiha Clan have surrounded Shisui and spoke out their desires with enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

'If you don't make up your mind only annihilation awaits Uchiha Clan!' – those words again resounded in Shisui's mind.

'… Only annihilation awaits Uchiha Clan!'

'No what am I thinking? I'll never let these children die, they have nothing to do with all the mess, they are completely innocent!'

Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar faces of the people of the clan, Shisui's mind was in a mess, his feeling vivid, and only Kuroto's words kept resounding in his mind. Finally, patting the head of the children, Shisui made up his mind and his gaze became determined, these children, these people that have nothing to do with the politics and shinobi life are innocent, 'I am going to protect them, no matter how much guilt and darkness I must embody, even if I have to betray my beliefs I have believed in up to now, I will protect them, this is my Nindou, my ninja way!'

The final bits of hesitation also disappeared, and Shisui didn't realize that at this moment because of his determination and emotional influence, his Chakra was a bit erratic, and his ocular power strengthened, the Yin Chakra in his body flared up. As a result, his insight has increased again, his eyes are still Mangekyou Sharingan, but his insight has increased.

It didn't take long for Shisui to realize this change and he soon calmed his emotions.

While Shisui was going to reply to the kind, a person stopped in front of Shisui and said with a mocking tone, "Oh, isn't this Uchiha Shisui, the most genius shinobi of Uchiha Clan?"

"What do you want Ryota-san?" – Questioned Shisui in an annoyed tone.

The children were suddenly silent by the sudden arrival of Ryota and were able to sense the hostile atmosphere between the two, so they nodded towards each other and tacitly retreated.

No kidding, they weren't idiot enough to interfere here. Bothe Uchiha Shisui and Uchiha Ryota are famous within Uchiha Clan, especially because of their opposing ideologies.

Uchiha Ryota, age: 24, one of the many top geniuses of the Uchiha Clan, current captain of the third division of the Konoha Military Police Force.

He awakened Sharingan at the age of eleven and had a fully matured Sharingan with three tomoe by the time he was sixteen years old. His strength is undoubtedly among the top five of the current Uchiha Clan, obviously excluding Fugaku and Shisui.

He is also the unofficial leader of the most radical members of the Uchiha Clan.

Being the arrogant and prideful person he is, Ryota could obviously not tolerate being surpassed by Shisui who is ten years younger than him. So, one day he found Shisui and challenged him.

The result obviously need not be said.

The gap in strength was too evident, and Ryota miserably lost, couldn't even connect a single strike, and in the end, defeated.

Ever since then, he has been annoying the hell out of Shisui, and he has to compare everything.

When he heard that Shisui has awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan, he was in disbelief, he trained relentlessly, with the hope of one-day awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan and tried many methods to do so, but if Mangekyou Sharingan was so easy to awaken then it wouldn't have such precious value.

Because of his continuous failure, he has been acting too much arrogantly, has to taunt and annoy Shisui whenever the two encounters each other.

Listening to Shisui's frustrated tone, Ryota was happy and said with a mocking tone, "I heard a rumor that you were defeated by bounty-nin?"

Shisui was in no mood to talk about that, and stated, "Yes, and what does that have to do with you?"

"Come now Shisui, are we not friends? It's a pity that I was on a mission at that time, If I went along with Patriarch to hunt down the bounty-nin, the result would have obviously… hehe…"

Ryota said and stopped halfway to chuckle, he seems to be mocking that even with the Mangekyou Sharingan, Shisui was still defeated…

Shisui ignored Uchiha Ryota's sarcastic words and flashed past him, in an attempt to just leave and not create a scene here.

But how could Ryota allowed Shisui to leave so easily? He said with a cold snort, "Just you wait brat, I will awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan very soon, and restore the reputation of the Uchiha Clan, something that you have yet to accomplish!"

As soon as he heard these words, Shisui's face sank, and only one thought appeared in his mind, 'If he also manages to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan, then wouldn't the Clan immediately launch the coup!?'

As soon as this thought appeared, Shisui also remembered that Uchiha Ryota also has an older brother.

Uchiha Hideki, another one of the genius of the Uchiha Clan with the strength that undoubtedly places him in the top ten of the Uchiha Clan, however, compared to Ryota, Hideki's character is a bit mild.

Hyuga Clan, Kuroto's house.

Hyuga Yui, who cleaned up and tidied up Kuroto's house came and sat down beside Kuroto, as he had asked.

At this time, Kuroto also put down the scroll in his hand and spoke with a serious face, "Your team has been taking part on patrol duty, why was I not informed of this?"

"It was just a recent change in duties, it was no big deal, so I did not want to worry you Kuroto-kun." – said Yui.

"Well, you worried me, when I heard about what happened to you!" – Kuroto said.

Thinking of what happened a few days ago, Yui bit her lip in frustration, hasn't she decided to become strong? Then why? She couldn't even land a single hit. If not for the fact that Suijin didn't have any intention of killing unrelated people, she would have undoubtedly died.

At the thought of this, tears started to well up and slowly fell on her hands that were resting on her knees, silently crying at her weakness.

Kuroto sighed and brought her close, it was Kuroto's fault to begin with, he is responsible for these tears. I mean even Hokage couldn't manage to do anything to him, what will she do? She is not even a Jonin yet.

After a bit of soothing as Kuroto rubbed her back, Yui finally stopped, but her eyes still had a shade of red.

At this time, Kuroto said, "Listen, Yui, I can't disclose the exact detail, but I want you to know that the next 10 to 15 years are going to be the most dangerous years of the shinobi era. I have a feeling that one after another people of such immense strength and calibre as Suijin and Homusubi will come into the picture…

And in this period of the next few years, the value of a shinobi would decrease, the Genins, Chunins, and Jonins, will all become nothing but pure cannon fodder class people. I know it sounds ridiculous, and difficult to imagine, but it is going to happen, whether we like it or not.

And I realize that I won't always be there to protect you in the midst of all this, but I also know that I can't stop you. You are a Kunoichi, a talented one at that.

And I don't want to lose you, I have already lost my parents, and you are all that's left so I don't want to lose you, ever. For that reason, you will have to work hard and train, train to reach the level of a Kage and then further, I know it is difficult… very few have and will ever reach this level, but I would like to believe that the girl I love would not give up just because something seems impossible, right?"

Yui nodded, she would not give up, she has already decided on this.

"Good, now I want you to know that I have already had a talk with Hiashi-sama, and he will transfer you to internal management while you will train under Himeji-sama, in the main family gentle fist techniques, in the meantime, I will also make notes on Fuinjutsu, that you will learn and master, understand?" – Kuroto spoke in an unquestionable tone.

Yui knows that Kuroto-Kun is doing this for her, and nodded.

Yui's talent is very good, and Kuroto believes that she can reach the level of an elite Jonin, under the teachings of Himeji-sama, and Kuroto will obviously arrange other methods to make sure that she goes further.

Looking at Yui who still seems to be somewhat down, Kuroto rubbed her back and gave her a few kisses, on the forehead and cheek, making her feel embarrassed.

One of the main reasons Kuroto refuses to reveal his strength openly is that he knows that once he is out in the open, his situation would become similar to Namikaze Minato.

Everything around him will become a weakness that the enemy can and will exploit.

And Kuroto isn't sure if he could remain as calm as Yondaime-sama was if he is put in a similar situation as he was during the Kyuubi's rebellion.

The wife was dying because the Kyuubi was extracted, the village and villagers were being destroyed by the Kyuubi, and an unknown enemy with dangerous thoughts and ideologies was facing him, yet he was calm enough to make such deduction and decisions that shaped the entire future of the shinobi world.

Kuroto isn't sure if he could have been the same if he was in Yondaime's shoes.

Therefore, he doesn't want to risk it.



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