113 Chapter – 111 Silent Tears of a Promise…

Staring at the long list stacked with so many requirements in his hand, Kuroto couldn't help but already feel a little discouraged.

To complete his grand vision, there are too many requirements, including things like pieces of equipment, the latest technological devices, various types of material requirement, and all other types of tricky stuff, and the paper in his hand only contain the list he just sorted out casually and it's already so much.

Kuroto can be sure that even if this list is so long, it is still not even one-tenth of all that would actually be required.

"It's almost impossible for me to realize this fantasy on my own!"

Kuroto shook his head in annoyance as he put the list aside.

No doubt if he really wants his dream to become a reality, then it can't be completed on his power alone, Kuroto would definitely need the support of his Clan, the support of Konoha Village, and most important of all, he would need the support of his teacher, 'Orochimaru.'

And playing with the snake is too dangerous!

After brainstorming a little, Kuroto muttered while destroying the list in his hands, "It looks like I am going to rebuild a new laboratory."

The laboratory that Orochimaru left to him is just a simple laboratory that focuses on genetic observations. Although Kuroto did make some small modifications to it on his own, they were only limited to adding some Petri dishes and genetic extraction.

At the core, the laboratory doesn't have any condition to carry out large-scale experiments and in vivo testing, that will be involved in his grand vision.

Although this is also the main reason why even if Orochimaru has been aware of the changes in Kuroto for some time, he still believes that it is unrelated to Kuroto's research on Hyuga Clan's Genetics, as Orochimaru still doesn't believe that Kuroto would have obtained and significant result in his research of the Byakugan.

Because the laboratory left to Kuroto by Orochimaru simply doesn't have the conditions to carry out large-scale experiments!

From Orochimaru's perspective, all successful test results are stacked upon a countless number of failures, so he doesn't believe that Kuroto would skip the most important part of a scientific study, i.e., test on live subjects.

Of course, this is only because Orochimaru isn't aware of the existence of the Tenseigan and his disciple's reckless approach to it.

After all, Kuroto being able to survive genetic recombination is all thanks to Lady Luck. Even in retrospect, Kuroto himself is scared of the reckless action that he dared to do at the time.

After surviving the incident, Kuroto tried estimating the general probability of his survival removing the 'Luck' factor.

And the results were nothing short of horrifying.

Based on his mediocre aptitude, Kuroto had to survive 16 genetic recombination's. Being able to survive single genetic recombination is nothing short of a miracle as it's already a deal with death, not to mention 16 times in a row, the success rate of the experiment is even less than 0.001%.

But he hit the jackpot as a result he survived.

However, even if Kuroto succeeded once because of his luck doesn't mean that he can always rely on it, so he will not gamble it all on luck from now on.

All the subsequent experiments will first go through rigorous demonstration and many in-vivo testings' once all the safety is confirmed, only then will he use those results upon him.

With that decision, Kuroto took out the scroll of the artificial tailed beast project he obtained from Orochimaru, and after recording some data and his personal experience in creating Ryuumyaku he sealed it again.

Kuroto can hide his possession of Ryuumyaku from the rest of the world but not from his teacher, Orochimaru!

After all, Kuroto obtained the scroll of the artificial tailed beast from Orochimaru.

And since Kuroto has already promised to share the data he obtains, at the beginning and considering that he still needs the teacher's support for the completion of his grand vision in the future, so doesn't want to break away from his cooperative relationship with Orochimaru yet.

Besides, Kuroto speculates that Orochimaru wouldn't be very interested in the artificial tailed beast anyway.

It should be known that even if Orochimaru wants to learn the secrets of the Shinobi World, he still has too many research projects at his hands, whether it is 'Curse Seal of Heaven or Earth', 'Impure World Reincarnation', 'Living Corpse Reincarnation', or "Eight Branches Technique', etc., are all promising projects and require too much time investment even for someone as genius as Orochimaru.

Therefore, Kuroto is more assured.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

With a puff of smoke, the one-eyed viper, slithering its tongue appeared in front of Kuroto.

After inserting the scroll into the one-eyed viper's mouth, Kuroto said nothing extra and directly undid the summon, sending away the scroll.

Of course, Kuroto has one more intention by sending the data on the artificial tailed beast to Orochimaru. And that is to let Orochimaru vaguely understand that since he has become Ryuumyaku's Jinchuriki, therefore the two sides will no longer have a superior and subordinate relationship.

Kuroto would no longer be Orochimaru's one-sided spy, so further cooperation will be based on an equal relationship.

After sending away the summon snake, Kuroto thought of the need for an assistant.

All of his ideas are too complicated; therefore, he needs an assistant who is both loyal and competent at the same time, just like Kabuto was to Orochimaru.

But extraordinary geniuses like Kabuto are too hard to find, Kuroto can be sure that it would be close to impossible to have someone of Kabuto's level at his side.

After all, aside from his scientific achievements, the guy was able to learn Senjutsu, so his strength is also nothing to be scoffed at, in this field, his talent might have even surpassed Orochimaru and Jiraiya!

After thinking of the need for an assistant, Kuroto's thought diverged to the problem of funds.

"It's true that as a shinobi of the Hyuga Clan, Kuroto has no financial problem, as well as the inheritance left by his parents, but all that combined is also not even close to what would be actually required.

"Sigh… Funding is also a big problem!" – muttered Kuroto while sighing.

It looks like his dream has so many hurdles that for a moment it feels better to just give it up!

Knock… knock… knock…

While Kuroto was being helpless at the lack of resources at his hands, there was a sudden knock that brought him out of the gloomy mood.

Looking past the gate by his Byakugan, Kuroto found that it's none other than his fiancé, Yui, waiting outside with a basket.

Letting her inside, Kuroto said with a cheerful smile, "It seems that today my luck is good, I get to have your cooking!"

Passing a sweet smile, Yui placed the basket she was carrying on the table, while asking curiously, "So, Kuroto-Kun, what kind of Jutsu were you studying these days that you didn't even let me in?"

"Heh… that's a secret!" – said Kuroto while nervously scratching his hair.

Kuroto suspects that she would see through his lie, so it's better to just divert the topic.

After some casual conversation, Kuroto tasted the dish Yui brought.

He has to agree that Yui is very talented when it comes to cooking. The taste of some simple dishes is, in fact, comparable to that of the famous restaurants in the village.

Yui saw Kuroto-Kun savor her cooking and she smiled happily while looking at him.

Keeping one hand over her cheeks, she said lightly, "Hizashi-Sama asked me to thank you for Uncle Haruto's successful promotion to Jonin rank."

Waving his hand indifferently, Kuroto nodded slightly, "I didn't help much in the matter."

After eating up his fill, Kuroto and Yui talked to each other about all sorts of things.

It's been so long since he enjoyed such a peaceful day.

Undoubtedly, he has been mentally exhausted with all sorts of events, so, before Kuroto even realized it, he was already asleep with his head laying on her lap.

Yui's P.O.V.

Seeing Kuroto-Kun sleeping peacefully while resting his head over her lap, Yui couldn't help but remember the time from their childhood up to now.

The life of a Shinobi is really not easy, ever since their graduation, one after another, all sorts of events kept happening.

Becoming a genin was supposed to be the big day, but on that very day, she learned that Kuroto-Kun's parents have passed away.

Ever since then, Kuroto-Kun changed slightly, the previous sleepy expression of his changed to what he is now.

Sometimes Yui feels really sad and worried at how hard he has been pushing himself.

Kuroto-Kun might think that she doesn't know it, he thinks that he can hide it from her, but she could see it clearly.

The struggle he has been putting in is not something that's been hidden from her.

Thinking of what Kuroto-Kun might have to go through, silent tears escaped her eyes and dripped along her cheek.

Yui instantly wiped away the tear and did not let it fall on Kuroto-Kun's face, she doesn't want to make him worried about her in the slightest.

What else can she do other than silently supporting him?

Kuroto-Kun might think that she hasn't noticed his absence for the past 20 or so days, but on the first conversation with the person who was covering for his absence, she deduced that it wasn't Kuroto-Kun but somebody else.

Initially worried, but she put faith in the person whom she loves more than anything in the world and kept it all a secret within her heart.

While lightly rubbing Kuroto-Kun's sleeping face, Yui kissed his forehead with a promise, 'No matter what you become, I promise Kuroto-Kun, I'll always stand behind you to ease your loneliness!'

Is that her own resolution? Or is it her belief? Yui doesn't know, but what she knows is that if it's for Kuroto-Kun, then she would do everything in the world because Kuroto-Kun is more important for her than the world itself!

P.O.V change.

The good time always comes to an end faster, before they even noticed, the sun has already set and the sky started getting darker.


Kuroto's sleep was broken by the noise that came from his rooftop.

Judging from the sound, it should be caused by the footsteps of a ninja passing over his rooftop.

Yui frowned at the noise that broke Kuroto-Kun's sleep.

"It's rude to pass over other's house!" – Seeing Kuroto-Kun wake up, Yui said in slight irritation.

Getting up and stretching a little, Kuroto calmed down Yui and walked up to the window to check the situation.

Under normal circumstances, the ninjas in the village would definitely not pass over the roof of other people's houses casually, at most it would be done only during an urgent mission or some emergency circumstances.

And since someone did it, then that means some emergency situation is taking place.

Reaching up to the terrace, Kuroto looked out to check if he could see what's the situation.

And strangely enough, he saw that many figures were moving through the rooftop of houses all over the village in the cover of night. With a single glance, Kuroto noticed that they were all rushing towards the center of the village, i.e., towards the Hokage Building…


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