003 Do you know Oedipus?

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"Aunt Gu, I'm not joking."

"I've liked you since the day you came to the parent-teacher conference."

"That's why I pretended I wanted to pursue Yu Sisi just to get close to you."

"Please give me a chance."

Li Zhiyan's voice was very serious, and having lived two lifetimes, he was no longer afraid of any embarrassment.

If he wasn't embarrassed, everyone around him would feel embarrassed instead!

Compared to fifty thousand yuan, what was a little embarrassment? He would gladly kneel down for an easy fifty thousand yuan.

His best friend Li Shiyu felt an impulse to kneel down to Li Zhiyan.

Li Zhiyan must be crazy!

Confessing to the school beauty's mom in front of everyone at a class reunion, and persisting even after she gave him an out—what an idol!

Li Zhiyan's words made Yu Sisi feel increasingly embarrassed, as all she said before boomeranged back to hit her precisely.

After Li Zhiyan confessed to her again.

Gu Wanzhou knew that things might not be so easy to resolve.

"Come with me, let Auntie have a good talk with you."

Saying this, Gu Wanzhou took Li Zhiyan by the hand and walked toward her Mercedes.

All this was within Li Zhiyan's expectations. Gu Wanzhou, at 41, of course wouldn't publicly reject him like Yu Sisi did and make it impossible for him to save face, becoming the butt of jokes for years to come.

Mature women typically have a lot of life experience, know how to take care of people, are considerate of others' feelings, and are not competitive.

This is something young girls lack. After being reborn, Li Zhiyan found himself increasingly fond of mature women.

"Get in the car, darling."

"Auntie will take you out for some tea."

Looking at this year's model of the Mercedes-Benz E that just came out, his memories became clearer. Aunt Gu really was rich; she owned a company in Wancheng, occupied a high position, and thus had an authoritative aura that inexplicably made Li Zhiyan feel secure.

Why didn't I pursue Gu Wanzhou in my previous life?

Maybe back then, I simply hadn't appreciated the charms of mature women, nor did I have the courage.

If I hadn't been reborn, knowing that money is more important than face, I definitely wouldn't have had the courage to confess to Gu Wanzhou in person.

After the car drove away, the classmates all discussed Li Zhiyan's actions.

Yu Sisi's expression looked extremely ugly, and thinking about her unfinished words just now made her feel even worse. Seeing her classmates looking at her strangely, she stamped her foot and ran off; she just couldn't stay at the reunion any longer.

Liu Yaolong's face also looked very unsightly; originally, he had wanted to see this annoying guy make a fool of himself.

And Liu Zifeng felt like he had swallowed a fly, with all the sarcastic remarks he wanted to say stuck in his belly.

Shiyun, on the other hand, was a bit taken aback—this kid actually liked a woman over twenty years his senior?


On the road, Li Zhiyan tried to open his system.

Sure enough, in his mind, Li Zhiyan saw that the system task was already completed.

"Task completed."

"Arranging funding source…"

"Because you used your spare time to learn programming,"

"You have made some achievements in computer programming."

"Helping President Liu of Liuyun Company solve a system crash issue within the company earned you a reward of fifty thousand yuan."

"Please go to Room 999 of Xinyuan Grand Hotel tomorrow night to receive your fifty thousand yuan compensation."

"Room scenario, 12 people."

"Gu Wanzhou, Liu Zifeng, Yu Lili, Rao Shiyun, Liu Yan…"

"Because they are business partners, 12 people have gathered here for a dinner."

"Note: Learning computer programming technology."

Li Zhiyan cursed silently at the trashy system. Shouldn't it have been about directly depositing money into his bank account, and in a way that others couldn't trace?

Moreover, the system panel was extremely crude and didn't provide any follow-up tasks.

Nevertheless, having the system made Li Zhiyan quite content.

When the car arrived at Qiujue Teahouse, Li Zhiyan's train of thought was finally pulled back.

"Little rascal, let's go up and have a chat."

Looking at the problematic youth beside him, Gu Wanzhou decided to help this kid resolve his psychological issues!

Having a liking for a woman 23 years his senior was abnormal.

Perhaps it was an Oedipus complex. Psychologically speaking, it wasn't healthy.

"A private room, a pot of green tea."

Once inside the private room, Li Zhiyan also recalled that teahouses of this era were quite popular.

It was simply because this place was a good spot for rendezvous...

Selling tea hardly made any money, but the room fee of more than twenty yuan was cheap and didn't require identification registration.

Many who didn't want to go to a hotel would come here to take care of things directly.

In three or four years, the teahouses would begin to decline slowly from Wancheng.

And those people would then opt for the hourly rooms in hotels.

The two sat in the room, both completely silent.

It wasn't until the green tea was served and the waiter left the room that Gu Wanzhou finally began to speak slowly.

"Little rascal, when did you start liking Auntie?"

Looking at the thoroughly average Li Zhiyan in front of her.

Gu Wanzhou felt that when she was young, she wouldn't have had any interest in Li Zhiyan, but now past 40.

She looked at Li Zhiyan as if he were a younger family member, so she wanted to pull him out of his misguided thoughts.

"Since the first time I saw you," Li Zhiyan said as he picked up the green tea, speaking very seriously. Looking at the beautiful legs wrapped in Gu Wanzhou's flesh-colored stockings, he felt more and more that Aunt Gu was more charming than those young girls!

"Xiao Yan, this is not right. Auntie is already 41 years old."

"And you are only 18 years old now. Our age difference is a full 23 years. With such a gap, you shouldn't harbor thoughts of affection."

Without showing any sign of backing down, Li Zhiyan said, "But, Aunt Gu."

"In this society, many wealthy men are with 18-year-old girls, aren't they? Their age gaps are also in the tens to twenties, so why can they do that, and I can't like Aunt Gu?"

Li Zhiyan's words left Gu Wanzhou a bit speechless, and she did not know how to respond for a moment.

The way Li Zhiyan was confidently talking with her, with all his reasoning, unexpectedly stirred a sense of admiration in her heart.

At 18, he could confess in front of others, and he didn't retreat the slightest when faced with her lecturing.

Such temperament was truly extraordinary.

For a moment, she wasn't quite sure how to educate Li Zhiyan. Was his affection for her a mistake?

It didn't seem to be a mistake.

She was a divorced woman, free both legally and morally, and although Li Zhiyan was just 18, he was also an adult man.

It seemed there was no aspect where his liking for her could be considered a mistake.

"Li Zhiyan, do you know what an Oedipus complex is?"

At this point, Gu Wanzhou still wanted to correct Li Zhiyan's thinking; she believed Li Zhiyan should be fond of girls his own age.