17 {Cloaked Danger}

-So their have been some people asking me what the MC looks like. Never thought of posting a pic till now haha. Here are two different versions of what I'm imagining-

In a clearing in front of a large cave entrance, Neil concentrated on making mud balls. Next to him, the Woolly Howl opened its mouth releasing a blue mist and freezing the mud balls that were placed in front of him. 

Neil shook his head when he saw the frozen product, "You froze it too much. It's still useful but it won't shatter when I throw it. 

Seeing the ball thrown into a pile of ice balls the dragon grumbled and lowered its head. It was clearly bored but he didn't budge and closed his eyes. 

When Neil was done the dragon lazily opened its mouth and froze some more. This time 4 out of the 6 were usable and the other two were placed in the mountain of Ice balls. 

"Phew, never thought I would have to spend my time playing in the mud haha. Let me take at your leg." 

The dragon sighed but brought his front right leg forward. The leg was covered in a frozen layer of Zippleback hide. When Neil unwrapped it an area full of green paste was revealed. He grabbed his waterskin and rinsed it away. He then applied a new paste of Thyme herbs and dressed it again. The dragon then carefully froze it back in place and went back to sleep. 

Neil rinsed his hands and smiled at the lazy dragon before he began cooking the morning's breakfast which was frozen rabbit meat. 

It had now been roughly a month since he had met the Woolly Howl. They had been the most chaotic days of his time in the area. First, there was that unidentified group of creatures the first night they had returned after having found the Woolly Howl. A few days later they were attacked by dragons that could cloak themselves and become invisible. 

He had heard of a ghost dragon before from the villagers and passing merchants but he never believed it. He chalked it up to crazy storytellers but it looks like he had been wrong.

"Looking back at it, dragons that absorb lighting and a dragon that releases some kind of liquid nitrogen mist exist. A dragon like the Changewing isn't that impossible…." 

"My guess is that all of these strange dragons showed up because of the forest fire that the Skrill had caused. Either that or some kind of migration?"

During the month he and the Woolly Howl had become closer but not close enough. On many occasions, he had tried to show his intentions of leaving but the dragon simply looked away from his signing and drawings. 

'This stubborn dragon!!!'

During their confrontations with the Changewings, the Woolly Howl had plenty of opportunities to fly away but it didn't. The way that it shielded Cora he was sure that she was the reason why. 

'Just what is driving you to protect her so much?' 

After eating Neil sighed and began putting on his roughly made Zippleback mask, sleeves, and jacket. It was the best that he could make to defend himself from the acid of the Changewings. 

Once he had his armor on he put on Cora's. The fox had hated it at first and tore it off several times before but over time it gave up and just let it be. 

"Alright then let's go, otherwise those damn dragons will eat everything." 

{Woolly Howl POV}

As they walked through the forest he continued to keep his guard up. While the invading dragon's acid-covered mouths were easy to smell in a short distance it would already be too late by then.

The cowardly dragons attacked in groups and from all his blind spots. When he finally had time to react they would disappear and move to a new spot. As if that wasn't enough there seemed to be more and more as the days passed.

When he first noticed this he planned on grabbing the red hatchling and flying away until he had become injured.

During a fight, he had been unable to freeze the acid before it went through his scales. When they had returned to the two-leg's nest the creature began treating him. As if that was not enough it had even begun to make things out of trees to protect them from the dragon's acid. It even gave itself and the red hatchling scales.

As time passed the two-leg proved itself to be useful. It made balls made out of wet dirt that it would throw at the dragons. When the dragons were covered in the wet dirt they could no longer hide and the herb paste that the two-leg added made it easy to smell them. 

Leaving a creature that had helped him protect the hatchling didn't seem right. The creature had tried to tell him that it wanted him to fly him away to another place but if it did he would be alone again. 

He didn't know when but he had started to trust this strange creature. 

As they walked through the forest they collected the two-leg's rabbits. It used stones to hunt which was very strange. Out of curiosity, he had also tried it using big rocks but nothing happened. 

After they collected the rabbits and the two-leg put the stones back up they went to the lake. The creature filled its belly and water sack with water. 

While the creature did that he refilled his water reserves that had gotten lower after using ice. 

As he was drinking he caught a scent of something that he had grown familiar with. He stopped drinking and shot a ball of ice at a nearby tree. 

A loud sound was heard and a dragon appeared yelping in pain as it tried moving its hurt wing. It then shot out an acid ball attack but he froze it in midair and flung it aside with his tail. 

"We have more on this side" 

Hearing the two-legged creature he quickly turned around and saw two smudges of mud floating before they dove into the water. 

Seeing the new arrivals he opened his mouth and began releasing his breath attack. However, instead of shooting it out he closed his mouth and absorbed it. A cold feeling began to spread through his body and leave through his scales. 

This allowed him to make an extra set of ice scales and it formed a protective layer of ice in his fur. 

The red dragon that was injured began calling out to its friends. He was about to shoot it but the two-leg threw an ice ball at its eye. 

It yelped in pain and made itself disappear before scurrying away. 

Now that it was taken care of he quickly froze the lake where the dragons had flown into. He hadn't heard them come out so he was pretty sure that they were still there. To freeze so much of the lake he had used most of his water reserves. 

After looking around and spotting no more danger he went over to the lake and began drinking more water.

"Hey big guy, we have trouble."

He turned around to look at the two-leg and found it pointing at the sky. Following where he was pointing he found 9 dragons flying towards them. 

9 dragons were too much to fight against especially now that he had used so much ice. The only chance to survive was to fly away.

After looking at the two-leg who looked scared he grumbled and lowered a side of his body so that it could climb up.

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