20 Chapter 20

"So what do we have?" Nick asked once they arrived at their desks.

"Victim's name is Dustin and he is a day trader. He was taking the highway to his mother's house which is in the outskirts when he got hit by something making his car spin out of the road. Just as he got out of his car and onto the road to get some help he was hit and then mauled by what we believe to be a truck based on the tyre marks at the crime scene and on the victim's body" Hank spoke while stuffing a slice of pizza.

"Damn! Any suspects?" Nick asked while sifting through the case file. Just as he was browsing through the file his eye stopped right at the word "Victim had his belongings taken which as per his girlfriend was a wallet, bank cards and a rather oddly designed Rado watch which the victim seemed to take great care of".

The reason why Nick stopped at this was because he still remembered the first day after his transmigration. That day he had spent his entire time on the desk sifting through case files and doing paperwork. It was at that time he had come across a case which he had deemed to be a hit but didn't really try to pursue it because he was at that time occupying a new body and was unfamiliar with everything and to be honest he was scared of confronting a possible hitman or a murderer afterall he was only a 16 year old highschool student.

However, now, it's an entirely different story. Forget about murderer, even if it's an assassin, he is more than capable of defeating them. Thanks to his eidetic memory he was able to quickly get the case from the archive maintained by the PD and with a quick glance he found his guess to be correct.

"Take a look at this Hank" Nick said while giving Hank some space to occupy. Hank made his way in the revolving chair with a slice of pizza still sticking out of his mouth and looked at the file which Nick had taken out from the database.

Scrolling down the file Hank saw a 25 year old male who had been mauled to death, which was pretty much identical to the most recent victim. 

"I can see the resemblance Nick but this type of case happens quite frequently and there have been many times where victims were mauled to death and most were due to road rage and this case had occurred almost a year ago. I don't think…" Before he could finish Hank's eye zoned in on the sentence 'Victim had his belongings stolen including what seemed to be a strangely designed Rado watch'. This was the statement given by the victim's sister.

"Now you get it".

"Yeah now I am feeling in my gut as well".

"We need to check if there had been similar cases like these in the past few months because 2 different victims with a gap of 1 year sounds weird" Hank said while quickly typing away on the keyboard to filter cases of hit and run from the database.

"Hank!! Don't use my keyboard with your greasy hands. You are eating a pizza. I would have to end up using this keyboard after this".

"Relax, it's not like you will be here for long. This is my way of getting back at you".

Nick just gave a wry smile and just focused on the case.

It didn't take long for Hank to filter about 209 cases. That many had happened in Portland in this span of 1 year. Though it might look huge, in actuality it was still small compared to bigger cities. From here on it was hard work filled with info grinding and by the time they could complete 20% of the work it was closer to lunch. 

"Man, we need someone to look through these folders". Nick said while stretching his back from hours of research.

Hank just gave a 'hmm' in response with his face still buried in his desktop.

A smile morphed in Nick's face as he just thought of a way to ditch this work to Hank and just said that he was going to work on this case using a different angle and it worked as Hank just gave a 'hmm…'.

…..Half hour later…..

Hank suddenly lifted his head and looked at the seat next to him only to find it empty while Nick's words played in Hank's mind and the response which he gave to him.

"Nick…. You SOB…Fuck!!! You ditched." Hank screamed, making every cop on their desk look up and laugh a bit before burying their faces on their work.

Meanwhile Nick drove his car around to one of the places which he has been around after a quick search on  a certain person using police resources. Though he has been around this place before, it only extended to the point of him doing surveillance, of course not before using wolfsbane to hide his scent.

Yes, it was Monroe's house which was located at 418 SW Hamilton Street, on the edge of a hill, and just below the scenic Terwillegar Drive.

It was a house which gave a feel that the owner loved a life of quietness. From the show Monroe gave a feel of wishing for a peaceful life and had long stopped involving in hunts and after surveilling the man many times before Nick found it to be true. He was avoiding even meat to the point the man had gone vegan just to fight his urges. 

Nick had never found the right time to make his first contact with this man who was the right hand man of Nick from canon but it felt that today was the right time. With there being a case where the weirdly designed Rado was taken from the corpse it was about time for him to go and check out one of the best clockmaker in Portland.

Nick reached the front door of Monroe's house and rang the bell. 

'No response? Is he out? No, as per my previous research he should be inside his house working on his clocks' Nick thought and rang the bell once again.

This time Nick heard a response followed by which he heard footsteps. The door knob clicked and once the door opened Nick saw a rather tall man with beard wearing a full hand shirt, tucked in and a pair of pants, making him look like a middle aged dad rather than a single male. 

"Mr. Monroe, my name is Nick and I am a detective of Portland PD" while keeping his thoughts to his mind, Nick gave his usual introduction along with flashing of his badge. 

"What does the police want. Am I in trouble?" asked Monroe, clearly uncomfortable with the sudden visit of a cop. 

"It's nothing serious. I just have some questions to ask. If it's not much we could go in and discuss it over a cup of tea" Nick said 

"Sure man, come on in" said Monroe and gave enough room for Nick to pass in before shutting the door but not before looking around to make sure nobody was watching. This was a trait which Monroe had at the start of the grimm series and only became worse after his partnership with Nick after all a blutbad and a grimm working together was an uncommon and crazy shit which could land him in trouble. It didn't stop until he met Rosalee and experienced love. Only then did he obtain a sense of security in him. 

Monroe made Nick sit at the dining table while he made his way to the kitchen. Nick on the other hand just looked around the place and just like how he remembered from the show. The place had many antique looking clocks and the sofass in the living room were quite old looking making him feel like he had come inside the place of an old fashioned & retired gentleman not a middle aged single. 

'No wonder he is still single' thought Nick as he saw Monroe come from the kitchen while holding a tray with two cups of tea and judging from the smell which is coming from it, Nick is sure that it's a herb tea. 

After Monroe sat at the table Nick placed a bunch of pics of the weirdly designed Rado watches and also placed the scene of the maimed corpse of the victims.

Like any other person Monroe's sight fell on the corpse and his face scrunched, not with disgust but with a slight excitement which he quickly controlled and looked at Nick like he was a devil who was trying to tempt him into a life of hunting which he felt that he had long left behind.

"Come on man!!, Now I can't eat my lunch" Monroe said with a frustrated tone.

Nick smiled a bit and apologised and asked Monroe if he saw this watch. Now that Monroe's attention fell on the actual subject matter his face froze a bit and his eyes shrunk he woged a bit but with his face downwards facing the picture he did not see Nick's face while Nick didn't see Monroe's change of expression but knew that something was wrong because he had just woged and his emotions were out of control. 

The woge didn't last long and quickly subsided with Monroe quickly calming down and he looked at Nick to see if he had seen something but Nick maintained his poker face to get out of this situation. 

With no further lead from Monroe, Nick excused himself from there and made way to his car. Once inside Nick felt an eye on him and when he turned to give Monroe's home one last look he saw a shadow near the window which turned out to be Monroe making sure that Nick had left his premises. 

Starting his car Nick drove out of the view of Monroe and parked his car in the next street. His plan was simple, Monroe was hiding something and he planned on finding what it was. 

Meanwhile inside the house Monroe paced up and down the living room in a hurry. His back was drenched in sweat while his face was tense. At one point he made his way to his phone but stopped himself and went back to pacing around and finally had the courage to go back to him room and opened a secret compartment which he had built inside his draw. 

Inside the draw was a box made of velvet and inside it was a weirdly designed rado watch. Behind the watch was a word written in German named "Jagd".

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