1 Dying and having no options?

Hello my name is or used to be Arturo Alfarest. I was walking by the railroad tracks has a short cut from my work to my home, and no I didn't die from being run down by Truck-kun or by Train-kun. Actually I got hit by a flying baseball to the head. Did I mention that there is a park nearby, well I black out after that. Now I am in a place that resembles my old dreams of heaven and the gates of hell. I used to have that type of dreams once in a while maybe about 20 times around my lifetime. The skies look gloomy super light drizzle with grey skies. Allot of street roads empty with trees in between separating the roads with empty houses near them. Looks like my old neighborhood 2 main roads leading to a building that looks like a church with giant Gates and one big door leading inside.

I have been previously here, so I was not afraid has the first 5 times I been here. There was a difference this time, I haven't seen my old friends waiting for me from high school has in my previous dreams. So it felt a little odd, so instead of walking to the main door like always this time I headed to the side gate which lead to a small door that emaniated a orange glowing light compared to the white light that came from the main door of the church. Has I headed to it I decided to open the small black door with orange glow.

When I opened it I ended on a office which had mostly all colored scheme red and some little black on it. There was a black desk with a computer colored red. there was some red roses on one of the corners of it on a pot. I also noticed a white chair in front of the black desk mostly for who ever visited since it kind of resemble a office. The walls had some black frames with pictures of natural did like forest fires, tornadoes rampaging on a town and tsunamis destroying tourist attractions. While I was distracted by the pictures since the pictures keep moving to other natural disasters. I heard a sultry voice behind me.

Unknown female: " Please take a seat mister Arturo"

Has I turn to look there was a beautiful woman with blue eyes and slitly curly hair with dark brown hair with some blonde highlights on it. Dress on a red one piece dress tight on all the right places. I immediately recognized her he the devil on the movie Bedazzled has the actress Elizabeth Hurley. Has she pointed me to seat on the white chair and she getting on the other side of the desk sitting on a black chair. I did has told and sat on the chair has she was typing on the computer on her desk. She raise a eyebrow and look at me with her brilliant blue eyes.

Unknown woman: " Well let me star with introductions, I am Lucy Morningstar and I am in charge of where I am going to send you now that you are dead."

Arturo:" Wait, I am dead, is this not a dream?" I asked has I couldn't believe wat she just has said.

Lucy: " Arturo Alfarest, 31yrs old, 5"11 height and 375lb, Black hair with dark brown eyes and light brown skin.... gotta say u don't look like 375 maybe 250 or atmost 275lb. You carry yourself pretty well.... Ah, here it is you died due to a hit to the head by a baseball that was traveling about 99.9 mph. It was a automatic death the moment u got hit till your fall." She said had she look at me with predatory eyes.

Arturo:" So I am dead.....so that means I am going to hell?" I said since the room motif and her name being Lucy ( Most likely short for Lucifer) I was starting to have a little panic and fear, specially how I saw her looking at me like was a juicy double meat hamburger with extra cheese.

Lucy: "Oh no mister Arturo, you obviously have options besides hell, if you are willing to pay for the price that is." She said has she started typing on her computer.

Arturo:" So that means I can go to heaven?"

Lucy:" Nope that's is not a option for you since the moment you step and opened the black door glowing orange. Which usually represents the door to hell. Talking about that why did you decide to open it? Did you not see the big white door and shinning lights?"

Arturo: "I did but i didn't see my friend's has usually I do next to the doors. So it felt eerie and intimidating without my friend's there. So I took the small black door."

Lucy look at me with a surprise look then look back at the screen on her computer.

Lucy: "Are you sure you been here before has j see in your files this is actually your first death." she said that to me while scrutinizing me for any lies.

Arturo:" I have been here at least 20 times during my lifetime but I just took it had a dream."

Lucy: " I see, is not rare for the world of dreams to sometimes reach the realm of the dead or the real of the spirits. It can just be a big coincidence that u ended up here visiting during your dreams. Has for your options besides hell, if you pay the price I may allow you to reincarnated and live a new life in a fantasy world like in your movies, anime or novels with your memories intact and some random benefits I decide to give you in your next life."

Arturo:"But I don't have anything to exchange , I was not carrying anything valuable with me when I died." I said has I felt uncomfortable how she keep on looking at me.

Lucy: "It's no big deal all you have to give me is your name Arturo Alfarest, meaning you will be nameless and will forget your name but who cares after all you will be born again and be rename by your new parents."

Arturo: "That's all that is not that hard to give....."

Lucy: "Oh no , that's not all you also have to give me your [virginity] for the deal to close, has I see in your profile you still one and never got on a serious relationship, and virgins are a rare delicacy the more time passes specially for the male population." She said has I saw here blue eyes turn golden yellow while watching me.

I gulp my saliva, first of all, I had no experience and second I was not confident enoughfor such option and last I had no fxxxing option it was this or hell and I gotta tell you Lucy look so fine at the moment.

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