Chapter 117: Looks a Lot Like My Younger Uncle_1

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"Shulan, out of all the children I've helped deliver, your little grandson is the handsomest and looks just like Ahao!"

"Indeed, he looks so much like Ahao!"

"Yingzi, could you express some milk from my daughter-in-law?"

"Rest assured, I've just checked, there's plenty enough for your grandson."

Having finished all these tasks, it was time to knock off work.

Yun's father was in the kitchen preparing millet porridge for his daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile, Yun Men, seeing her son had not yet come back and hearing of the birth, rushed over with thirty chicken eggs.

"Why have you come?" Yun's mother stepped outside, only to see her pregnant daughter.

"I heard your daughter-in-law gave birth, so I came over. Mother, what did she give birth to?"

Little Zhang Yunxuan then answered excitedly,"A little brother, he is adorable!"

Co-soon, Zhang Cuihua and Zhao Fang also arrived with eggs. After a while,

They glanced at the baby boy and were amazed at his resemblance to his uncle.