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Arriving at konoha I wasted no time and teleported to the Hokage Office. Tobirama was present there sitting on his desk with paper all over it.

"How is the war going on your front?"

Tobirama looked up and suppressed the urge to kill this man who always appears out of thin air. Raising his hand he signaled the ANBU to leave the room. After we were alone he started," The Suna battlefront is being handled by the Senju, Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi clans. The Uchiha and the Hyuga along with civilian shinobi and other clans are situated in Kiri. Kiri is more difficult as there are many bloodline users present there. How are things at your front?"

" I just finished killing off Iwa and Kumo army. they will not be able to participate in any war for the next 5-6 years. They need to build their military strength to even think of a war."

Tobirama stared at me for a few seconds." You have destroyed their entire armies?"

" yes."

"I see"

" Why are you helping us and not then. Wouldn't helping all of the nation's and strengthening the shinobis all over help to gather stronger soldiers. "

"It would but then I would have to work extra to manage the entire army. I particularly chose Konoha because of the caliber of the shinobis that this place will produce. But that doesn't mean that I will let strong people die. You don't know but people can serve me even after death. I have my eyes on the people with huge potentials and I am guiding them towards their limits. Moreover our enemies are Otsutsukis. They are beings who can grow to planetary level in a few seconds. So quantity won't matter. And I am gathering cannon fodder with every battle. Don't worry about it."

" I didn't understand a single thing you said but I will not concern myself with it. As long as the world survives I am content with it. "

" Good. In the next battle, I want you to take out the second Mizukage. Kill him at any cost. Can you do that?".

"Hmm. If it was anybody else it would be difficult for them to kill a Mizukage in a water land but I am the perfect man for the job. Very well I will kill him. "

"Good. See if you can bring back his body. But no pressure".

Tobirama nodded his head and after this I took my leave from his office. Opening a portal to the moon I walked in. Kaguya was already present there and talking to Hashirama about the battle went had.

" Hashirama it is time to start your training. But before that take this pill." I said throwing a blue pill at him.

"What is this?"

"Life recovery and extension pill. It recovers any damage done to your body both internal and external and increases your lifespan by a 100 years. You can be killed but will not die otherwise." I got this pill for 10,000 Sp at the store.

Eating the pill Hashirama was covered in a green light. His life force increased rapidly and his skin became a lot smoother. He looked like a twenty year old physically.

" Well then, time to start your training" Hashirama gulped and followed me to the training room.


The First Great Ninja War has come to an end. Kumo and Iwa had refrained from participating in any battle in the past few days. Suna retreated back when the Konoha forces suppressed them in every battle and were at a complete disadvantage when Chiyo was gravely injured. The second Kazekage choose to retreat and kept his village in lockdown. Kiri faced it's loss when Tobirama killed the Second Mizukage in battle. Suffering a major loss of shinobi and their kage they chose to retreat. Konoha also suffered casualties as 2000 of its shinobi died.

Tobirama had succeed in taking the body of the mizukage and delivering it to me. Well I successfully turned him into my shadow. Another powerful soldier at my disposal.


Ten years have passed from the end of the war and the villages were busy building their strength back.

I got a report that Tobirama and the second Raikage were about to meet for peace talks.

' Huh so Tobirama's death is on the horizon. Hmm got to meet him next. On the other hand Onoki has grown in his position as the Kage of his village. His strength has also improved in the meantime. Hashirama has also shown improvement in his sage mode and woodstyle.'

Ordering one of my shadow soldiers to come out i ordered it." Go to konoha and inform me when Tobirama leaves for the meeting." The shadow nodded and left the room.

It was around ten days later when the shadow soldier informed me that Tobirama had left the village with his students as his bodyguard. Standing up I informed Kaguya and Hashirama that i will be out for some time and back with someone. 

It was around noon when I arrived at the land of lightning. Standing on a tree branch I could see Tobirama and his students stopping to discuss their strategy. 

" I will act as a diversion and stop them from advancing. Saru from tomorrow onwards you are the hokage. Protect the leaf and the will of fire." Tobirama

"yes sensei" Sarutobi replied with some emotion in his voice.

"That is a stupid plan Tobirama. " I said out loud. All the shinobis went alert but couldn't find the source of the voice. Tobirama recognizing the voice said," So you are here too Lucifer. Huh ! It's been too long since we last met."

"That is true" I said as I jumped down from the tree branch in front of them. Hiruzen was calmly looking at me. Koharu and Hamura were on guard but did not show any hostility. Kagami had his sharingan activated and Tofu was confused. Only danzo had a kunai in his hand and gave off killing intent.

Looking towards him i said in a cold voice," Cease your temper tantrums child. It wouldn't take even a flicker of my finger to erase you from existence."

"oh! is that so, why don't you try it then" Spitted out danzo and was about to attack me when Tobirama raised his voice." That's Enough. Danzo sheath your kunai."

" Sensei who is this man?" Hiruzen asked. Looking at me Tobirama opened his mouth after I nodded my head." This man is the reason why Konoha won the first Great ninja war with the least amount of casualty. He was the one who killed the entire army of Iwa and Kumo by himself so that we can focus on the Kiri and Suna front. His name is Lucifer D. Morningstar. Konoha owes a debt to this man that you cannot begin to pay. So the least you can do is be respectful."

They eyes of the people present widened to the size of watermelons. Danzo was the first one to shout" what!! How is that possible?"" indeed although it is coming from you teacher i find it hard to believe that this man killed all of the iwa and kumo forces all by himself. That is a task that even Lord Hashirama and Madara would find difficult." Kagami said sceptically.

"I understand your doubts, but what i have said is the truth. Moreover this man over here has beaten Madara and elder brother fighting 2 v 1. So believe me he really can."

'And I was just about to attack this guy. My senses have been fooling me a lot today' thought Danzo sweating profusely. 

" Well then you guys carry on. I and tobirama will handle this Kinkaku force." I said with a lot of confidence.

Seeing Tobirama nod Hiruzen said," Very well then. Please return safely." 

After they left I turned towards Tobirama ,"As you have guessed, my visit this time is to take you with me. It is time for the younger generation to take charge and you guys to fade away. Your brother is anxious to meet you."

"Very well. I was already prepared to leave konoha to the younger generation. But before that lets take care of these people."

"don't worry leave them to me"

Just as I finished speaking Kinkaku Ginkaku and around 20 elite Jonin level shinobi surrounded us.

"OH!! Look what we have here. Tobirama Senju alive ready to be slaughtered. HAHAHA guys what are you waiting for , let's start." Kinkaku shouted with a mad grin.

"Oh!! I am being ignored. huh! you hurt my feelings." I said with a sad voice.

"HUH!! who the fuck are you. Kusiro (one of the twenty) kill this nobody" Ginkaku ordered.

"Oh! my my . Kill me . How bold of you to assume it's so easy to kill me." I said with a sadistic grin.

"Anyways let's end this charade." I said coldly.

Raising my hand I did a slicing gesture in the air. All the twenty jonin level shinobis had red line appearing on their throats. It was a second later when their heads fell of their body and blood sprinkled out of their corpses. Kinkaku and Ginkaku were shocked silly. They never thought that the fucking nobody would kill all their comrades so easily and effortlessly. It was then they saw that Tobirama was looking equally shocked. It was then they realised ' WE ARE FUCKED'

"Lets see how you like people ganging up on you." I said a stepped forward.


Twenty shadows emerged from the twenty dead bodies." kill them". Soon enough Kinkaku and Ginkaku, both brothers who came to hunt the second hokage were hunted upon and torn apart. Not wasting the opportunity I made shadows out of them too.

Tobirama was shocked when he saw Lucifer kill twenty jonins in one gesture.'what was that ?? Air manipulation? to that extent. Is that even possible?" he was further shocked when Lucifer used some techniques to revive the jonins as his minions and use them to slaughter Kinkaku and Ginkaku. 

"well then that's done and dusted. let's head to our base." I said to tobirama

"Where is it?" 

"the moon"

Again Tobirama was surprised.

Tobirama decided to send a letter to Hiruzen stating that he is alive and well and has chosen to live in seclusion. He instructed Hiruzen to announce to the world that he is dead and continue to lead the village. Tobirama will silently observe and only intervene when absolutely necessary.

Following this the world believed that Tobirama was dead and killed by Kumo while Kumo believed that Tobirama killed their Raikage. The situation worsened and it was eminent that war was on the horizon. 




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