Chapter 60: Hundred-Year-Old Peach Blossom Wine

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I'll look into those later and see how many secrets this little wife is hiding from me.

Chu Molin shook his head and started to wash his hair and take a bath. After the bath, he felt like all the pores in his body were opened.

Feeling relaxed and comfortable, even the fatigue from not having enough rest in recent days was gone.

It seems that his little wife's secrets were not small. Chu Molin had a quick battle bath, which took only a few minutes.

He grabbed a dry towel, wiped his hair dry, put on a dark green short-sleeved shirt that tightly wrapped around his upper body muscles, and wore a pair of camouflage pants.

When Qin Xue saw Chu Molin in such attire, the corners of her mouth twitched, as if seeing action hormones.

"Are you going to work later?" Qin Xue looked up and down at Chu Molin.

"No, why?" Chu Molin looked at his little wife's gaze and looked down at his clothes. There shouldn't be any problems.