Chapter 415: Qin Xue Woke Up

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At this moment, Chu Beiying was also in a dream, where she saw the moment she arrived here.

She shouldn't have listened to Chenchen and drawn that lot. A single lousy lot brought her here.

Why do I say it was the lot that brought her? Because the one Chu Beiying drew stated clearly the specific date and time when she would come to find her destined person.

Chu Beiying had been avoiding the date mentioned in the lot. However, on that day, she went out. She had wanted to leave earlier, but she was always delayed, which eventually led her there.

Who would have thought that simply spotting the medicinal herbs she was looking for and tripping over the vines at her feet would cause her to fall over the cliff and end up here?

Moreover, the moment she arrived, she was knocked down. When Chu Beiying thought of being knocked down, she remembered that cold man, Xiao Qi, who turned out to be rather nice to her.

Chu Beiying secretly hoped that he would be safe and sound in the future.