385 Chapter 378: Anomaly

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Qin Xue heard Li Rong asking about Chu Molin, probably frightened by his demeanor, she guessed.

"Yes, why?" Qin Xue got out of bed to put on her shoes.

"His aura is so imposing. Now I realize he's a workaholic. No wonder you came alone last time?" Chu Molin had gone for a walk that morning, dressed in his work clothes.

From the way he carried himself, Li Rong could tell that Chu Molin had a grim and forceful aura, suggesting that he had been involved in secret missions.

"That's just how he is, did he frighten you?" Qin Xue thought about how handsome Chu Molin was. But his cold, indifferent face and sharp, piercing gaze could be disconcerting to others.

"Frightened, no. Just that his aura is overwhelming, to the point that it made me feel somewhat suffocated," Li Rong took off her hearing aid, placed it carefully aside, and told Qin Xue with a smile.

"He probably got scared by my reaction," said Qin Xue with a laugh.


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