326 Chapter 319: The Telegram Has Arrived

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The reason why Qin Lei didn't say anything was because there was some trouble during Qin Xue's wedding.

Originally, only their family members knew about Qin Xue drugging Chu Molin.

He also agreed with Chu Molin that the matter couldn't be spread, so Chu Molin followed the normal procedure to propose and marry Qin Xue.

If others asked why Chu Molin married Qin Xue, they would say that Chu Molin fell in love with Qin Xue while he was recovering from his injury at their home.

So that's why he came to ask for her hand in marriage. Everything was going smoothly, and people in the village praised Qin Xue for her good fortune in finding such a good husband.

They all congratulated their family for finding a good son-in-law.

However, during the wedding banquet, it was rumored that Qin Xue drugged Chu Molin and they slept together, so they had to get married.

Although they ended up getting married, the meaning behind people's words was different.


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