Chapter 286: Mother and Son of the Qin Family

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Qin Xue thought to herself, it had been so long since she last saw her mother. Her mother had passed away when she had been only five years old, and it had been more than twenty years now. She couldn't believe that she was able to see her mother again today. How could she not be emotional?

That's why she cried so much just now, to vent her pent-up frustrations and to let out the years of grievances and the lack of maternal love she had experienced.

She cried because she could finally be with her mother again, to continue their mother-daughter bond.

"As long as there's no problem between you and your husband, everything is fine. You're such a handful, even though you're a mother yourself now—still so willful and spoiled. When will you grow up?" Nangong Shulan looked at Qin Xue helplessly.

"Mama, no matter how old I get, I'm still your child in your eyes, so I'll always be a child in your heart." Qin Xue said coquettishly to Nangong Shulan.