Chapter 276: Missing Potted Plant

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Chu Molin was washing dishes in the kitchen, letting Qin Xue be tangled by herself.

When Chu Molin finished washing the dishes and came out, he saw that Qin Xue was still wrapped up in her thoughts and couldn't help but rub her head.

"What are you thinking about?" Chu Molin asked Qin Xue, pretending not to know.

"Just wondering what kind of love can do this?" Qin Xue's mouth was faster than her mind, and she instinctively answered when she heard the question.

"Stop thinking about it. When you meet your mother-in-law and little brother-in-law, you'll naturally understand." Chu Molin told Qin Xue not to think about it anymore since she wouldn't be able to grasp the concept no matter how much she pondered right now.

Based on her current behavior, she must have forgotten her family, and if she didn't remember, how would she know?