Chapter 1: Rebirth

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With two "thump, thump" sounds, Qin Xue was struck by a speeding BMW, sending her flying into the air before crashing back down onto the ground.

The moment she hit the ground, Qin Xue seemingly saw her deceased mother, yearning for her so much.

She had initially arranged to have dinner with her best friend today and then go to the karaoke. Who knew that she would be hit while crossing the road after getting off work and leaving the hospital? Maybe this is fate.

Surrounded by gasps, she heard someone calling 110 and someone else calling 120 for an ambulance.

Qin Xue saw the ground covered in blood, getting colder and colder until she was swallowed by darkness. She didn't notice the jade pendant on her neck, emitting a fleeting glow in the blood.

She didn't know how much time had passed before she was awakened by the pain. She opened her eyes, feeling a wave of dizziness mixed with pain in her head.

She let out a painful hiss and couldn't help but close her eyes again. When she opened them, she saw a sheet of white overhead.

The smell in her nose was that of disinfectant; this must be a hospital.

She turned her head but saw no one. Ever since her mom passed away when she was five, her dad remarried, her stepmother brought along a sister, and then had a brother with her dad. She was completely alienated from the family.

Qin Xue had been living with her grandparents ever since. It was only after they got older and she went to college that she returned to this home. Aside from the living expenses her dad gave her each month, she didn't feel welcomed in this family.

However, Qin Xue's cheerful and gentle temperament made her resemble her deceased mother. Her grandmother would always say, "Our Xue'er is the most beautiful and gentle girl in this world."

Her grandfather often sat nearby, tidying up his herbs while chuckling at the sight of his granddaughter and wife getting along.

Qin Xue missed her grandparents and planned to take a few days off to visit them as soon as she recovered from her injuries.

As Qin Xue's thoughts wandered, someone entered the room. She saw a woman in her early thirties wearing a half-new floral shirt.

She was also wearing half-new black pants and a pair of black leather shoes that looked like they had been worn for quite some time, with worn-out toes.

In the woman's hand was a red thermos decorated with peonies and a big red "happiness" character, the kind that was popular in the 1980s. This kind of thermos was mostly used as a dowry item, but this one seemed quite old.

What era is this? How could there be such old things and such outdated floral clothes and pants?

Qin Xue turned her head to look at the ceiling, only to notice that it was peeling and had chunks of plaster falling off.

Fang Hong entered and saw that Qin Xue had glanced at her before looking away. She quickly walked over, put the thermos on the ground, and said, "Qin Xue, you're awake. Is there anything that makes you uncomfortable? If there is, tell me, and I'll call the doctor."

"Um? Excuse me, who are you? Are you talking to me?" Qin Xue asked the woman in front of her in confusion.

Fang Hong was stunned by Qin Xue's puzzled expression, "Of course I'm talking to you, Qin Xue. Are you alright?

I'm your sister-in-law, Fang Hong. Don't you recognize me? Did you hit your head too hard? Just wait here, I'll go get the doctor." Saying this, she hurriedly ran out.

It wasn't long before footsteps approached, and a doctor entered wearing a white cap, white shirt, and white coat. This was the standard doctor attire. Is this a hospital?

"Dr. Chen, please take a look at Qin Xue. How come she doesn't recognize me?" Fang Hong said as she walked beside the doctor.

Chen Hao adjusted his glasses and touched the bump on the back of Qin Xue's head before saying, "Ouch, it hurts!" No wonder her head hurt so much—it was because of the injury on the back of her head.