1 Reborn in the Apocalypse

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In a villa in the suburb of City B.

Su Shanshan lay on the bed with her eyes closed. The entire room was pure white, save for her long black hair which added a touch of color to the room. A few moments later, she suddenly struggled on the bed with a ferocious look on her face, and her hands waved involuntarily.

The door suddenly opened and a man walked in. He closed the door sneakily and looked at the beauty on the bed with a lewd smile. He rubbed his palms together and approached her.

He lifted the blanket that Su Shanshan was under, revealing her seductive nightdress that barely reached her hips. Her entire dress was held together with two spaghetti straps.

He placed his large hand on her white shoulder, slowly moving to her collar bone. With a chuckle, he slid his hand inwards.

He grabbed one of the shoulder straps. A gentle tug and the entire dress would slip off.

The man was about to exert force when a slender hand grabbed his wrist. The hand was so frail that it seemed that it might break if he bent it, but the force of the grip was shocking. The man looked in the direction of the hand and was greeted by an icy stare.

"Ah, y-y-you, why are you conscious?" The man fell on the ground and stuttered.

A murderous glint flashed in Su Shanshan's eyes. She reached for the spot on her left in a habitual manner but felt a soft blanket instead of the Tang sword that had been with her for eight years.

She looked around and realized that something was wrong. "I was dead," she recalled.

"Why does this room look so much like my room before the apocalypse?" She lowered her head and looked at her hands. They were well-maintained and did not resemble her rough and scarred hands after eight years of the apocalypse. She panicked for a moment.

"It's good that you're awake. I'm not interested in having sex with a blockhead."

The man's voice interrupted her thoughts. Su Shanshan frowned. "Shut up."

Annoyed that her train of thought was interrupted, she raised a hand and stabbed the man's neck. Even a level-two zombie would have had his throat slashed.

However, it was not the result Su Shanshan had expected. Her knife accurately hit the man's neck but the force was soft. She felt a wave of discomfort and weakness.

"B*tch, how dare you hit me!" The man reached for her neck and strangled her with his large hands.

Su Shanshan, who had yet to get used to her frail body, was pressed onto the bed by him. The pressure on her neck made her gasp for breath and her face slowly turned red. She gripped the man's hands tightly, but she was not strong enough to break free of his clasp.

Seeing that she could not struggle, the man chuckled and pressed one hand on her neck while the other reached down to undo his belt.

Su Shanshan's thin nightdress could not conceal much as she was struggling. The man's hand moved down her neck. The slickness of his touch made her nauseous. As he leaned down to get closer, she bit his ear.

"Ouch!" The man cried out in pain and slapped her face.

Oblivious to the wound on her face, Su Shanshan took advantage of the moment when he relaxed his grip. In an instant, she wrapped her legs around his neck and flipped it down.

The man cried out in pain again and fell to the ground. He cursed as he held his ears and got up. The blow had almost severed his ears.

Not giving her assailant another opportunity, Su Shanshan grabbed the baseball bat behind the headboard cabinet, turned around, and swung it at him. The man suffered a blow but quickly grabbed the other end of the baseball bat.

Calmly, Su Shanshan relaxed her grip and kicked him in the groin just as he thought he had everything under control. The man stiffened and fell to the ground.

Su Shanshan snorted and rained punches on him.

Unable to take it anymore, he begged for mercy. "Miss Su, I was wrong. Stop hitting me, stop hitting me…"

Su Shanshan stopped, tied the man up, and threw him to the ground. Panting, she opened the refrigerator, took out a can of Coke, opened it, and took a sip. At the sound of the can being opened, her eyes filled with nostalgia. It had been eight years…

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