3 A BIG Library

Jun snap opens his eyes. He can see a familiar but unfamiliar ceiling above him.

'So it's not a dream after all.' Jun thought to himself. 'Let's see, I'm currently in the orphanage, in a room I share with three other kids… Now that I think about it, this orphanage is pretty small. There is only the Matron, her son that assists her and about 10 kids in total including me. I wonder what happens to all the other kids? Being a warrior in this city is pretty dangerous after all, there should be more orphan than this.'

Jun look around, he can't find anyone so he look out the window to check the time. 'The sun is high in the sky so it should still be afternoon. No one's here, they must have left me to take care of the other kids. Well, since there is no one around, let's check the Library of Heaven's Path.'

Jun went back to his bed so it'll look like he's still asleep when he is looking through the Library. 'How do I get into…' was all Jun can think before he 'sees' a door in front of him. On top of the door is a sign that reads 'Library of Heaven's Path'.

'Huh, so I just have to think about coming here and I'll be here.' Jun thought as he opens the door. Inside, he sees rows upon rows of bookshelf stacked on one another up farther than the eyes can see.

'Wow, I wonder how many books are in here… Urano will probably die of happiness if she ever sees this place.' Jun walks up to a book stand he can see in the middle of the room. On the book stand is a book that looks like a thick textbook title Book of Heaven's Path. (A/N: Urano is the MC of Ascendance of a Bookworm)

Jun opens the book not expecting anything but on the first page of the book, he can see some words. It read

[Due to the changes made by ***** ******* the Golden Page has been removed. In return the Book of Heaven's Path is now used to navigate through all the books available in the Library.]

Jun look at the next page. On the page is a search bar and above it is a couple of words that read

[To search for the book you want, just write the words in the search box and books related to those words will appear on the next pages with a small description about the book.]

Jun stare blankly at the search bar. "Is this supposed to be Google or something?... Sigh, nevermind. Let's just search for a good cultivation technique to serve as a base." As soon as Jun thought about searching for a cultivation technique, the word 'Cultivation Technique' appear on the search bar.

"Well, at least I know how to search up books now. Now, what type of technique should I choose… wait before that." Jun throws a punch and shout "Flaws!"

In front of him, next to the Book of Heaven's Path appears a new book. The title of the Book is Long Jun. Opening the book, Jun can see

[Name: Long Jun

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 3

Soul Realm: Cyan

Soul Attribute: Neutral

Soul Form: Drake

Cultivation: None

Demon Spirit: None

Skills: None]

[Flaws 1: No training

Flaws 2…]

Underneath the flaws are two simple biographies about his life up till now. One on his past life and one on this life.

'Not that I was expecting much but this is kind of a letdown. Soul realm of cyan seems good but with a cultivation technique from here, it'll be useless. The only thing that looks decent is the Drake soul form. Let's see if I can find a good cultivation technique.'

After thinking for a while, Jun decided to go with a cultivation technique that focuses on control and one that can allow for the use of multiple demon spirits like the Heavenly God. After searching for a while, Jun finds a book call Heaven's Authority' that allows a person to perfectly control their soul force and understand the law of Holy, Light, and Lightning better.

He was going to pick Heavenly God technique, but stumble onto a technique that he like more. It's called 'Demon of Greed.' It allows the Demon Spirit that a person integrates with to absorb another demon spirit to gain its abilities.

There are hundreds of flaws however, flaws like it can only absorb one demon spirit at a time and the demon spirit that is absorbed has to be the same type. But with the Library, those flaws can easily be solved. When he first saw the technique, he thought along the line of 'Having one demon spirit that can use all ability is better than having a lot of demon spirit that you have to change every time you want to use a different ability.'

'Hmm… I wonder if I can... ' Jun thought as he looks at the two books in front of him. "Compile all cultivation techniques using these two books as a base." Jun said to the Library.

The two books flash brightly as they combine into one and millions of books from the Library float down to combine with the book. The whole process took at least half an hour to complete. After the process is complete, Jun can see a book without a name sitting in front of him.

"Since it's made from 'Heaven's Authority' and 'Demon of Greed' as a base, let's call it 'Heavenly Demon Authority'." When Jun finish saying that, the title Heavenly Demon's Authority appears on the book.

After looking through the book, the new cultivation technique can be sum up as

[Technique: Heavenly Demon's Authority - Allow the cultivator to have absolute control of their energy, body, and laws.

1st level allows full control of energy inside the body - Gold Rank

2nd level allows full control of the body including the mind and emotion - Heavenly Fate Realm

3rd level allows full control of energy outside not in the control of someone else - Dao of Dragon Realm

4th level allows full control of the law that has been master - Deity Realm

5th level (*****) - Supreme Realm

Create a demon spirit embryo call 'Demon of Sins' at Silver rank. Since the demon spirit is created from the technique, there is no chance of it rebelling as the demon spirit is part of the user.]

'I can't see what happened after reaching the 5th level. But I bet it's gonna be awesomely overpowered with how good these abilities are. Not to mention that it also allows me to create a demon spirit that won't betray me… I don't think anyone can find a better cultivation technique than this.' Jun thought.

After Jun finish reading the new cultivation technique, he notices something feels different about his body. Not wanting to take any chance if there is something wrong with him, Jun punches out and says "Flaws." He checks his status…

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