Reborn in Naruto with Dark Souls system

How much can a talentless kid accomplish in the shinobi world with the help of a Dark Souls System? Hopefully you will find answers to your questions by reading my fanfic.

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18 Chs


Once the battle ended it was time to loot. The soldiers plundered until nothing remained of the village. The villagers were divided by gender and age. The young girls (below the age of 20) were taken as comfort women and the rest of them were killed.

The soldiers were becoming more and more savage after each battle they fought and there was nothing I could do about it.

The prettiest of the girls were offered to me by my soldiers and I accepted. We then brought out the chefs we kidnapped previously and prepared for a feast.

Everyone enjoyed themselves that night including me. I got to relive my stress with the girls the night and I enjoyed every minute of it. My undead stamina was more then enough to satisfy all 3 of them.

Next morning we sent a messenger to the Hidden Leaf with the proposal of starting peace talks. Later in the evening their response came. All our demands were accepted in exchange for our military support and peace.

The demands we mentioned were,

1. Improved living standards for civilians incapable of becoming ninja,

2. Funds for maintaining my army for the next 10 years,

3. A clan building capable of holding my 1200 soldiers at the center of the village, and

4. Tax free trading rights.


1 month later,

I currently live in my clan compound with my army. I also invited my father in as personal blacksmith. Thing are looking good again but there is a problem. The people fear us.

All the clans and civilians have transferred to edge of the village. They also don't buy weapons and other goods. This is not good. I have to do something otherwise this victory will go to waste.

The next day I visited the Hyuga clan with a proposal.

"I would like to form an alliance with you clan."

I said the the clan leader.

"How could I not allying with such a strong clan like your."

"Then let us finalize this alliance with marriage."

"Marriage, with whom?"

"You daughter, Hinata."

"But, She is 9 years old."

"So what, I am 12 years old."

"You don't look like it."

"I was born in this village. You can check the records if you want."

He remained silent for a few moments. I could see sweet forming on his forehead as time went by.

"Ok, we will conduct the ceremony in 2 weeks. We will provide you with all the information regarding our customs."

"I would appreciate that. However, I have one request."

"Ask away."

"I would like to spend the next 2 weeks with your daughter. That way the two of us can get to know one another."

"Hmm... Ok, But let me talk to her first."

For the next hour I looked the the other Hyuga train. The servants brought me snacks as I watched them. And after they were done training we talked about hand to hand combat a bit.

I learned that the fighting style of Hyuga is completely useless against us undead. Since we don't have chakra the Hyuga can't use their Gentle Fist against us and the same applies to the Byakugan. If we ever were to fight the Hyuga, it would be an easy victory for us.

Anyways, After an hour passed the clan leader was done talking to his daughter and I got to take her home with me. It was a very silent walk until we reached our compound after which I said,

"Do you remember me?"


"2 years ago an accident happened in the academy, 1 boy died that day. Remember that?"

"Yes, Niji got injured that day. His right eye was damaged and now he can only use his other eye."

"I was the person that caused that accident."

She looked at me with disbelieve in her eyes.

"I will tell you exactly what happened that day but first lets have some tea."

The rest of the day we spent talking to each other. I told my stories to her and she told hers, I only told the light hearted one because the rest are very dark.