Reborn in Naruto with Dark Souls system

How much can a talentless kid accomplish in the shinobi world with the help of a Dark Souls System? Hopefully you will find answers to your questions by reading my fanfic.

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Academy and Accident

Today is Yasahiro's 1st day in the academy. He was put in the same class as Neji and Rock Lee.

The subjects they taught that day were of no use Yasahiro and that's why he spend that time sleeping instead. As for the outdoors class, Lee wanted to spare with Yasahiro and he accepted but with one condition.

"If you leave the ring you loss."

Lee agreed to this condition without hesitation. As they went to their positions the crowd watching grew larger and larger. Everyone wanted to see what the new guy could do.

The battle began with Lee rushing in to deliver a spinning head kick but Yasahiro was ready. The moment Lee arrived at the 3 meter mark he used the Miracle Force.

Lee was pushed nearly 10 meters away outside the ring by that Miracle but he was unhurt. It was Yasahiro's victory. As Yasahiro thought it was over another guy challenged him.

"I challenge you to a duel."

"To the death?"

"What? No."

"Then it's not a duel but a light sparring match instead."

"Fine. I challenge you to a sparring match."

"I accept."

The two then went to there positions and waited for the signal to start the match. As soon as the teacher gave the signal Yasahiro used Emit Force. The challenger made a stone wall to stop his attack but when the attack hit the wall it broke sending sharp rocks everywhere.

A lot of the spectators got injured from the rocks but that wasn't the worst of it. The challenger was hit on the head by a rock and died from it almost immediately.

Yasahiro was soon arrested because of it. As 2 Jonins were taking him to the interrogation room he made a daring decision to escape by travelling to Dark Souls. But after arriving there he realized that he accidentally brought the 2 Jonins with him.

He tried to run away but they were much faster then him so he had to keep using Force to keep them at bay. But he accidentally fell of the map 40 seconds into the chase.

Yasahiro was now back at the bonfire but the Jonins though he died in that fall. He quickly reverse hollowed and went back to Konoha.

One of the Jonin POV:

"Did he die?"

"I don't know, He doesn't have any chakra to sense."

"How does he use wind release if he doesn't have any chakra?"

"We could have figured that out if we interrogated him. But now he is gone and we are stuck."

"What do you think this place is?"

"Its very much like the great Jiraiya's Barrier jutsu 'Toad Gourd Prison' but instead of a small isolated space it is a whole new world."

"Could it be a Gen-jutsu?"

"No, I checked that already. This place is real and so are its inhabitants."

The Jonin then looks at the hollow walking towards them.

"Lets find the exit before we die of starvation shall we."

POV end.

Yasahiro now has a bounty on his head comparable to that of a high Jonin. This is because the village thought he killed the 2 jonins alone before escaping.

Right now Yasahiro was on the run with Inuzuka clan members tracking him using smell. Yasahiro's goal was to hide in a village until the heat cooled down. The closest village was 8 hours away and at this rate the tracker would catch up to him in 20 minutes, So he made a risky decision.

He hid himself in the bush using 'Chameleon' and prepared to use his trump card. Few minutes later the trackers arrived and Yasahiro took the opportunity to surprise them with a supercharged 'Great Heavy Soul Arrow'.

That spell costs 40 souls per cast but he used 4000 souls instead. This made the spell much faster and much more destructive.

The spell was so fast that the female Jonin couldn't even react to the attack. The next moment a loud bang echoed through the forest. The place where the Jonin stood now had a huge crater and all the trackers were now dead.

Once Yasahiro healed his injuries caused by the explosion, he took a closer look at his surrounding. The trees within 20 meters of the crater had fallen and blood stains could be spotted up to 30 meters away. He didn't expect the spell to be this powerful and this made him exited.

[The difficulty level of the world has increased drastically.

Cause: Hostility with Hidden Leaf.

In order to give the player a fighting chance the system offers a special skill 'Undead Lord'.

This skill allow the player to turn anyone into an undead in exchange of 1000 souls. The player must have the target's permission in order for the skill to work. Once the target is transformed into an undead they need the player's permission to perform the following:

1. Leveling up,

2. Use Inventory,

3. Enter or exit the Dark Souls world.

The player has the option to turn his undead into souls and humanity if they so desire. The player can also force teleport their undead and communicate with them telepathically.

Will the player accept the skill?]

"I accept."