1 Rebirth

'Ugh!... Aah!'

My head hurts so badly. Rudra clutches his forehead as a sudden pain in his forehead startled him awake.

"Where am I?"

He looks around only to be greeted by a completely white room.

"Am I kidnapped?" These are his first thoughts.

Rudra slowly stands up and looks for an exit. After seemingly walking for fifteen minutes, he is unable to figure out the dimensions of the room, much less an exit. The room is white as far as he could see.


He groans in pain as his head hurts and some memories flood in.

"My name is Rudra Reshamia, a 26 years medical student. This year I graduated with my master's degree and went out with my friends to celebrate our graduation late at night. After celebrating till midnight, I returned to my hostel dorm to sleep."

The hostel dorm room wasn't the best out there. On the contrary, they were quite old and dilapidated. But who is he to complain, when most student lives in similar conditions? After he entered the room, he switched on that creepy led room bulb which flickered off and on because of poor voltage supply.

"Damn! That led bulb always gave me goosebumps whenever I switched it on late at night. I had complained numerous times to the dorm caretaker to fix the line, but it always fell on deaf ears. I always wondered if someday that bulb will short-circuit and burn me to death in my sleep."

Shaking his head, Rudra recalls the events again. After he switched on the bulb, he entered the washroom and washed up to remove his tiredness as then went to sleep.

"I remembered switching on the fan as I laid on the bed.

Wait a moment! It was that damn fan that fell on my head and crushed my head instead of that creepy bulb. I knew it, someday that hostel room would be the death of me. But never I expected it to be that fan."

Rudra takes a deep breath and curses those hostel authorities,

"Fuck you all! Damn it! In all years of my college life, you killed me on my last day of college."

"Argh! I am so mad."

Rudra kicks up a fuss as he madly curses those hostel authorities to vent his frustration.

"Never mind! It's not like I will return to life."

He shakes his head in dismay.


A transparent apparition is looking at the antics of Rudra and is amazed by Rudra's tantrum. He chuckles slightly and approaches Rudra.

The sudden chuckle startles Rudra, and he turns around to locate the source of that chuckle. He is stunned to see an apparition walking towards him.

"Is that another ghost?"

Rudra is scared to see the apparition.

"You are?!"

The apparition smiles at him and releases a soothing aura to lower his guard.

"Don't worry, child! I am not a ghost or spirit. I am what humans call a GOD."

God proclaims his identity.


Rudra is doubtful of the claim, but he decides to trust the other party.

"Am I dead?"

God is startled to hear this question from Rudra.

"Yes, child! You are dead."

"So, I really died?" Rudra's expression turns solemn and he sulks in a corner.

God stares at Rudra's solemn expression and sighs to himself.

'The reaper picked up the wrong soul again. Lately, he is making a lot of blunders. Looks like, I have to replace him.'

"Child! Don't lose hope."

God consoles Rudra's poor soul.

"You still have a chance."

"What?! Really? Can I return back to life?" Rudra ecstatically stares at God.

"No! That's not possible. After your death, your family members held a funeral for you and incinerated your body. So, you don't have a body to revive."

God shakes his head.

"Is that so?" The light in Rudra's eyes turns dim.

"Child! Don't lose hope yet. Although you can't return to your previous life, there is still the next life."

"So, I can reincarnate." Joy appears in Rudra's eyes.

"Then what kind of world will I reincarnate into?"

He curiously stares at the GOD.


God ponders for a while and turns to Rudra.

"Initially, you were going to reincarnate on earth and live a successful next life with the amount of karma you have amassed in this life. But I will give you a choice of world."


Rudra ponders for a while as the memories of various animes, novels, comics, and stories cycle through his mind.

"Then I will choose the Naruto world." He relays his thoughts without hesitation.

"Naruto world?!"

God raises an eyebrow,

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, I am." Rudra nods his head.

"Hmm... since you chose such a dangerous world, I can't allow you to go and die there again. I will turn your Karma into boons. These boons will give you an initial advantage but after a while, you will have to depend on yourself."


Rudra's eyes shine brightly.

"Can I pick my boons?" He excitedly asks GOD.

"NO!!" God shakes his head.

"I will give you three boons.

Your first boon will be elemental affinity. Since it is a world with chakra, you need talent to wield elements. So, I grant you an affinity for all elements from birth.

Although you have an affinity for every element, you still have to train and master your proficiency on your own."

"That's quite good." Rudra nods his head.

'I won't shy away from hard work and training. I haven't spent countless hours in the cadaver room performing surgeries on corpses for nothing. It requires a strong will and patience to do so.'

Noticing Rudra's resolute expression, GOD nods his head.

"Your second boon is a large chakra pool and enhanced regeneration. It will increase your survival. Now for the final boon..."

GOD turns to Rudra and asks him.

"Which clan would you like to be born in?"


'Which clan? Any clan outside the Uzumaki, Senju, Hyuga, and Uchiha is a no-go. These clans are the real powerhouses of the Naruto world.'

Rudra weights his options.

'In the later series, the whole world is based on ocular power. So, I will remove Senju and Uzumaki from the list which leaves me with Hyuga and Uchiha. One has Byakugan and the other has Sharingan. Byakugan can evolve to Tenseigan and Jogan whereas Sharingan can evolve to Mangekyo Sharingan, Rinnegan and Rinne-Sharingan.'

Rudra ponders the ups and downs of both clans.

'If I am born in a branch family of Hyuga, then I will be branded with their cursed seal at birth and will be oppressed by the main family as for the Uchiha clan. I will have to worry about survival.

Wait?! Survival! Since I survive no matter what? Then might as well pick the Uchiha clan. As for the problem related to the clan massacre, I will see it in the future. Also, most of the badass characters of the series are from the Uchiha clan. Take Madara, Itachi, Shisui, and Sasuke for example."

Rudra makes a decision.

"I want to be a part of the Uchiha clan."

"Then Uchiha clan is it then." God nods his head.

"Then, I will reincarnate you in the Uchiha clan. But do you really want to be born in the Naruto world? You still have a chance to pick a more peaceful world, don't regret your decision later." The GOD warns him.

These words pour a bucket of cold water on Rudra's head and think about his options.

'There were too many powerful beings in that universe. Leaving Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kaguya Otsutsuki, Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki Otsutsuki aside, there is an entire clan of Otsutsuki members. Then there is Madara, Obito, Pain, and all those powerful Ninjas.'

Looking at the name of such figures, mere talent and hard work aren't enough. He also needs luck to overcome such obstacles.

Thankfully, GOD provided him an opportunity.

"I lived this life full of regret, but I won't make the same mistake again. Even if I die early, at least I will die content." Rudra has a resolute expression.

"That's the spirit." God nods his head in satisfaction.

"Alright! Since you wish to be born as an Uchiha, then I will remove the bloodline limit imposed on you. Also, the world might be a little different from your knowledge."

Rudra gratefully bows his head to GOD.

"Farewell then! Also, keep in mind to live your new life to the fullest with no regrets. I would watch over you. Farewell!"

A white light engulfs Rudra's body, and he loses consciousness.

God looks at the departing back of Rudra and remembers the blunder caused by the Reaper. It was Rudra's roommate's turn to die, but Reaper accidentally picked up this guy instead.

While Rudra was grieving his death, God was checking his profile.

'This boy had a tragic past. His parents passed away when he was a kid. His uncle adopted and raised him. It wasn't out of kindness, but greed. The greed to inherit Rudra's fortune, left behind by his father.

As he grew up, the attitude of his uncle and aunt turned cold as they forced him to hand over a large portion of his fortune as compensation for raising him.

To distract himself from this mess, he enrolled in a medical university to pursue a career in medicine. His parents wished him to become a doctor and Rudra dedicated all of his efforts to their dream.

He was a compassionate person who will secretly help various poor people through illegal operations. Though it was a severe crime to practice without a degree, the boy had enough belief in himself.

After all, those poor people had no options. They had no money to pay for medical expenses and one way or another they will die eventually.

So, they chose to believe in Rudra. This act of kindness helped him amass karma.

"Your destiny is your own, even if fate has something else in store for you."

God shakes his head and summons the Reaper.


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