1 Awakening

" What is this… this monstrosity? "

An aged voice spoke out coming from a man covered in bandages. His voice echoed throughout the laboratory, deep, powerful, and commanding.

A disturbed laughter followed. A pale man with long black hair proceeded to lick the glass container.

" This is just a little side project for our mutual goals. with a little more work it could prove to be useful "

The pale man shivered with anticipation as an impossibly wide smile spread across his face, his fingers gently tapping away at the glass. Inside the glass container was an amalgamation of colors, bone, meat, metal, and various other random bits of human, and animal alike all floating around but connected by dark red tissue all connected at the center to what looked like a premature fetus. Slowly bits and pieces were drug into the baby, and Danzo watched with horror, and a tinge of excitement as an eyeball with a distinct pattern of two tomoe. After the eye disappeared all movement ceased from the inside.

" Don't you see? The child is absorbing everything I toss in there. Even better, I've delayed both its growth cycle, and its brain's higher functions leaving only instinct, and as of right now it's sole purpose is to assimilate. An empty vessel growing power from all the things I toss in there. Perfect for my plans. "

" Orochimaru you mad genius! As proven before, this is good, very good. With this power nothing will stop me from becoming Hokage, and you shall have all the precious material for your experiments. We will rise up using this new power of yours! How do you know that this thing will not become a problem in, and of itself? "

" Simple, without the brain developing cognitive thought for a very long time no consciousness will be present, and as long as it's fed it will have no reason to leave. Once it has absorbed enough material to become perfect I'll accelerate its growth, and activate the sleeper program. a perfect weapon. "

' the perfect body for my perfect mind kehehehe'

the snake man thought to himself while jotting down more notes.

" Alright, but as per usual if your activities are discovered, I have nothing to do with any of this. "

And with a flourish of his kimono he left the damp dark cave, and body flickered away leaving only the pedophile… I mean Scientist with his latest experiment.

Time passed quickly in the hidden leaf. A select few were aware of the pregnancy of lord 4th's wife, and many preparations were being made to ensure everything went off without a hitch. Hiruzen, and Minato were keeping a very vigilant eye out, multiple would be skirmishes upon their borders were handled in a few moments by the 4th's insane speed, and battle capabilities. The night was upon them, and what should have been a happy moment was quickly ruined as a masked man appeared, and ruined everything. The nine tails was released, and went on a rampage, taking the effort of the whole village to mitigate the damages. Lord Fourth gave his life to seal the beast away again, and Hiruzen was forced to resume his position in office as the Hokage. This event scared, and tormented the entirety of the Hidden Leaf, many lost loved ones, and the whole village lost it's leader, and hero.

A mass funeral was held for all those who lost their lives, and construction began to repair the great village to its former glory. While sifting through the rubble, an oddity was found underneath the hospital which had been torn asunder by the nine tails. An entrance was discovered which led deep below the village. Inside the deep, dark, damp cave a laboratory was discovered by the Anbu Black Ops that were dispatched to investigate.

The entirety of the laboratory was destroyed as if several paper bombs had been rigged to explode, and amongst all the destruction a small baby was discovered in the wreckage. Sitting in the bottom of a broken open container the baby appeared to be sleeping away peacefully. As for how this child had survived the total destruction of the room remains a mystery. The child was brought to Lord Third's attention, and being the completely reliable man he was, he tossed the newborn boy into the same orphanage with another young boy whom he would go on to neglect.

In another place, and another time.

" This is the worst fucking headache ive ever experienced. Jesus christ what happened to me? Was I hit by a fuckin truck? "

" No we don't do trucks here bud. You got hit by an all american Ford F-150 built Ford tough ™. "

" Oh well, that blows, I don't even like Ford. Anywho, where am I, and who are you? "

" Call me Keith, and You're dead! Congratulations Buddy. "

" Oh dead, yeah that makes sense. Dead… Dead.. Dead. Huh I really figured this would suck more? "

" Oh yeah, if I hadnt tampered with your ability to feel emotions correctly you'd be all like [ OH MY GOD IM FUCKING DEAD OH NO] so on and so forth with the drama screaming, crying, and general annoyance. "

" Oh cool, so Keith, if I'm dead why am I here? " I asked while motioning towards my surroundings with my strange arms.

" Well to answer your question you're in the great between. As in between life, and death. Your death wasn't an accident, and you're not special. Now that I've established that I definitely did not make a mistake I'm going to give you an opportunity. Now I see here you were a huge fucking nerd in your life, and you liked all the usual nerd shit. So spin this here wheel, followed by this here wheel, and have fun. "

" Oh neat, let's see the world wheel, and the special power wheel sounds fun. Here we go! "

Spinning the wheel with my rounded off limb lacking any actual fingers, but still definitely an arm. Several fictional worlds went by. Marvel, DC, DXD, One piece, Bleach, Naruto, Danmachi, and several more. Before landing on Naruto.

" Fuck me dude, thats a rough one. Most people are just cannon fodder in that show, and even the main cast is narrowed down to just a few really useful people. "

" Well, don't forget you get to spin the power wheel too. "

The next wheel was filled with just about every special power I could possibly think of. Power Armor, several alien biologys like kryptonian, viltrumite, martian, and a few others. Shinigami, dragon slayer magic, mutant, Thor, light god, and several others flew by as I span the wheel finally landing on Black light virus.

" Hey, that's pretty neat! I loved Prototype! Mercer, and Heller were both super badass! Hey I should be pretty set right? "

" Uh yeah you should be. Lemme just do something real quick. " Pulling something from nothing, and then making it vanish just as quickly he then nodded to himself, and looked down upon me. " Alright buddy, are you ready to begin your new life? "

" Uh, I guess. Out of curiosity, what were you just doing Keith? "

" Fixing a potential issue before it becomes one. The blacklight virus is highly contagious, and disruptive to the natural environment, and virtually unkillable, so I modified it slightly so you retain all the benefits without having to worry about a massive zombie outbreak because a tiny piece of you was taken, or broke off, and formed it's own consciousness believing itself to be the original, and seeking you out to assimilate you thus creating a personality paradox where you would effectively cease to exist. "

" Oh, I didnt even think of that as a possibility. Thanks man. Anywho is there like a door I go through or? "

" Nah, I'll send you off. Good luck buddy, and I hope you enjoy your next life to the fullest. " And with a wave of his hand I disappeared, and woke up again.

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