Reborn in Mushoku Tensei with Unique Skill Great Sage

A guy on his Deathbed wishes God to reincarnate him as Isekai, well God doesn't listen to him but Voice of the World does and reincarnates him as Rudeus. See how he will rise to the top of the Multiverse, change the whole Multiverse's destiny, and bang beautiful women on his journey. Note: Mc will be a chaotic Evil, Manipulative, Lusty Bastard. It contains Netori since he will Cuck a lot of guys. No Netorare so he won't be Ntr'd like Naozumu. Author's Note: English is not my main language so there may be many grammatical mistakes. Note- The pic is the property of the original owner and doesn't belong to me.

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The Last Minor Evolution and surprises.



Arthur Pov

" Now feel the mana and then imagine a ball of water", I said with a smile while looking at the small cute girl in front of me. She had blonde hair just like her mother and green eyes. Her face was far more cute than in the original though it heavily resembled mine. Yes, she was Norn who was two years old now. She had grown smarter in a short time, well due to her perks of being a higher race.

She puffed her cheeks and tried her best to manipulate mana but failed,' Well not that smart though ', I mused to myself and then looked at Lilia who was more silent than Norn, but in the end, she failed to manifest a spell as well. They were geniuses and I knew it still, they weren't such monsters to use magic in the first lesson. 

However, with Minerva's calculation, they should be able to use simple elementary magic in a week or two. " Bad Mana! It refushes to listen to me!!", said Norn angrily while puffing her cheeks, yes she had the habit of puffing her cheeks. While Lilia looked at me and said," Daddy, it is difficult to learn megic". I chuckled and rubbed her head, much to her joy, and said," Don't worry knowing you two you will be able to cast a spell in a few days".

" Really?!", she asked me excitedly and I nodded, while Norn pouted, she was definitely the kid who would show her dissatisfaction in a straight and cute manner. Thus I patted her as well, dispelling her anger and after that, I said," Anyway, it's time to eat lunch, so you two go and have your fill."

Lilia grabbed my torso and asked," What about you?", I shooked my head and standing up I replied," Unfortunately I have something to do, but don't worry I will spend my entire day with you two tomorrow", at first they were disappointed since I don't spend much time with them anyway but their eyes glistened hearing my latter part of the speech. " You promis?", asked Norn, and I nodded," Pinky Promise".

" Yeah!!", both of them shouted cheerfully, and after talking for a bit they went back inside the castle while two golems kept walking with them and following them. Minerva suddenly appeared before me," Dear, it's time for the final evolution. There is no need to wait anymore ", she said and I nodded and we both held our arms and teleported deep inside the magic castle, the same room where I evolved before and got in her lap.

{Manas Minerva sends a petition to the Voice of the World}

{Attempting to Evolve Dear using Unique Skill Evolver}

{The Request of Manas Minerva has been accepted}

{Proceeding with the Evolution}

This time unlike before I didn't fall to sleep as I had already adapted to Evolution. Minerva smiled and ruffled my hair, and then kissed me on the lip," Get Ready", she said and the evolution began, before my very eyes. My Body started glowing brightly and my Mana started reacting violently.

{Evolving the species, Mutated Enlightened One, to Saint...}


{The Shell of mortality has been broken completely!}

{Ascendence to a Spiritual Lifeform has been successful!}

{Intrinsic Skill: Immortality has been strengthened!}

{Intrinsic Skill: Immortality is reacting with Extra Skill breathless and All Disease Immunity!}

{Extra Skill: Breathless and All Disease Immunity has been absorbed by Intrinsic Skill: Immortality}

{Intrinsic Skill: Immortality has evolved into Saintly Immortality}

{Intrinsic Skill: Enlightened Aura has merged with King's Aura and has evolved into Saint's Aura}

{Extra Skill: Ultra Regeneration has evolved into Intrinsic Skill: Hyper Regeneration}

{All Physical Stats have been greatly improved!!}

{Evolving all the Resistance Skills!}

{Minor Pierce Resistance has evolved Pierce Resistance!}

{Minor Corrosion Resistance has evolved into Corrosion Resistance}

{Minor Holy Attack Resistance has evolved into Holy Attack Resistance}

{Minor Spiritual Attack has evolved into Spiritual Attack Resistance}

{Minor Abnormal Condition Resistance has evolved into Abnormal Condition Resistance}

{Corrosion Resistance and Pierce Resistance have merged with Abnormal Condition Resistance}

{Abnormal Condition Resistance has been strengthened greatly!!}

{Nextly Try to Evolve the Skills...Successful!}

{Extra Skill: Greater Mana Absorption has evolved into Unique Skill: Mana Drain!}

{Extra Skill: Mana Shock has evolved into Unique Skill: Mana Burst!}

{Extra Skill: Hyper Stamina Regeneration has evolved into Unique Skill: Infinite Stamina Regeneration!}

{Extra Skill: Greater Strength has evolved into Unique Skill: Hyper Strength}

{Extra Skill: Magic Aura has evolved into Unique Skill: Swordly Magic Aura}

{Extra Skill: Spatial Movement has evolved into Unique Skill: Spatial Manipulation}

{Extra Skill: Water Law Manipulation has evolved into Unique skill: Water Law Manipulation}

{Extra Skill: Fire Law Manipulation has evolved into Unique Skill: Fire Law Manipulation}

{Extra Skill: Earth Law Manipulation has evolved into Unique Skill: Earth Law Manipulation}

{Extra Skill: Air Law Manipulation has evolved into Unique Skill: Air Law Manipulation}

{Extra Skill: Thunder Law Manipulation has evolved into Unique Skill: Thunder Law Manipulation}

{Extra Skill: Iron Stomach has been strengthened greatly!}

{Using Unique Skill: Evolver to evolve Iron Stomach...}

{Skills: Beast Fang, Deadly gaze, Poison Breath, Poisonous Bite,... and 23 other skills have been devoured by Iron Stomach!}

{Extra Skill: Iron Stomach has evolved into Unique Skill: Predator!!!!!!!!!!}

{Evolution of skills is completed}

{Attempting to gain new skills}

{Extra Skill: Mana Manipulation has been acquired!}

{Extra Skill: Synthesis has been acquired!}

{Extra Skill: Separation has been acquired}

{Extra Skill: Battle Aura has been acquired}

{The Evolution has been finally completed}

I took a deep breath as my evolution ended, my blood was gushing in my veins rapidly, I had gotten more than strong in this evolution. I basically acquired everything that I needed and my current power level is more than what I expected!! I looked at Minerva whose eyes were red and calculating whatnot, then she closed her eyes and opened again and said," It would seem that information that Saints are equal to Demon Lords was true".

Then she looked at me and smiled," Dear, you are already a Demon Lord being now, and I can say it confidently that you can kill Hitogami and Dragon God Urupen or Dragon God Orsted with relative ease". I stood up and said," It would seem all that is left, is to acquire a monster's race which I am choosing to be a Demon Dragon God, a demon seed, and then evolve into a demon lord.

" Yes, you are correct, and since we have acquired Unique Skill Predator we can acquire other races and merge them successfully with yours which has a 99.9999999999% chance of succeeding considering your Unique Skill: Adaption", she said. I was excited and she hugged me from behind," I am happy, you are stronger, safer", she muttered.

I chuckled seeing her cuteness, and quickly called the skill, ' Status '.

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2 days later,

I enjoyed the previous day with my sweet daughters and I am now in the Citadel of Roa to teach Eris again. Philip and Sauros were quite surprised by the fact that instead of taking Eris with me, I visit their home always to teach her. Of course, I simply brushed the reason that it is like a small exercise to me. Considering there is one of my many mansions in Roa they didn't delve much into it.

Though the only reason I am doing these so-called home tuitions is to meet and spend time with my lovely Hilda, after all, she can't always come to my home otherwise it will be too suspicious, well I can simply not care and just steal her in front of Philip, but where is the fun in that? I want to give the man a good gift before he dies after all. I chuckled evilly when I arrived inside their home as always. Sauros who saw me last two weeks back came and greeted me.

" Haha! Like always, you arrived here unnoticed Lord Arthur, my granddaughter had been working hard for the past week training the moves you taught her, and using Magic! I can't thank you enough for this", he said, with a big smile as he thought of his little granddaughter, his spoiling her was the main reason she came out as a brat after all.

I just nodded while he laughed heartily and said," Also, Lord Arthur since you are so young and vigorous you might feel too hot sometimes right? Do you know what I mean? Anyway, maids bring her!", his words quickly made the maids do their task, and they brought a younger beast woman, around of age 12 in a maid uniform and she bowed.

He smirked and got near her and then grabbed her ass,' Ugh, I get what he is trying to do ', I thought as he groped her and the young girl looked a bit disturbed by it. " She is the new beast woman slave I brought a week ago, if Lord Arthur wants I can make her serve you, believe me, her pussy is quite wonderful ", he said with a perverse grin.

I replied emotionlessly," Nope, also let me kindly warn you. I do not like this kind of behavior, I sleep with whoever I want, no need to get in my better looks by doing such disgusting acts ", his smile froze and he quickly left the hold of her ass, and said with a sweat rolling down his forehead," Forgive me, it seems I misunderstood something Lord Arthur. Now I hope it didn't affect our relationship".

" No it didn't at all", I said and then thought,' Well you are destined to die anyway ', he became relieved hearing that and then dismissed the maids, soon Eris came running and hopped on me," You are back Sensei!!", she said cheerfully as she hugged me like a koala," Get down", I replied in an authoritative tone and she quickly got off me, I did tortu*cough* train her brutally during sword fights, after all, it is better to be crueler so she can be stronger.


, " Now, I might be bothered by your and Eris' training, so I will leave you two alone ", he said and quickly went away. I just sighed ignoring the fate of that unfortunate beast-girl. It was the fate of the weak to be killed, tortured, raped, and used by the strong in such worlds. There was no need to bother about her if she wasn't in my line of interest.

Thus I quickly followed Eris to the training ground. It was mostly empty whenever I arrived, since no one was allowed to train here till I finished training Eris, and the room of Hilda was nearby. She quickly came out running seeing me," Lord Arthur!", she was about to jump but seeing her daughter who was looking at her in confusion she stopped and clicked her tongue in annoyance.

" Is something the matter? Mother?", asked Eris, while Hilda snorted," I need to have a private chat with Lord Arthur", Eris pouted hearing her words and retorted," But he has just come here! I need to show my progress in Magic and Swordsmanship!!!", Hilda's eyes became scary and Eris who was scared shitless hid beside me. She had known that I was scary during training and strict, but her mother was scarier.

Thus, she always relied on me to avoid the faith of getting punished by Hilda. " Hilda let's do our important talk, once I have seen Eris' progress and taught her a new move", I said, and Hilda could only nod and sigh in defeat, while Eris gave her a smug look from behind me angering her further, but clenching her teeth she went back ignoring her daughter.

' This daughter and mother are one unique pair ', I thought and then watched her improvement. She had just become an Intermediate Rank Swordswoman and an Intermediate Rank Fire Magician, and I had told her to practice new moves last week, and she had mastered them well for a beginner. I quickly praised her on her improvement and gave her a new move to practice for two hours while moving inside to meet Hilda.

Once I arrived inside and closed the door, Hilda hugged me and kissed me on the lips, I smirked and my hands moved to her ass and we shared a deep french kiss. What happened next was obvious, and Philip was cucked for the umpteenth time.

To be continued...

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