Reborn in Mushoku Tensei with Unique Skill Great Sage

A guy on his Deathbed wishes God to reincarnate him as Isekai, well God doesn't listen to him but Voice of the World does and reincarnates him as Rudeus. See how he will rise to the top of the Multiverse, change the whole Multiverse's destiny, and bang beautiful women on his journey. Note: Mc will be a chaotic Evil, Manipulative, Lusty Bastard. It contains Netori since he will Cuck a lot of guys. No Netorare so he won't be Ntr'd like Naozumu. Author's Note: English is not my main language so there may be many grammatical mistakes. Note- The pic is the property of the original owner and doesn't belong to me.

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The God of Magic

(Author's Note: Didn't expect this right?)


Arthur Pov

Two years have passed since I made Lilia my woman, and revealed my identity as Rudeus,. Maria and Ghislaine couldn't care much about it, though Ghislaine was indeed intrigued by the fact I was Paul's son, and yet cucked him badly. It was hilarious for her, and the only woman to be most affected by this revelation would be Lilia, who was completely weirded out. Still, after hearing my full explanation she just decided to go along with it.

They were a group of depraved perverts for me and considering the situation we were in, and easily accepted the most shocking thing I said, we were way past the stage where there would be doubts and problems, they aren't obsessed lovers for nothing. Anyway, I enjoyed my past two years, by fucking my beautiful women, training them, and training myself.

Minerva also placed one clone in the Millis church so we can acquire the God Rank Healing and Detoxification, well it is just so she can learn and understand healing magic better by observing the best healers and so she can locate the book and just steal it.

Yes, steal it since according to her, those guys don't deserve the book, and it will help us in our plans better. The clone that she placed is a remotely control one like the majority, only the one in Holy Land of Swords and Rudeus were different since they were me in parallel thoughts.

If I wanted I could have them synchronized making it as if I have multiple bodies but decided not to since basically, I have no need for clones to do something of extreme level, only my real body and my main mind will get to enjoy women!!! Ahem, also I made extreme progress in both my magic and Arts.

I have reached Emperor Level Magic in all of the five Elements, at the brink of reaching God level in each, the only reason I didn't reach any of them till now, is that I want to transcend to Godhood in all of them in one go, as for my arts, my clone had been doing a great job in Holy Land of Swords, making great progress and being taught by two Sword Gods.

One of them is of course Gal Farion who always squeals in joy and brags about me, who had become a Sword Emperor in Sword God Style at the mere age of 12, well my true age is 7, and that of the clone which I sent there is 12. So, my excellence also gained the attention of the Water Sword God, aka Reida at the age of 10 and she left the capital to show how much Gal's bragging was true after becoming impressed by me she accepted my request to teach her style.

I could see that Gal and Reida wanted to make me the one who surpasses and defeats the Dragon God, they understood that I could learn their strongest techniques and bring the full potential of, Sword God Style's Longsword of Light, a technique which is said to reach the speed of light once fully mastered, and yet even Jino Britts was unable to master it fully in the original and Water God' Style Deprivation.

I also made Nina and Isolte my absolute fans, it was apparent that they would grow up to become my simps due to courtesy of my evil self, my mana also increased to 989999 units, almost equal to 10 million times the mana of an average person in Mushoku world. I also had been devouring monsters to gain skills using my Iron Stomach Extra Skill. I had been successful in gaining several skills, and Minerva had been experimenting with the useless ones to merge and create a higher skill.

She was capable of touching the realm of the soul due to her big evolution into Manas back then, which made her a pseudo-ultimate skill in a sense. I had no problems with Mana while gaining new skills due to my Mana Increasing skills, and my soul only got stronger with the pressure exerted by all the skills, due to Evolver. I am a fucking cheat, and I pride myself on that.

Anyway, the experiments had been failures till now, and she had been unable to create a new skill much to our disappointment, but it wasn't a big issue, since she was surely improving and the skills I used were miscellaneous which I gained from eating various monsters. This had been the case of my improvement which was massive.

Now when it comes to my wives they haven't been idle either. Maria successfully became an Emperor Rank Magician, though it was more of a minor improvement considering she had the prowess of one if she were to use more mana in a spell. She also became a Saint Rank Water God Style Swordswoman. 

Ghislaine also becomes a Sword God according to the standards set by Minerva which she made after observing Gal Farion and other Sword Kings and Emperors, and later modified it slightly after observing Reida. She was a beginner Sword God, and in the Mushoku world, it is more of a title since the line between Sword Kings, Emperor, and God was rather blurred if not for Minerva who classified them according to power.

Thus Ghislaine had a good chance of becoming the Sword God after beating Gal, she also managed to become an Advanced Fire Magician and is yet to become a Saint Rank Magician. Next, Hilda became a King Rank Fire Magician. She seems to have an excellent attribute towards fire like Eris, only her mere mana held her back, and the only reason she even became a King Rank Fire Magician was due to the upgraded Mana ring I gave her.

Still, her comprehension and Mana manipulation were at the level of King Rank Magician, thus she could become a True King-rank magician once her Mana problem is solved. On that note she remained an Elementary Rank Swordswoman due to not having enough time to be trained, she can't keep making excuses to come to my place always after all.

Now we come to Zenith and Lilia. They were not connected to the Tensura world, like Hilda so their talent remained unchanged but most importantly they gave birth to Aisha and Norn whom I gave the names. Both of them are just one and a half years old and can barely walk and speak. I am officially their father, and for Norn, I am her brother as well.

(A/N: I know you all don't like kids, but don't worry much. Time will pass in a blink of eyes, and they will be old enough, for the info they will be in a harem once completely grown up)

They didn't get a connection to Tensura world sadly but they did inherit my race and modified Laplace factor, so both of them are going to be magic geniuses and Sword geniuses due to their higher race. So no Norn is a less talented situation. While their mothers, aka Zenith and Lilia, got stronger as well, Zenith advanced to an advanced rank Magician in all her magics except Fire Magic.

Lilia got healed and regained her Swordswoman prowess, advanced to an Advanced Rank Water God Style Practioner, and learned Intermediate Water, Healing, and Detoxification Magic. In simple words, the last two years went all according to Keikau, and now I am here in the skies, in the middle of the ocean to advance to God Rank Magician.

[Dear now that your self-monolgue that lasted 2 seconds is over, should we proceed?]

"Yup, let's go", I said and started gathering fire, and started compressing it, and giving it more fire till it became tens of thousands of degrees hot, and then shot it vaporizing water in the ocean below me, around the diameter of several kilometers and scorching the sea life.


{Rudeus Greyart has acquired the Extra Skill: Fire Law Manipulation!}

The sweet voice of the World reached my ears making me smile, then I started manipulating the water vapor and water from rising any further and manipulated them till the ocean became as calm as before, like I didn't shoot a nuclear bomb equivalent of God-level Magic before.

{Rudeus Greyart has acquired the Extra Skill: Water Law Manipulation}

I started laughing," Hahaha! For how many years I waited to hear these words!", I said and then broke the sound barrier, I pierced the air at a supersonic speed, and my body even accelerated further, Lightining and Thunder surrounded my body, the huge shockwaves left huge ripples ensuing tsunamis on the water kilometers below me. My body reached the speed of thunder in a few seconds.

{Rudeus Greyart has acquired the Extra Skills: Thunder Law Manipulation and Air Law Manipulation}

Hearing the voice I stopped and said," Great! Now remains the Earth Manipulation skill!", I said, and then I started manipulating ground below the ocean, aka the seabed from kilometers above, it proved difficult to me but as always Minerva helped me and a huge piece of landmass rose above the water, and started changing it's shape till there was a several hundred meters long statue of Mammoth.

{Rudeus Greyart has acquired the Extra Skill: Earth Law Manipulation}

After hearing the sound, I started manipulating the shape of the statues and was able to do it as easily as breathing compared to previously where I needed to give a lot of focus. I quickly destroyed the statues letting them sink in the water, no need to leave huge traces. I am sure some people, most probably the Gods and Hitogami would have noticed the disturbance I created so I should leave as much as low traces as possible.

I quickly teleported out of there, having achieved my goals.


3rd Pov

" What was that?", muttered a man while sitting on a flying castle that loomed over the ocean, it wasn't just him, Dragon God Orested too was aware of the abnormal surge of Mana in the Ocean for a short while. Even Hitogami became aware of this uncanny event and he ordered one of the strongest pawns, Badigadi the Battle Fighting God to check this serious Mana surge.

The world's strongest powers started making their moves, already aware of the birth of a new strong being one that could rival Laplace. Things were getting interesting unknown to everyone, how a random outsider was going to come onto the board, and would suppress all the pieces. It marked the change, the fact, that something surprising was going to happen.


In an unknown place,

Inside a dark place, full of monsters one could see a 12-year-old girl battling against monsters, she had golden eyes and golden hair that swayed gracefully with her movement, and once she finished killing the last monster present on the floor. An Elf-Woman with green hair said," You have been getting real strong, Aiz, that was a wonderful display of skill", she praised the girl.

The girl in question remained silent, feeling that she was not far away from reaching the next level. Suddenly a weird feeling rose, and she clutched her heart. " Aiz!", said Riveria with worry as she quickly came beside her, grabbed her arm and quickly fed her a health potion, and then started using mana searching for any abnormalities.

" You seem to be fine, still it seems like you are overworked, are you going dungeon secretly Aiz?", Riveria asked in a slightly scary voice, in a normal situation Aiz would have been scared shitless of it, after all, Riveria was a torturer who didn't bode well with Aiz's rebellious and suicidal attitude, but it wasn't such a time.

Aiz remained clutching her chest, while a blush adorned her face,' Why? Why? This weird feeling I always feel, as if I am missing something, or rather someone? ', she thought, wondering about the weird feeling, unknown to both her and a certain man who was worlds apart, a soul bond existed between them, that was growing stronger every moment, it was of a level that made destiny tremble and fate change its direction.

But both were unknown to this and Aiz who soon recovered her calm ended up grounded by Riveria and could only pout and stay in Loki Manor angry from the fact. ' Bad Riveria! Always punishing me!! ', she thought as she started swinging her sword at the dummy rapidly. While Finn, Gareth, and Riveria looked at Aiz with a headache.

To be continued...

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