Reborn in Mushoku Tensei with Unique Skill Great Sage

A guy on his Deathbed wishes God to reincarnate him as Isekai, well God doesn't listen to him but Voice of the World does and reincarnates him as Rudeus. See how he will rise to the top of the Multiverse, change the whole Multiverse's destiny, and bang beautiful women on his journey. Note: Mc will be a chaotic Evil, Manipulative, Lusty Bastard. It contains Netori since he will Cuck a lot of guys. No Netorare so he won't be Ntr'd like Naozumu. Author's Note: English is not my main language so there may be many grammatical mistakes. Note- The pic is the property of the original owner and doesn't belong to me.

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Hilda once again{r18}

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3rd Pov

Arthur started kissing Hilda passionately, his hands moved to her proud breasts and he started fondling them and enjoying their softness. Hilda's breasts were on the bigger side, but they weren't too gigantic making them perfect. Arthur loved the feeling of his hand sinking deep down into her white breasts, that unique feeling was something he could feel only from breasts!

Hilda moaned as well while she kissed him, Arthur this time started tearing her clothes slowly. It was obvious to her he was here for some crazy sex which made her happier as well, after all, she was the one who got the least time to spend with him, and even had the least amount of sex with him among every woman. Not to mention seeing him being this crazy for her made her feel good and satisfied, after all, it proved she wasn't an old hag and Arthur loved her!

They broke their kiss, leaving a trail of saliva between their tongue, Arthur's hands ripped apart the rest of her fabric revealing her naked body in full glory. Her big proud peaks were firm despite her age. Her body curves were extremely alluring and to add the cherry on top, her ass was big and alluring. In simple words, it looked breedable. It aroused Arthur's desire to fuck her and make her moan wildly.

His hands moved to her ass while he started sucking and kissing Hilda's neck, she moaned lightly as Arthur kissed her neck, gave hickeys on her white neck marking it, and then licked and sucked her neck while his hands fondled her ass, molded them into different shapes of his liking, while he enjoyed their bounciness. It was heaven for Arthur.

Hilda didn't want to be left behind either, so she started licking Arthur's neck and sucking gently. They continued kissing and licking each other for minutes, before Arthur stopped and said," Go, and face that wall while raising your ass toward me", she obliged his words and quickly got in the position, while Arthur looked and appreciated the view of her neck back and her fantastic ass.

*Smack* *Smack* *Smack*

He started smacking her ass making it ripple beautifully while Hilda moaned loudly,"❤~Yes!~❤Punish me more!~❤Smack them harder!~❤Ahhh!~❤", hearing his words he smirked and grabbed them tightly and then smacked them. While Hilda orgasmed splurting her juices all over the floor. She started breathing heavily, while Arthur rubbed his penis on her pussy.

She quickly swayed her ass and raised it a bit higher, while her heart pounded with the anticipation of what is going to happen! She is going to make love with Arthur again! In the very house of her husband! It was exciting to think that she was going to cheat on the disgrace of her husband and make her real lover show his claim over body, heart, and soul. A depraved smile formed on her face. Arthur suddenly thrusted his cock deep inside her womb in one go.

"❤~Ahhhh!~❤So big!~❤", she moaned loudly. Arthur started moving his hips, thrusting his cock inside and outside of her pussy, enjoying her vagina which was tightening around his cock as if not wanting it to go. Her pussy had been already molded into his shape, and her pussy was very happy to be used by its owner. Hilda moaned in ecstasy and pleasure feeling Arthur's cock separating her vaginal walls, hitting her G-spots, and making a mess of her pussy.

*Plap* *Plap* *Plap* *Plap* 


Hilda moaned loudly as Arthur dogged her from behind. He suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled it making her arch her back behind, while her ass rippled as it struck Arthur's groin his cock even went deeper into her womb, making her moan louder, he smacked her ass making it ripple and then said," You cheating wife! Don't you feel ashamed getting banged by a younger man while in your husband's house?!".

*Smack* *Plap* *Smack* *Plap*

"❤~I feel ashamed!~❤That I am cheating on joke of my husband~❤So make me repent by fucking me senseless!~❤"

He smirked hearing her words and started pistoning inside her faster, his every thrust made his cock go deep inside her, his cock pierced through her cervix every time and reached inside her womb. He pulled her hair tightly, making her tongue hang out of her mouth and she started panting like a dog, moaning crazily.

*Plap* *Plap* *Plap* *Plap*

"❤~Ahhhh!~❤Fuck me!~❤Use me!~❤Ahhh!~❤Love me moreee!!!~❤"

Her moans and her begging sounded like a melody to Arthur's ears making him more aroused, he enjoyed the scene of a beautiful woman like Hilda turning into such a depraved state, he loved that he was fucking her! He loved the feeling her tight pussy gave him! He loved her as his woman! He loved dominating this woman! All of these gave him intense pleasure, it satisfied his body and mind.

*Plap* *Plap* *Plap* *Plap*

"❤~Ahhhh!~❤Fuck me!~❤Show this cheating wife her place!~❤"

He continued dogging her for more than ten minutes and once his cock started throbbing he left the hold of her hair and grabbed her huge breasts and squeezed them tightly, Hilda moaned wildly as Arthur's cock thrusted deep inside her womb, her mind became clouded with pleasure and it only intensified as he cummed inside her womb, painting it in his color.


Hilda moaned loudly while her face turned into aheagao, and once Arthur has finished cumming inside her, she almost fell weakly on the floor if not for Arthur who turned her and then kissed her, she hugged him affectionately and kissed him while his cum dipped from her pussy. After that, he placed her on the bed to recover while laying beside her and hugging her.

"Arthur", she suddenly said in a low voice garnering his attention, and continued," I am sorry, I am so pathetic that I can't even please you", her words made him raise his brows," I don't have enough stamina and get tired easily. I am sorry", she said while feeling bitter. Arthur's Unique skill Dominator amplified the pleasure he gave to women, thus no woman could be his opponent in his bed.

But it also meant that they got tired easily, not to mention Hilda wasn't strong like Maria or Ghislaine thus she couldn't handle more than a single round, while she had seen Maria and Ghislaine going with him for hours straight. It made her realize how useless she was, she was weak in combat, even her magical prowess was given by him, and even in bed, she was useless. It made her feel useless, she wanted to do something for Arthur, to give him more.

"There is no need to worry about it, you will get stronger in the future", he said and caressed her naked back while she snuggled on his chest and released a 'Hm' while feeling better. She had decided to not laze anymore and work even harder for him. She didn't want to be a useless baggage who couldn't do anything for her lover, her husband Philip was an example who let their sons become hostages.

She knew if she was in Arthur's position, then she would have hated her useless self. Who would want a useless lover? Even then Arthur loved her the same making her have the feeling of being cherished and being loved. ' My love, I am so lucky to have you ', she thought, as her love for him increased again, it wouldn't be long before she would end up obsessed as well.

(A/n: Yandere and Goudere Supremacy!! Hail YG!)

Soon she recovered due to Arthur's healing magic and then sat on his lap with her head resting on his chest, as Arthur played with her breasts slowly. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, making Hilda dissatisfied, her face turned into anger ready to lash at the unfortunate servant and kick him out of the house.

She looked at Arthur, and seeing him nod, she reluctantly stood up from his lap and then corrected her dress hiding her cleavage, she hadn't worn clothes that revealed too much of her cleavage since she met Arthur, before that she didn't care and showed her body proudly, but after meeting with Arthur, she wanted only to be ogled by him, not by some other disgusting men.

Thus once she corrected her dress she opened the door with a strict face, only to see her own daughter standing up in front of her while folding her hands," What were you doing?", she questioned, and then peeked inside to see Arthur sitting on the bed. Hilda smacked her head and said," Didn't I tell you to not disturb me?!", her bravery faded in an instant seeing the angry look of her mother.

After meeting Arthur her mother became more scarier than ever, and before she knew the red lioness inside her became a scared rat in front of her mother. Even as of now, she was way more physically stronger than her, she couldn't go against her due to her fear. She gulped her saliva and looked at Arthur with doggy eyes, who stood up and said," Leave it, Miss Hilda, your daughter is an ignorant child after all", his was playful.

Hilda blushed slightly and nodded, while Arthur came in front of Eris and patted her head," You had been working hard, good job! Now I will teach you magic!", she nodded happily while thinking,' Yay! Headpats are the best! Hmph! I will make sensei proud!! ', she then happily went back to take a bath before training.

While Arthur kissed Hilda and said," Take care of yourself, Hilda, and whenever you get the time come to my palace", she nodded and replied," Definitely!", then she watched reluctantly as he went to another building, while a maid who had seen the scandalous scene grabbed her mouth and hid behind the wall,' What did I see?! Lord Arthur was kissing Lady Hilda?! She is cheating on Lord Philips! ', she thought.

She understood the implications of what she had seen, if it was known to others then there would be a bloodbath. Firstly Philip will become a joke in everyone's eyes as a cuck, while Hilda will become a whore who seduced a handsome man like Arthur, yes in everyone's eyes she will be the guilty one since Arthur is just the dream man of every woman.

If any Noblewoman is given the chance she will spread her legs in front of him, if Arthur wishes so. The reasons were simple, he was extremely handsome, powerful, and had great connections with the King. Like how men dream to fuck beautiful and powerful women, ready to become their toys to get in their pants, the women were the same. Thus, it will be Hilda taking the damage.

She started thinking crazily about what to do after all, the consequences of Hilda's affair becoming known were very big. While she was thinking a hand grabbed her shoulder, she shrieked in surprise and then looked to find Arthur looking at her with a cold look. She quickly stood up and bowed," Ye-Yes, Lord Arthur do you need something?".

He said," I hope you keep your mouth shut, after all even if it is revealed no harm will come to me but it isn't the same for you", she shuddered hearing his words and understood the meaning, it was unlikely Arthur will be affected by this and if she were to reveal this, then she will be killed by him. She nodded and said," I swear on my life, I will keep it a secret!".

He nodded and left the place leaving the poor maid to fall on the floor scared shitless, Arthur naturally knew she was peeking but still kissed Hilda, as he didn't care much if she were to see it. In the end he can just scare her to keep her mouth shut, and if she doesn't then he can simply stop caring and fuck Hilda in front of Philips, steal his wife and then kill him or leave a painful life depending on how he reacts.

He arrived at the guest room and sat on the sofa leisurely waiting for Eris to finish bathing, he suddenly sensed something from a nearby room, on peaking he could see Sauros raping the young beastgirl and venting his lust on her ruthlessly, and took back his senses,' Well whether I will kill Philip or not, but this guy will definitely die ', he thought calmly while sipping tea.

To be continued...

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