Reborn in Mushoku Tensei with Unique Skill Great Sage

A guy on his Deathbed wishes God to reincarnate him as Isekai, well God doesn't listen to him but Voice of the World does and reincarnates him as Rudeus. See how he will rise to the top of the Multiverse, change the whole Multiverse's destiny, and bang beautiful women on his journey. Note: Mc will be a chaotic Evil, Manipulative, Lusty Bastard. It contains Netori since he will Cuck a lot of guys. No Netorare so he won't be Ntr'd like Naozumu. Author's Note: English is not my main language so there may be many grammatical mistakes. Note- The pic is the property of the original owner and doesn't belong to me.

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Demon God Laplace.

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Arthur Pov

There were so many things left to achieve in this world after my last minor evolution, and after one has passed I have trained my sword styles to the God-Level and achieved the power of a God in the body of the human. Of course, it excludes all my powers and my race as Saint. Thus, I am ready to take advantage of my newly acquired Predator Skill to advance my race.

I will be achieving this act by merging my race using Unique Skill Predator and Unique Skill Adaptation. I also had an insane idea which was to merge the races in complete harmony. I don't want to lose my Saint Race or even make it weaker by acquiring other races rather I would like to have multiple races superimposed into one, just like Rimuru's.

It should be possible to achieve by the use of my Unique Skill Adaptation and I am ready to use Evolver to its fullest as well, thus my first goal is a lofty one. I am going straight for the Demon God Laplace, as for not after the immortal demon race first. Well, no logical reason except I want to have a fight at my power level.

I did have extreme fights via my clone in Holy Land of Swords, but I could easily kill likes of Gal Farion casually thus, I have been aching for a fight since my last evolution. Now I am flying above the skies at an extreme pace heading for the place where Demon God Laplace was sealed. Yes, the so-called secret location is none other than a barren land in the Demon Continent.

He is sealed below thousands of meters using God-level Barrier Magic, It took 4 years for my other clones to find it, even after Great Sage evolved into Minerva. She pieced all the information from villages to the library about the Demon God and finally found his location. Now, there is a reason I am flying and not teleporting there, one is to save my Mana since Demon God Laplace has plenty of Mana himself.

It is better to have even a bit more, even if I might just get a dead body of Laplace while his soul teleported into the future, but knowing that my timeline is a rebooted one due to Reboot Miko, things may be more different since in this timeline Heaven Race didn't make it, and there were a ton of different things, thus no need to take extra risk.

Finally, I arrived and landed on the ground. I could see the extremely powerful Barrier magic below thousands of meters of my feet. An excited smile appeared on my face as I manipulated the ground created a path for myself, and started descending till I reached there, and saw a Golden Barrier isolating a cloud of darkness.

[Dear, the defenses of the Magic Castle are fully operational. In case of any powerful shockwaves, it will be nullified, and my body will be in the castle to protect from God-level spells.], said Minerva, and I nodded. Minerva's real body will stay in the castle to protect all the other women from the possible catastrophic aftermath. Of course, she will be lending me help with my skills as well, and I can let her take handle control of my body if Laplace is on steroids.

Even If I am here for a risky fight, I have made all preparations and have gone overboard. For starters, Minerva has been analyzing this barrier for the last year to break it and has been successful, and I have acquired God-level Barrier Magic and Unique Skill Dimensional Barrier due to it. I can use the knowledge of Barrier-Magic to reverse chant it and break it, and can seal Laplace again if I want, this time with a ten times stronger seal.

' I should stop overthinking and just go with it already ', I thought and took a deep breath, and then put my hand on the barrier, I started using Magic to take control over the barrier and then reverse-chanted it, creating an Anti-Barrier effect. Soon the Barrier got weaker, and before it could dissipate completely it suddenly broke.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am back!!!", loud laughter erupted, as an emerald-hair-colored man appeared before me, there were cracks in his body and overwhelming mana erupted from his body. Of course overwhelming to others only, since he had just a bit over 700,000 units of mana while I had over 1.3 Million units of Mana. Almost double his, so it just brushed off me.

His dark green eyes looked at me and then a creepy smile formed on his face," So you are the one who unsealed me huh? You are quite strong and while you do reek a bit of human, your scent is more unique, a powerful hybrid perhaps? Hehe, anyway so why did you unseal me?", he said, and I replied bluntly," To eat you".

He froze and then started laughing crazily," Wonderful!! That's the most wonderful thing I ever heard! To eat me?! Very well let's fight and if you win you can eat me, and If I win, then I shall feast on your body which smells delicious!!", he said, to be honest, I found him much more comfortable to take with than I expected, not to mention he seemed sane in his insane way.

[Report! According to my calculations, the Barrier magic held him in a place long enough for him to regain his sanity, though he can't be said to be the same as before, he is more crazy], said Minerva.

' Thanks ', I said to her, and then I could feel a powerful magic erupting from Laplace," Let's dance my friend!!! See who is better and who is destined to have a feast of the other!!!", he said and the entire ground around several kilometers of us no, tens of kilometers started moving. ' A god-level Earth Magic Spell ', I concluded, as I unleashed my own Mana and started controlling ground to create a route to get out of here.

" Take this!!! Tectonic Collapse!!!!", He shouted crazily, and the entire place around us cracked like glass, intense shockwaves were generated and millions of tons of rocks threatened to bury me, but breaking through all of them at the speed of thunder I got out of that place, to see the rising huge pieces of rock which started floating in air and Laplace coming out of that place.

"So fast! So blurry! So wonderful!! Take this! Meteroite Strike!!", He shouted another crazy name as the millions of tons of mass condensed together and got as dense as steel before shooting at me breaking the sound barrier. ' He is not a Magic God for nothing ', I thought as I watched the huge piece of rock arrive before me.

I focused my entire strength on my arm, I used all my skills to magnify my strength, and then used the Sword Skill Longsword of Light, with my hand as a weapon and then struck against the big-ass rubble at a speed greater than Mach 100. 


The entire rock used as a meteorite by Laplace, broke apart, showering over the ground which has been turned into a thousand-meter-deep canyon-like real meteorites, while I sensed tens of thousands of Saint Rank Fire Spells manifesting behind Laplace which then shot at me like beams of light. My hand which had been slightly broken quickly healed while I created a barrier in front of me to take the entire attack.

Of course, the land behind me got as hot as lava and melted, the air turned into a huge fiery hell as Science took its place and gases started burning. Tens of kilometers of area around had become hell and it looked as if the world was ending. I manipulated thunder and shot trillions of bolts of light at Laplace, which pierced his fire magic, and whatever shit. By the time they reached him, they were weakened to billions of bolts, but successfully struck him giving him a shock of a lifetime.

Once the effect of all the spells wore off, I saw his entire body burned and had been melted in several parts but it turned as good a new in a few seconds. ' His mana is less than half ', I concluded seeing fear in his eyes. Yes as crazy as he might be, he was not too much of a suicidal guy and had thought that victory was in his pocket.

" Wait!!! Let's talk about it!!!", he suddenly shouted but I quickly summoned my sword, empowered with my Magic Aura, and all other types of Auras, and then focused on using the Longsword of Light technique. The world around me turned grey as the perception around me slowed by thousands of times.

I focused my entire strength and arrived before Laplace, then I started slashing with my sword embued with the properties of harming a soul. I slashed him thousands of times, and then the world returned to its normal colors. I released a sigh of disappointment as the body of Laplace turned to gore, I used my magic to save all of his body from falling.

[ Anticlimatic it was right?], she asked, and I nodded, at first I was filled with excitement seeing him shoot all the crazy type of magic. But in the end, he just disappointed me. I quickly observed his soul turning to Mana, and decided to use Predator and started devouring his body, it took me a mere few seconds to devour all of his body pieces, and once I finished my whole body shook.

[Storing all the Body parts and dissipating soul in the stomach while creating a Barrier, done!], said Minerva. It was apparent that absorbing his race here was a bad idea. I quickly teleported from here while observing the approaching powerhouses.


3rd Pov

" You gotta be fucking kidding me", said Perugius as his eyes turned red with anger, the scene before his eyes was pure hellish. Thousands of meters of deep canyon, lava flowing all over, while all the lifeforms are dead and the residue of several God-level Magic spells. It was clear that it was done by a Magic God and the one he was familiar with.

Anger clouded his mind as he shouted," Where the fuck are you bastard!!! I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!", his voice was heard from kilometers away. But there was no sign of Demon God Laplace, he didn't waste any more time and quickly mobilized all his forces to track down the Demon God. While the news that Demon God broke from his seal spread like wildfire.

The underworld, which was full of rotten beings was helping to spread the news, unknown to the fact that the Demon God had been devoured by a fricking human. The man in question grabbed Zenith's ass and hit them crazily while dogging her from behind and making her moan crazily. He had decided to assimilate Demon God Laplace after some time and decided to deal with his disappointment by venting his lust.

*Plap* *Plap* *Plap* *Plap*

"❤~Fuck me hawder son!~❤Impregenate your mother with your seeds!~❤Ahhh!!~❤"

Zenith moaned crazily as Arthur moved his hips, while grunting in pleasure, he grabbed her swaying breasts and then started playing with them and milking them as he fucked her from behind. Splurts of white milk came out of Zenith's nipples, her face contorted in lust, forming an aheagao expression as Arthur thrusted deep inside her and released his semen.

"❤~Ahhhh!~❤My son is coming inside her slutty mother!!~❤So goodddd!!~❤"

Her womb was filled to the brim with his thick semen, while Arthur slowly took his cock out, making her almost fall, but then grabbed her and put her on the bed while thinking,' Should I impregnate her and others? Nah, it will be too much trouble for now. Once I return to Tensura world, then I will start impregnating them ', he nodded and then went to her and started sucking her nipples and drinking her milk, while she caressed his hair with a slutty smile.

Soon, he continued fucking her and then moved to others fucking them till they reached Nirvana.

To be continued...

(A/N: I couldn't make an epic death fight against him Laplace, since it will be nerfing him considering he can call Fully powered Orsted and full Demon Dragon God Laplace with ease. Still, I hope you enjoyed his one-sided fight, at least it showed just how strong he is, even if it was just a part of his true strength.

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