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3rd Pov

Lilia soon joined Arthur's household officially becoming his maid, and it will be an understatement that she wasn't surprised that Arthur had only one fricking Maid looking after the entire Mansion, at first thought that Arthur might be suffering from financial issues but soon she got to know it was opposite.

Arthur was one of the Richest Nobles, other than he was quite influential as well due to being one of the strongest person on the whole continent, his connections to the king directly wasn't a joking matter either, and he was the biggest genius as well, countless Noble Families were fighting each other to establish a connection with him.

They were even sending countless rewards and even offers of marriage were send to him, there were some even offering him s*x slaves, especially Darius, but they were rejected by Arthur and Lilia got to know all about it as Maria made sure to tell him all of the greatness of Arthur and as a qualified simp told her how others are running after him to even make a small connection with him.

Lilia after hearing that still had one question on how Maria kept the entire mansion cleaned by herself, and Maria just showed it surprising her further on how good of a Mage she is, till now Lilia has only got many surprises and it just made her realized how Powerful and big of a figure Arthur is to make even a Saint Rank Mage like Maria to be his mere Maid.

By now two days, have passed, and today Lilia is supposed to meet the Mistress, aka Arthur's wife Minerva, she wasn't able to meet her as Minerva delayed their meeting purposely, she wanted Lilia to get a bit accustomed to her new work and environment as she wanted to show her place, as Minerva was Arthur's first wife and as a Simp Goudere she is, she wanted to make sure to create an order in Arthur's Harem.

And what is a better way than creating her domination over others, it was indeed partly because of her selfishness as she wanted to be Arthur's No.1 girl but yes, she was the one who was going to handle Arthur's harem and she was going to do it by both soft and hard means and poor Lilia was very nervous to meet her, as not only she was the wife of the person she loved, her mistress but also a Magic God which she got to know due to the courtesy of Maria.


Lilia nervously fidgeted in front of the door, Maria grabbed her shoulder and said," You are too nervous Lilia", she smiled bitterly and replied," Yes, Miss Maria as a professional Maid it is truly unbecoming of me to be like this, but I am just nervous to meet a person who is as strong as Seven World Powers".

Maria sighed and said," I can understand your nervousness Lilia, I had the same reaction when I was going to meet Mistress for the first time and sadly I was berated by her for my weakness, thankfully Master saved me, so don't worry about it much, Mistress always listens to Master and does as he says and since he has already agreed she won't kick you out".

While Maria wanted to comfort Lilia unfortunately her words only made Lilia more nervous, suddenly the door opened automatically startling her, but she quickly recomposed herself, Maria patted her shoulder encouraging her and Lilia went inside the room, as soon as she entered the door closed automatically.

Lilia's eyes fell on Minerva who looked like a goddess with her aqua hair, golden eyes, extremely beautiful and cute face, moderately big chest, and extremely voluptuous body, she had an aura of some superior as she looked a bit coldly at Lilia, after gazing her for a bit she quickly bowed and greeted her," Welcome Mistress, I am newly appointed maid Lilia".

Minerva looked at her and said," Lilia huh? I heard about you from Dear, your situation was quite bad, you have my sympathy", Lilia replied," Thankyou Miss", Minerva continued," Whatever, you should know that being my Dear's maid is not easy to get a job, till now only Maria has become the sole maid of our household, you need to be good at your work as a maid and should know how to use Magic or Sword".

Lilia bit her lips hearing that and replied," Mistress although I don't have any battle prowess I do have years of experience doing Maid work so I can guarantee professional work from me, although the working environment is something I have never worked in I will make sure to adapt to it quickly", Minerva has unchanged expression after hearing her words and said," It doesn't matter, you will need to learn how to use a sword and Magic after you give birth to your child, till then you get to used here after that your real maid job and training will start".

Lilia nodded gratefully and said, "Thank you, Mistress", Minerva said," Also if dear was to ask you to warm his maid then make sure to do it though he might never ask you to do it as he only has s*x with women he loves and finds interesting, I doubt he will ask you to do so, but if he does then don't dare go against his order".

Lilia blushed hearing that and nodded," I will", she replied after that Minerva told her to leave and she did so, after coming out she breathed heavily,' That was intense, just aura around her demanded respect, it was the same as Master Arthur's but somewhat different ', she thought, Maria came near her and asked," So how did it go?".

Lilia replied with a small smile on her face," It was fine", Maria asked," Tell me everything", Lilia nodded and started explaining everything, after she finished talking Maria told her," Oh, Yes as Mistress said about Master he doesn't have s*x with any outside women, and every woman he has s*xual relationship including me are his concubines, Master isn't causal like other men so you don't have to worry about him asking you to warm his bed, he is very considerate as well though again, he might ask you to do it".

Lilia blushed hearing that, she wasn't really against serving him even in that way, she loved him and even hoped to get some of his love and attention even if it was by warming his bed, but after hearing Minerva's and Maria's doubt she was a bit sad that it might be difficult for her to serve him in that way as he was a serious and considerate person who unlike other Nobles didn't go after every beautiful woman he saw and out of everyone around him she met Lilia considered her self to be least beautiful.

' Even if it's hypocritical of me to wish so, I hope he finds me attractive and desires me, even if it's my body, thankfully Mistress and Miss Maria have told me that there are small chances of him asking me to serve him ', she thought, after that, she followed Maria as latter assigned her some work.


Paul gulped down an entire bottle of alcohol down his throat and then gasped," Why? Why is this happening to me, Zenith is too angry with me she even has stopped talking with me!", he said sorrowfully, a man who had green hair and was sitting beside him said," Paul acknowledge it, you cheated on her and she has every right to get upset with you", said Laws.

Paul smashed the table and said," It is all because of her! If only she hadn't revealed that she is pregnant!", anger was apparent in his eyes, Laws looked at him with disappointment visible in his eyes and said," Paul, anyway it is very late now, you should return home and don't drink alcohol any further".

Paul looked at him angrily and said," Shutup! I will drink as much as I want! I- I-", Laws grabbed his bottle of alcohol causing Paul to stand up in anger as he tried snatching back his bottle but being drunk he failed to do so," Paul, return otherwise your wife will get angry at you for being out so late in the night", he stopped and grunted," Fine, I will leave!".

Then Paul left the Law's house and sighed, his wife came and said," Did Sir Paul leave?", he nodded and said," Yes Alicia he left just now, what to say his life is almost destroyed with him cheating his wife with his Maid", Alicia angrily said," He deserves it! He betrayed the trust of his wife, and thus Zenith has every reason to get angry at him".

He nodded and said," Yes, you are right, anyway let's go to sleep, I have to wake up early tomorrow also is Slyphy already asleep?", Alicia said," Yes, Slyphy is sleeping, and we should as well", he nodded and both of them went to bed sleeping beside Sylphy unaware of the storm that is going to happen tomorrow.


"Father!", said Rudeues as he came in front of him, drunk Paul looked at him and asked, Rudy, what are you doing so late outside?", Rudeus stopped and grabbed his nose, and said," You smell disgusting! I will tell it to Momma!", hearing that Paul grabbed him and angrily said," You won't tell her anything!".

He pouted and said," I will tell her!", Paul angrily slapped him with strong force causing Rudy to fall as a sound of crack sounded, Paul shouted," You won't tell her!! Because of you not supporting me, she is already very angry with me! I won't let you agonize her any further!", then he kicked him not getting any reply, but current Paul didn't care about it all.

He didn't like Rudeus because of him he never got to have s*x with Zenith for years, he even thought if Rudy didn't disturb them he might have never cheated Zenith and destroyed their happy life, as he thought about this he became angrier attributing whole blame on Rudy, then suddenly he felt extremely sleepy as he fell.

Rudeues whose eyes had turned red looked at him emotionlessly," What a hassle, to think he his Dear's father, he isn't qualified to even a mere servant, whatever I should proceed as I planned", Minerva muttered and then she created a big stone on the ground, then she teleported human blood she had stored and splattered in on the ground, then she left the body as it fell on the stone, a wound appeared on it as the mana body became lifeless.

Paul didn't at that time his life was destroyed by now.


Next day,

Paul woke up and saw the bloodied body of his son he got horrified," Rudy! Open your eyes, Rudy!!", he shouted crying holding the body of his dead son, he checked his pulse and his whole body became pale as he realized Rudy has died," No! Who! How did it happen!".

Soon memories of the last night flooded in as he trembled to realize he killed him," What? What I have done!", he started crying feeling extremely guilty but soon it was replaced by fear,' What if Zenith founds out Rudy is dead? She will be broken! And if she were to know I was the cause of his death then! ', he thought.

" I need to cover it up somehow!", he said and quickly started with his plan, unknown to him that he just made Minerva's plan easier he quickly dumped Rudeus's body deep in the forest where there were monsters, he wanted to make it look like it was done by a monster, in the end, he washed his clothes at a secluded area near the small river and when he was done her returned to his house.

His body still trembling from what he has just done, but the fear of the consequences and wrath of Zenith made him do the unthinkable, as like a murderer he hid the traces of him killing Rudy, he breathed heavily as he opened the door to find Zenith by the door," Zenith?", he said as she quickly approached him and looked behind him.

"Where is Rudy Paul?! Did you see him?!", she asked him worried, Paul stopped as his body trembled in fear, and he replied," No- I didn't meet Rudy", Zenith ignored his weird expression and quickly came outside the house, then suddenly looked behind she asked," What are you waiting for?! Let's search for Rudy!".

He nodded and did as she said, both of them started searching for Rudy, whole day passed as they failed to know where he went or where he is, Zenith sat downhearted sobbing,"*Sniff* Paul where did Rudy go?*sniff* did I scared him too much*Sniff* I just want to see him again", Paul hugged her and said," Don't worry we will find him", though his voice trembled.

Zenith just hugged him not caring a bit about her anger as her only concern was her child, suddenly the door opened and a woman came in, they looked at her as she said with a pale voice," Zenith! Your son! Rudy! He- He", she said stopping unable to finish her sentence. Zenith ran to her and said," Rudy?! Where is Rudy?!".

She looked at her with hesitation something which Zenith caught up and said worried," Asria! Where is my son?!", the woman finally with a sad expression said," Your son's dead body was found in the forest", Zenith fell on the ground hearing that, her face completely horrified as she said," My son dead? No! That can't be! Rudy isn't dead! Don't lie with me!!!", she angrily looked at her.

The woman's face then turned towards Paul and then giving him a disgusted look she said," I am sorry Zenith but that is the truth, and Law's child is saying that Paul has something to do with his death", Paul froze in fear as Zenith turned at him, he shouted," No! I didn't do that! I didn't kill Rudy! Believe me, Zenith!", he tried denying but anyone can see from his reaction he was involved.

Zenith stood up and said," Take me, take me to my son", she completely ignored him, Paul seeing this grabbed her shoulder and said," Zenith believe me I didn't do anything!".


Zenith slapped him and looked at him angrily," Don't speak anymore, I want to meet my son", then without paying any attention she came outside to see several people and the dead body of her son, she ran up and hugged the dead body of her son," Rudy! Please say something! Mom-Momma is here!", she shouted tears dripping down her eyes.

Suddenly she said," Yes Magic! I will save you Rudy!", she put her hand on top of him and started chanting, "O-Oh mer-merciful mother of gods, pleas-please heal this one's wounds, and le-let him recover with a healthy bo-body!", a green light shined upon the dead body of Rudy but nothing happened, Zenith broke seeing this and started crying without holding anything back.

That day her life was destroyed, and unknown to her a new life is waiting for her.

To be continued...

(Author's Note: I am feeling very sad for Zenith, unfortunately, she has to bear this kind of pain, Minerva sure did her best which proved too much painful to Zenith, but yes Zenith's pain is soon going to end while Paul's living hell like life is going to start if you all remember about my hatred towards Paul then congrats.

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