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Right after Haley and Logan left the football field.

Claire POV.

"Would you two ladies like to ride with me?" Rose asks Gloria and I.

I look at Gloria and we both respond.

"I would love to."

We walk out to the parking lot following Rose, she starts to open a car door and man this is impressive.


"Wow" was all I could say Gloria is just staring open mouthed.

After awhile we arrive in front of a gated drive way.

She pulls up to the gates, and they start to open, and what meets my eyes is a massive house.

"es bonito." Gloria says.

"Gracias pero tu tambien eres hermosa." Rose responds.

"Yes!! Another girl that speaks Spanish." Gloria says fist bumping from the back seat.

We soon get out of the car, everyone was following behind seems to have the same reaction we did.

We walk inside, and what do you know, Phil of course immediately went to touch a very very very Expensive looking vase.


"What was that for." He says.

"If you break that we will have to sell are bodies." I say, Phil looks off into the distance like he is contemplating something.

We start following her into the kitchen when all of a sudden we hear a loud crash.


We all look back, expecting to see Phil but instead Luke was standing over the broken vase.

I look to Rose and say.

"I am incredibly sorry, we shouldn't have come." I say.

"Nonsense, it's just a vase, not that big of a deal. Luke are you okay she asks walking past me.

I was about to feel relieved when Alex had to say something.

"Isn't that the MÉDICIS VASE?" Alex asked looking a little pale.


"Yea? Are you familiar?" Rose responds.

"Y-Yea, didn't this one sell for like $200,000?" Alex asks.

"Yes, well it was a little more for shipping and handling." Rose responds.

"Rose I am so sorry." I say.

Rose starts to laugh.

"Trust me this is nothing." She says.

I almost fall over.

[During dinner]

Logan POV.

"Where did you learn to throw like that?" Cam asks.

"Old coach he was very helpful." I respond.

"I mean you did ok, but you have a lot to work on." Jay says with a indifferent look.

"I agree with Jay here." Manny says.

"Well I think you did amazing." Gloria says glaring at Jay.

"Don't listen to these too, during the whole game they were cheering you on," Gloria says.

Jay scoffs.

A little bit later.

"Mom, may we be excused? We were gonna watch a movie." I ask.

"Yea, that's fine with me." Mom responds.

[Flashback end.]

Haley POV.

I slowly start to wake up, I feel strong arms around me and I start to remember where I am.

I guess mom let me stay over. I will have to thank her.

What is that long thing on my butt? Oh, yea we were watching a movie, it's probably the remote, let me just move it.

I reach behind me and grab it but what surprised me is when I grabbed it, it was very warm, I try to pull it but it doesn't feel right, it was too long and big to be a remote.

I turn around in Logan's arms so I can see what it is.

Once I turn, I see a tent coming from Logan's pants.

'O-Oh My God, I just touched Logan's dick.'

"Logan." I say while I tap his arm.

He doesn't wake up so I do it again luckily he wakes up the second time.

"Y-Yea?" he asks totally oblivious, to what is happening down low.

Instead of speaking, I look away and point at his dick. I know I am blushing so I don't want to look at him.

He looks at his dick and after about 5 seconds he realized the problem.

He jumps over me and runs upstairs.

'I just touched Logan's dick and I-It was b-big.' I think to myself as a smile comes to my face.

Meanwhile all over the nation Colleges are going crazy over multiple records being broken last night.

[Alabama Coaches office.]

"I want that QB, I need him now to do whatever it takes." Coach Saban says.

[Michigan Coaches office.]

"We need that QB, he has so much power and speed, go do whatever it takes." Coach Rodriguez says.

All Colleges were saying and thinking the same thing except one.

[Oklahoma Coaches Office.]

"Coach Stoops, you need to see this kid his arm is insane." a scouter says.

Coach stoops, watches the highlight real of one game and at the end of it his eyes light up.

"The QB is very good but look at this WR and that linemen, they all are unmatched in their respective fields. I will personally go meet them and invite them for a tour of the campus in 2 weeks." Coach Stoops says.

[back to Logan's POV.]

'I hope she doesn't hate me, I mean I can't control this lethal weapon, it has a mind of its own.'

I walk downstairs after composing myself, and I see Haley and my mom making breakfast, well more like Haley messing up then my mom fixes her mess up.

Mom sees me and says.

"Logan, would you be a dear and let Haley uses your shower?" She says.

Haley looks at me and starts to blush.

"Y-Yea, come with me." I say as we start to walk upstairs.

We get to my room and I point her to the bathroom but before she goes in I start to apologize.

"Haley I'm sorry that, that happened." I say scratching the back of my head.

"Stupid, I'm not mad I was just what's the word, startled." She says.

"Is it always that bi-, nevermind forget I was saying anything." Haley says while she turns red and quickly closes the bathroom door.

I fall down on the bed.

'I have never slept as good I did last night.'

I hear Haley holler at me.

"L-Logan how do I start the water?"

I stand up and start to laugh i walk into the bathroom and show her how to start it.

A couple of minutes later.

I'm sitting on the bed waiting for Haley to finish.

"L-Logan, I need your help!"

To be continued.


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