Reborn In Modern family as Iron Man!

Our story follows a guy who is the Twin brother of Hayley Turns out he had already once lived before, After getting his memories and realizing his situations he gets a System. The Iron Man System Oh, And the world is also swarming with End Game Boses. ------ For those who want to support me, Here is the Link: https://discord.gg/nPRBd4MD ---------- Full disclaimer: I do not own the orignal Version of the TV shows and Movies I use as crossover material in this fanfiction, All of that belongs to there respective owner, I Am only responsible for the OC in my Fanfic and the unique events that play out due to it being crossover Worlds And if the Orignal Copyright holder wishes for me to remove there Work, I'll be happy to do so I would also like to thank ChatGPT or OpenAI as that has made the entire writing quality of this novel so much better, Credits to them for improving the writing quality at around Ch 76 to 128. ----- This Fanfiction Contains supernatural elements and diffrent shows as well as movies, Currently one such show that is shown in the world is Wednesday, But there are more shows or movies to be found in this world such as the new Arc of Transformers

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"Okay Mom, Goodnight"

I headed to my room and I opened and saw Luke there on the Bed.

"Hey Luke, Goodnight"

"Goodnight James, Oh also Happy 15 Birthday!"

"Haha Luke there is still an Hour left, save it for tommorow"

"Okay goodnight"

Luke turned over and Faced the wall, I went over to my bed and layed down and tried to Sleep.

And soon.

I slowly drifted of into sleep.


I woke up in a dark space.

There was no light at all.

I felt something weird.

It was like flowing into my head.

It was a weird feeling.

I looked at what it was and I was shocked to say the Least.

It was a memory... no... more like a movie was being played in my head when I looked at it.

I kept looking through and then I got to a certain point where familiar Charecters appeared on a screen.

It was Mom, Dad, Alex, Hayley, Grandpa Jay, Gloria, Uncle Mitchell and Cameron.

I started looking through the memories related to them and saw that this was a TV show in this memory.

I saw that at the beggining Hayley was 16 I kept watching more and more until I reached Season 6 after that there was no more.

It seemed that the Memory then played other TV shows and movies even Comics which i decided to look through as well.

This is a Weird experience I was not there in that Tv show.

What was a sitcom called... Modern Family.

Right now me and Hayley are about to turn 15 maybe its already past 12 so we are already 15

But, Why am I not there in the Show?


[Welcome To The Iron Man System]

[The System has a Shop where all Iron Man related Items can be purchased with spoints]

[The Points are Earned by Disrupting the plot of an Episode]

[Spoints are given in comparison to how major the plot Change is, Whether it has effects exceeding the Plot of an episode more points will be given]

[Spoints are given only During Episodes]

[Right now you can Purchase Items related to Iron Man MCU like his suits all the way to his Memories]

[You have been given a starter Package as you started a year before the Plot of Modern Family starts]

[Good Luck, and remember With Knowledge A Man can even Defeat Gods]


Slow down here I need to process this.

This is way to much!

Turns out my families life was a TV show done by actors, yet here it's all real Mom is real dad, everyone is an actual Human and not an actor anymore...

This is unbelievable and here I have a system as well, according to those memories.

It seems that Iron Man was a character from the Movies and in the Comics.

And I have a system where I can buy things related to Iron Man from the movies version?

Also those memories I got, I noticed something weird the person in those memories looked at a mirror once and I saw Me standing there.

I was looking at the Mirror, the same Grey eyes the same Black/ Blonde hair staring at that mirror but I seemed Older I had a slight beard growing out on my face and was looking as handsome a ever.

But... I couldnt move... it was as if I was a spectator.

System, How are these memories related to me?

[They are you... More specifically your past Life]


Say what now.

That's me?

That's My memories?

So this is my Second Life!

I died in that one and I was reborn here.

I am the twin brother of Hayley, James Dunphy

But I am an anomaly here that didnt exist in the Show.

System isn't my existence alredy changing the plot?

[No you havent Changed the Plots of episodes as they have not started yet]

So far why have I got these memories now?

[Its because, If you had these memories earlier during Life then there would be a chance where Luke was not Born or Alex was not born or Dede didnt divorce Jay]

[To many things would have been at risk of change which would result in breaking the plot before it even starts rendering it impossible to get points, So your memories were sealed]

I get it even if I want to change the Plot now the Major Keys wont Change.

Grandpa Jay already is getting Married to Gloria in two week, that's already set.


It's still alot to just accept but I've gotta keep it together here.

But I still have a question.

System what is the use of the Iron Man armour in this world?

[This world not only limited to having the Modern Family, there are other shows and Movies that have a range affect of a town or City and some more]

So basically this is not the world of Modern family where everything is normal.

It seems in this world there can be supernatural things aswell.

I dont know.

what are they... do you know System?

[No, it is not within the Scope of the system]

Sigh, this is a whole lot weight just dumped on me here.

Why was I even reincarnated?

[It is not within the Scope if the System]

Of course.

Okay so I guess open the starter Package


[- 5000 spoints]

[- Tony Starks IQ]

[- Tony Starks Knowledge from Iron Man 1]

[Good Luck]

I felt my brain feel as if it started being broken down into finer particles.

The pain was overwelming, it hurt like hell to say the least.

I fainted soon after.

Soon it all remerged together.

I woke up once again in that dark space, I felt as if my brain had been refined... It felt so clear and all the problems in Maths that I had in school started unfolding as if it was as simple as 1+1=2.

All subject that I found difficult suddenly became extremely simple.

It is a weird feeling.

I was always Smart maybe a little shy of Alex but other that I was pretty proud of my smarts over others.

But this new IQ puts it into perspective of how stupid I was.

Well honestly anyone compared to Tony Starks IQ of 270 is stupid unless it Reed Richard's or something.

Along with this there was new knowledge in my head.

I didnt even need to look through them, unlike the memory, I already knew it all...

Now it was My knowledge to use.

Well here it is Let me know what you think

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