2 Kumogakure's Spy

After Aoba heard the system prompt, he immediately felt a warm current surging around his body.

At this moment.

Every inch of his body was gleaming with brand new vitality.


Aoba took a deep breath, then let it out slowly, concealing his excitement as much as possible.

As a transmigratory who has watched "Naruto" anime, he knows how domineering the Sage body was.

Vigorous vitality!

Super resilience!

Physical strength beyond ordinary people!

Chakra comparable to a Bijuu!

These are the characteristics of the Sage Body. The representative figures were Senju Hashirama and Uzumaki Naruto.


Aoba understands that the Sage Body has to go through arduous practice before it can bloom with brilliance.

But he was already very satisfied with the current benefits.

The mind-reading system changed his frail body to a Sage Body, causing a qualitative change in his physical talent.

As for what he would develop into in the future, it depends on his own training results!

"Aoba, what happened?"

Eaton's questioning voice sounded. He saw that Aoba only touched the spy's head, and his body trembled and stopped. He couldn't help but feel a little curious.

"No... it's nothing..."

Aoba shook his head and quickly pulled his thoughts back from his fantasy. He then quickly assumed a weak posture and said, "I'm just a little tired."

"Why are you already tired before even starting?"

Eaton frowned slightly and couldn't help but wonder whether Aoba was qualified for the job.

"I will start now!"

Aoba slowly closed his eyes and mobilized the chakra on his body, but only mobilized and didn't really perform the mind-reading technique.

He already got this man's memory that the mind-reading system gave to him!

There was no need to reread it again.

The reason why he did this was just to be cautious, and he was just giving Eaton a show.

This time.

There was no response from the system. So Aoba realized the memory reading could not be triggered repeatedly!

Aoba just poses motionless for half an hour, making his arms almost numb.

"I have read it."

Aoba exhaled heavily and retracted his hand, then he opened his eyes with a hint of relief in his tone.


Eaton's eyes suddenly lit up.


Aoba turned around slowly and looked at Eaton, trying to show an exhausted appearance.

"This person's real name is Furai, a Kumogakure Chunin. Two years ago, following the chaotic situation of the Second Ninja World War, he sneaked into the village and passed our village information to Kumogakure." Aoba said.

"What kind of information?"

Eaton narrowed his eyes slightly and flashed with cold light. He was surprised that Aoba could read his memory quickly, but he was even more concerned about Furai's affair.

"According to the memory, 90% of the information that Furai passed to Kumogakure was about the Hyuga clan Byakugan. The remaining 10% were about the internal structure and weak points of Konoha defense." Aoba said.


Eaton thought for a while, then nodded and said, "Is there any other information?"

"Only these." Aoba replied.

"Aoba, you have done well. Reading this person's memory was very tiring, so go back and rest!" Eaton's tone became much softer.

He was a torturer and could also be regarded as a workaholic.

He especially doesn't like incompetent subordinates.

Aoba's performance just now had gotten his approval.


Aoba didn't say much and just saluted Eaton, then turned around to leave the torture department and walked back toward the Anbu dormitory.

If he guessed correctly.

The spy whose memory he read just now should be the root cause of Kumogakure kidnapping plan for Hinata.

According to the info he knew in the "Naruto" anime, Kumogakure has always coveted the Hyuga clan's eye and even wanted to get them by abducting Hinata.

These inferences were based on the fact that he opened his heavenly eyes and knew the plot behind him before making inverse deductions.

But just relying on the available evidence was not enough to make such a judgment.

That's why he didn't tell Eaton much.

Konohagakure Intelligence Division was not a simple place. It might endanger Aoba if he spoke more.

Unless it was extremely important. Otherwise, Aoba would only tell what memories he saw.

No need to say your own opinion! As for what these memories represent...

That's what Konoha's senior consultant duty to think about, and it has nothing to do with an insignificant ninja of Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force!


Aoba followed the route he had walked earlier and returned to the small room that belonged to him.

After going in, he hurriedly closes the door!


Aoba took a heavy breath, looked down at his hands, and clenched his fists.

"This feeling…"

"So comfortable!"

"Is this the Sage Body!"

Aoba can clearly feel the vigorous vitality in his body. This was the feeling he didn't have when he first crossed over.

When he first crossed over, he felt very weak, and just walking a little, he felt sick.

Now he was very energetic as if he had inexhaustible strength, and the feeling of being in full control of his body was excellent. Overall, both his mental power and chakra have become vigorous.

"The Sage Body is not like the Rinnegan. It can directly enhance my body strength and also improvement of my body talent. After I tap the potential of the Sage body, I am afraid that there will be a steady stream of chakras in my body!"

Aoba understands that tapping the Sage Body potential cannot be done overnight, and it requires constant exercise.

Asura, who inherited the Sage body, was not Indra's opponent in the early stage. But after a lot of training, he finally gained a foothold.

Thinking of this.

Aoba was full of expectations for the future.

No matter what, his physical talent has already changed. Even if he doesn't gain other abilities just relying on the Sage Body, he can slowly gain a foothold in the Ninja World.


"I rushed too much just now!"

"I haven't looked at the predecessor memory seriously yet!"

"Where in the timeline is it now?"

Aoba sat on the wooden bed, pressed his temples with his thumbs, and began to look at his own memories.

In an instant.

Scene after scene emerged.

His feeling right now was like watching a movie. All his predecessor had experienced quickly flashed back to his brain.

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