1 Chapter 1 - Death and Wishes

Nakamura Sachiko was a lucky, blessed girl all her life. No, that is a lie. Unlike how her name suggests, she was extremely unlucky. If she play lots where the probability of getting a prize is 99%, she will get a Thank You note instead of a prize. That is just how unlucky she was.

And, she just had to die in a way which only the most unfortunate people died. She twisted her ankle and fell from the stairs which were only a few feet above the ground. Normally, she would've just groaned and get up. But, someone just had to leave their skateboard to where she would've fall and her neck just had to twist when her head lands onto the skateboard. To make things worse, there were no one else at the scene when the accident happened.

Sachiko inwardly screamed and cursed at the gods for her pitiful death. How can she be so unlucky to die like this?

"So, your death seems like an accident." The god states.

Sachiko's attention was brought back to where she was right now, sitting in a chair waiting for some answers.

"What do you mean by accident?" She asked.

"Well, you see. We've actually made a mistake and thought you were the one who was supposed to die that day." The self-proclaimed god replied rather awkwardly.

"You can't be SERIOUS?!"

"I'm serious. Really sorry for what happened. It's the first time we actually took the wrong person like this.." He tried to explain.

"what should I do then? After you've killed me like that..., now you're saying it was a mistake! WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO DO?!!" Sachiko sobbed, becoming too emotional at the reveal.

The god thought for a moment before he finally said, "Okay. There's a solution. We can make you reborn in a different world and even give you three wishes as a gift."


"Yes. You'll be reborn in Jujutsu kaisen world. What will you wish for your three wishes?"

"Okay. Let me think.." Sachiko said after a while, "I want an innate ability called Possibility which will allow me to see probability of events and possibilities. I also want to be able to show the possibilities to others."

"Granted. However, seeing possibilities itself will have some limitations.But, to compensate for that, some special abilities would be unlocked in the future."

"Alright. My second wish is I want to have infinite amount of cursed energy. It would be nice if I don't run out of cursed energy at all."


"For the third wish, I want three more wishes." Sachiko smirked at that.

"...You can't wish for more wishes." The god said as he rubbed his temples.

"But you didn't say I can't." She said with a smile.

"...Alright. You're sneaky. I'll give you that." The god sighed, then, said in an annoyed tone, "But you can't wish for more wishes."

"Fine, I want to have extreme control of cursed energy. It's better if it is a technique to allow me to manipulate cursed energy to a terrifying level."


"Thank you!"

He nodded and just before he sent her to Jujutsu kaisen, he said, "I'll erase your memories of future events in Jujutsu kaisen before you go. But, you'll remember the information about curses and Jujutsu."


"because that will make things more intersting." He replied and then touched her head. Sachiko felt so sleepy suddenly and fell asleep.

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