Reborn in History: The Legacy of Alfonso VII (English)

In this captivating historical work, we follow the life of the young Prince Alfonso in the Kingdom of León and Castile during the 12th century. From his birth in a fortified castle to his accession to the throne, Alfonso faces political challenges, epic battles, and infighting as he fights to assert his power in a land divided by war and ambition. With a narrative rich in historical detail and compelling characters, 'The Prince of León' is a thrilling exploration of love, betrayal and the quest for power in the medieval Iberian Peninsula. Disclaimer: This work is a piece of fiction. The characters, events, and dialogues are the product of the author's imagination and should not be interpreted as real facts. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Furthermore, it is advised that the story may contain scenes of violence, adult content, or sensitive themes that may not be suitable for all readers. Discretion is recommended, and readers under a certain age are suggested to consult with an adult before reading this work. The copyright of this work is owned by the author, and any reproduction or distribution without permission is strictly prohibited.

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45 Chs

Chapter 1: The Call of the Underworld

Spain, Valencia, October 31, 2025.

7:00 A.M.

The rhythmic sound of the wall clock filled the quiet morning in Daniel's parents' house.

Daniel's room, which occupied the back of the house, was flooded by the faint light of dawn, filtering through the half-open curtains. With its 120m², the house was spacious but quiet, as his parents spent most of their time working, often not returning home for months, leaving the home in a constant state of loneliness.

Daniel's bedroom was modest but cozy, with simple furniture and an unmade bed where Daniel had spent another sleepless night. Memories of his dreams of greatness filled the walls in the form of maps and government schemes, silent witnesses to his secret ambitions. A photograph on the nightstand showed Daniel with a forced smile, surrounded by people who were no longer in his life, reminders of his inability to truly connect with others.

The sound of the coffee pot dripping in the kitchen was the only sign of life in the house as Daniel prepared to face another day of loneliness and monotony. Although the house was quiet and empty at that moment, the coffee maker was still running as scheduled, filling the room with the comforting sound of dripping as it brewed a cup of coffee for Daniel, part of an automatic morning routine he had previously established.

However, this day was different; it was his 20th birthday. Although Daniel didn't usually celebrate his birthday, today he felt a slight flicker of emotion in his heart. He decided that this year he would do something special, something he had never done before: he would celebrate alone.

As he headed to the small kitchen, his thoughts wandered to memories of his childhood, when birthdays used to be a cause for joy and celebration in the house. Now, however, the house was quiet, with no one else but himself to mark the occasion. Still, Daniel felt determined to make this day memorable, even if it was just for himself.

With a sigh, he decided that he would start the day with a small gesture of self-indulgence: he would pour himself a cup of his favorite coffee and enjoy a moment of quiet before facing the outside world.

After pouring himself a cup of coffee, Daniel relaxed in his favorite chair and enjoyed the enticing aroma before lifting the cup to his lips and taking a sip. The hot liquid comforted him from within, infusing energy into every cell of his body. With each sip, Daniel felt the tranquility of the morning meld into the caffeine, awakening his mind and preparing him for the day ahead.

With the coffee cup empty and the aroma still wafting through the air, Daniel got to work tackling the remaining household chores. He began by picking up the dirty dishes from the night before and taking them to the kitchen, where he submerged them in the sink full of warm, soapy water. With precise, methodical movements, he began scrubbing each plate, cup, and utensil, enjoying the comforting sound of running water and the crunch of suds. Once the dishes were shiny and arranged on the drainer, Daniel turned to the mountain of dirty clothes piling up in the laundry basket. Patiently, he sorted each garment by color and type before loading the washing machine and adding detergent with precision.

As the washing machine hummed softly in the background, Daniel allowed himself a moment of rest, turning on his stereo to fill the house with his favorite songs. With music as his companion, Daniel felt refreshed and energized as he moved from one task to another, cleaning, tidying, and organizing every corner of the house. As he vacuumed the floor and dusted the furniture, his mind wandered through memories of the past and the possibilities of the future, each domestic action becoming a form of reflection and contemplation.

Finally, when every corner of the house shone with cleanliness and freshness, Daniel stopped for a moment to admire his work with satisfaction.

The sun was beginning to filter through the windows, bathing the room in a warm morning light.

He allowed himself a long sigh of relief, feeling a weight lift from his shoulders as he sank onto the couch, feeling the accumulated fatigue in his body.

As he relaxed, a flash of memory jolted him. "What did he have to do today?" he muttered to himself, with mild feigned interest. "I think there was something important." He stood up and walked over to his desk, where his calendar lay.

Examining the pages, his finger stopped on a date marked in bold letters a few weeks ago. "Oh yeah!" he exclaimed loudly, feigning excitement. "The art exhibition!" The forced excitement flooded him again as he remembered the invitation he received some time ago. He decided he couldn't miss the event and hurried to dress appropriately, although his expression remained indifferent. "I still have time!" he told himself with false determination as he headed for the door.

As he left the house, he crossed paths with his neighbor, who greeted him enthusiastically. "Good morning, Daniel! Where are you off to in such a hurry?" the neighbor asked with genuine interest.

"Hi, Pablo!" Daniel replied, feigning a friendly smile. "I have an art exhibition to attend. Almost forgot!"

"Wow, that sounds exciting!" exclaimed Pablo, not noticing the insincerity in Daniel's words. "I hope you enjoy it! Good luck!"

"Thanks, Pablo! See you later!" Daniel continued on his way to the dry cleaner's, maintaining his facade of cordiality while his mind remained cool and indifferent.

After picking up his suit at the dry cleaner's, he ran into an old friend passing by. "Daniel, what a surprise to see you here!" she said with a warm smile. "Where are you headed all dressed up?"

"Hi, Clara!" Daniel responded, returning the smile with false kindness. "I have an art exhibition to attend. Seems like it'll be an interesting event!"

"How exciting!" exclaimed Clara, failing to notice the lack of authenticity in Daniel's words. "I hope you have a great time! See you later!"

After picking up his suit and chatting with Clara, Daniel headed to the art exhibition. As he walked through the city streets, his mind wandered between thoughts about the event and his own selfish ambitions. Although his expression remained serene and polite, inside, Daniel felt increasingly anxious about what the day held for him.

Daniel: (To himself) This day will be a waste of time, as always.

Upon arriving at the event venue, Daniel stopped for a moment to admire the building and its architecture. Although he didn't usually show interest in visual arts, the imposing structure captured his attention for a moment before he continued towards the entrance.

Daniel: (Addressing the security guard) Good afternoon, may I go in?

Security Guard: Of course, go ahead. Enjoy the exhibition.

Once inside, Daniel found himself surrounded by people chatting animatedly and admiring the artworks on display. As he walked through the galleries with a calm pace, his cold gaze settled on each painting and sculpture with barely concealed indifference.

Daniel: (To himself) Just a waste of time... Why am I even here?

Suddenly, a particular piece caught his attention: a portrait of King Alfonso VII. The image of the medieval monarch hypnotized him, and for a moment, Daniel felt a strange connection to the historical figure. However, he quickly dismissed that feeling and continued his tour of the exhibition.

As he moved away from the portrait, Daniel noticed that something was wrong. A tremor ran through his body, and a feeling of unease came over him. He tried to ignore it and continue his visit, but the feeling persisted, growing more intense with each step he took.

Suddenly, a loud noise echoed in the room, followed by screams and the sound of people running. Daniel turned to see what was happening and was met with the sight of the portrait of King Alfonso VII falling towards him.

With no time to react, the painting crashed into Daniel with a deafening blow, engulfing him in darkness.