Reborn in Dragon Ball as Son Goten: Start Bonus Ultra Instinct-Sign

Disclaimer?: The purpose of author in this AU was to make it similar to Future Trunks timeline, where in this timeline only Goten was a survivor and the world was without hope. Since it's Goten's story, it starts with few years after Cell saga. If it was Trunks story, it would start with few years after Android saga. ........................... Synopsis: .......................... It has been three years since Jiang Hui transmigrated to the world of Dragon Ball. His soul merged and took over the body of a four year old Goten . After transmigrating, he realized that the timeline he was in was f*cked up. All the Z-fighters died at the hands of Cell in the Cell Games and now were refusing to be resurrected for some reason. He was the only warrior left to protect the earth if one ignored the dead beat old man Roshi and little bald head Krillin. In desperation, not wanting to die, he trained desperately for three years and mastered the full power of Super Saiyan transformation, but still struggled to break through to Super Saiyan II. Just when Goten feels extremely frustrated about not being able to break through to Super Saiyan II, and is ready to accept his grim fate, a system notification rings in his mind. His golden finger, a god-level attribute picking system, finally appeared after three years of transmigration. The system activates and issues a novice gift package Ultra Instinct - Sign. This newfound power might be the key to defeating Cell and protecting the Earth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Guys, I have been working on this fanfic for a while and finally decided to share it with you guys. This is a translated work, but I have made sure to filter out all the kinks and unpleasant name mistakes and other errors from it. But since it's my first translation work, it might be a bit lacking. I will be uploading the whole work, at the moment of upload, I have around 50 chapters left which I need to work on, and then re-refine the previously done chapters before uploading. Basically I have to re-read 3 times before uploading to make sure there aren't some discrepancies. For the curious fellas out there wondering what's the chinese raws: Name: 我!孙悟天,开局奖励自在极意功 English translation would be: I! Son Goten, Starting With The Secret of the Self-centered Sign By author: 赛亚龙珠 English translation would be: Saiyan in Dragon Ball You don't have to worry about me dropping mid way. And once the final touches are done, I might speed up the upload rate to finish the work here. I am a student, so sometimes, my real life work might interfere with my upload rate. But dontchu worry :D I got you guys. Doing this work, I learned that translation was hard work. Took over an hour and half to refine a single chapter, that too when i was just refining the stuff, before uploading have to re-read it twice to make sure everything is in order... 0_0 Kudos to those kind strangers for giving us those gems. (GPT doesn't count, it fuc*s up the feel of the chapter that one would get by working on it himself.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you plan on negatively reviewing this book, please do so after reading till 50 or 60 chapters (You can skim read it). Because I know that some readers might have nothing but negative reviews due to early plot development lol. Those unpleasant developments get a closure around chapter 63 or 68 (I think).

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The Divine Ability of Destruction Acquired

[T/N: this chapter got published in the second volume. Just noticed. Deleting the current upload and re-adding this there. Sorry for the mistake.]

In the current era of the 12 universes, only Beerus had managed to touch the threshold of Ultra Instinct, reaching the realm of imperfect Ultra Instinct. The other 11 Gods of Destruction hadn't even come close.

Although each God of Destruction possessed their own unique skills, and it wasn't necessary for them to learn the Angel's Ultra Instinct.

But when a God of Destruction was appointed, the Angel was responsible to guide him in the training of Ultra Instinct. Whether it could be mastered depended purely on the practitioner's mental tranquility and their aptitude for training Ultra Instinct.

These two requirements alone had excluded almost all of the Gods of Destruction. But now, a mortal from Beerus' own universe had mastered Ultra Instinct! Although it was not perfect, merely stepping into the threshold was already quite an achievement.

After all, a God of Destruction still had the guidance of an Angel. But the kid in front of him, Goten, obviously didn't have that kind of treatment. He must have done it all on his own. This spoke volumes about Goten's talent and comprehension ability.

Shocked, Beerus glanced at Whis, obviously wanting to ask him what was going on. Why would a mortal from their 7th universe master Ultra Instinct? Could it be that Whis secretly taught this brat Ultra Instinct while he was asleep?

Whis also shook his head with a puzzled expression. This was also the first time he saw Goten, and he was as surprised as Beerus when he saw him use Ultra Instinct.

"Beerus-sama, let's continue our previous battle!" Goten said calmly after casting Ultra Instinct. This was the requirement of Ultra Instinct; the mind must be calm to use Ultra Instinct.

"Boy, you are able to master Ultra Instinct without Angel's guidance. I have to say that you surprised me once again," Beerus said with a smile.

"I haven't been so surprised in a long time! But I still have to tell you, even if you comprehend Ultra Instinct, it is absolutely impossible to be my opponent! Besides, your current Ultra Instinct has only reached an imperfect level."

Surprise was nothing but surprise, but if this kid wanted to defeat him by relying on Ultra Instinct, it was simply a daydream! This was simply impossible. Even if he mastered the perfect Ultra Instinct, it was absolutely impossible to defeat him.

"I know...…" Goten also nodded very self-aware. "It's just that if I'm defeated like that just now, I would feel a little bit unwilling." His imperfect Ultra Instinct-Sign was really no match for Beerus. But his goal now was clear. That was to hope to pick up the Destruction skill of Beerus through this final battle.

"You aren't reconciled with your loss?" Beerus asked. "Then come at me! This time I will convince you of your loss." Beerus did not refuse Goten's request to continue. Since this kid was still not convinced, then he would beat him until he was convinced. Anyway, it wouldn't waste too much time.

This time Beerus took the initiative to flash out directly. In a moment, he was in front of Goten. His fists kept waving, punching punch after punch like a machine gun. Goten's body was surrounded by a brilliant aura. Between the small-scale movements of the body, he completely avoided Beerus's attack.

"Okay…what a terrifying speed," Goku commented, looking at Goten in surprise. "Is this what Goten is capable of?" Although it seemed that the speed was not fast, and it was also a very small range of movement, they seem to be able to see this kind of action clearly. But every time, Goten was able to avoid Beerus' attack accurately. Obviously, this was a very powerful ability, one that they couldn't understand.


Beerus launched hundreds of attacks one after another. But they were all avoided by Goten again and again.

"Hmph!!" Beerus grunted. "This kind of hide-and-seek battle really doesn't give me any pleasure in fighting!" Seeing Goten dodging all his attacks quickly, Beerus also said unhappily.

In fact, he prefered the fighting style of Goten before. There was almost no dodging, and every time he chose to head-to-head with himself. That kind of battle could make his blood boil.

Although Ultra Instinct was a pretty outrageous ability, the body's spontaneous avoidance was a bit too annoying! This kind of battle would make the opponent feel quite impatient. Especially someone with a violent personality like him.


But at this time, Goten took the initiative to attack. He appeared behind Beerus in an instant, and then an energy ball directly hit Beerus' back. However, this energy attack did not cause any damage to Beerus! Not even the clothes were destroyed. He just felt a burning sensation in the back.

"Goten's attack has no effect on Beerus-sama!" Goku frowned slightly and spoke. "The ability he is using now seems to be have made him stronger than before when he transformed. But it has no effect."

"Goten told me before that the ability he has now is only on an imperfect level! Perhaps it is for this reason that his power cannot be fully displayed. If this ability is mastered perfectly, his strength should become stronger." Krillin on the side also immediately explained. At this moment, all of them knew that Goten couldn't win this battle no matter what!

At this time, Beerus also frowned slightly. 'It's time for this boring battle to end!'

Then he turned his head and used the Ultra Instinct as well. His body flashed out. The bodies of the two turned into silver and purple light again. Started a fierce chase, and collision. Accompanied by a minute of fierce confrontation, a figure directly descended from the sky. Then he fell heavily in front of everyone.


The luxury cruise ship shook violently again. This person was obviously Goten. Even with Ultra Instinct-Sign, there was no chance of winning at all.

'Damn!! There's no way to beat Beerus with my current strength.' Goten clenched his fist tightly, but let it go again soon! This gap was really too big! Ultra Instinct simply couldn't make up for it.

If it was the perfect Ultra Instinct, maybe he could still struggle for a while. But now, he didn't even have the strength to struggle!

Originally, the energy in his body had not been fully recovered, coupled with the rapid consumption of Ultra Instinct, made him almost incapable of fighting Beerus now. However, just when Goten had completely lost hope, the system's notification voice suddenly rang in his mind.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for acquiring the Hakai ability of a Hakaishin...]

Goten was overjoyed. He had almost given up hope of acquiring anything from the system in this battle, but the system's notification came just as his physical energy was on the brink of exhaustion.

He felt as if the system was toying with him. Soon, a stream of information about the use of Destruction ability flooded his mind.

"Amazing!" Goten exclaimed, his excitement palpable. 'The beating I took was worth it! I finally acquired the Hakaishin's divine skill.' His excitement was overwhelming.

This was what he had been fighting Beerus for. Now that his wish had been fulfilled, the silver aura around his body disappeared instantly, and he returned to his normal state. There was no need for him to continue fighting Beerus. This was a battle he knew he couldn't win.

Suddenly, Beerus landed in front of Goten. Squinting slightly, he looked at Goten calmly and asked, "Hey boy, do you want to continue fighting?" Hearing this, Goten gave a wry smile and replied, "Beerus-sama, I have exhausted all my abilities and strengths. The gap between us is too great. No matter what I do now, it's impossible for me to defeat you. I admit defeat in this battle."

Despite admitting defeat, Goten's face was filled with a satisfied smile. The battle with Beerus had allowed him to gain a lot. He had not only acquired the Destruction ability of the God of Destruction but also broken through to a higher level with the help of the battle with Beerus. This was a huge gain. There was no need to continue fighting.

"Hmm?" Beerus responded, "At first, I thought you were going to put up a desperate resistance. It seems you're not as foolish as I thought. You understand that the gap between us is insurmountable." Beerus sounded proud.

The young man before him had finally surrendered of his own accord, which made him feel satisfied. The intense battle they had just had was something he hadn't experienced in a long time.

In a flash, Goku and the others appeared again and immediately helped Goten up. They asked with concern, "Goten, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine now," Goten replied with a natural smile. His current mood was probably better than anyone else present. Of course, Beerus was also in a good mood. Although he hadn't found the Super Saiyan God from his prophetic dream today, Goten's strength was not inferior to that of a Super Saiyan God. The battle had also been enjoyable.

So now, he didn't want to destroy the planet, because it didn't make sense to do so now. He also appreciated Goten and didn't want to become his enemy for no reason.

"Whis, after fighting for such a long time, I've used up a lot of energy. I need to replenish it. Let's go back quickly," Beerus said to Whis, who was not far away. "Didn't you just say that ice cream doesn't taste good if it stays in the refrigerator for too long?"

Goten smiled and said, "Beerus-sama, in fact, there are many delicacies on our planet. These delicacies are definitely something you have never tasted before. You can try them."

As a transmigrator, Goten naturally knew that Beerus and Whis were typical foodies. The things they had eaten before were nothing compared to the delicacies of Earth. The Earth in the Dragon Ball world was also known as the gourmet kingdom of Universe 7. After Beerus had tasted the delicacies of Earth, he wouldn't have thoughts about destroying Earth in the future.

"Oh, is that so?" Beerus responded pompously, "In that case, I'll try them. But if they don't taste good, I'll get angry." Beerus then appeared directly in front of Whis and started eating sweet shrimp sushi and pudding.

Once he started eating, he couldn't stop. In an instant, Beerus and Whis became completely engrossed in their food. Seeing the two of them, it was hard to associate them with the God of Destruction and his attendant.

After two full hours of eating, the two of them stopped, though they still wanted to eat more. They couldn't fit any more food in their stomachs. These were the best delicacies they had ever tasted. If they ate too much and vomited it all out, it would be a kind of blasphemy to the food.

"Burp! I'm so full!" Beerus said, touching his swollen belly contentedly. He felt that life was really wonderful at the moment. He had just had a hearty fight and now he could eat unlimited gourmet food.

At this time, Whis stood up and walked over to Goten and Bulma. He had a gentle smile on his face.

"Goten-san, these delicacies of Earth are really delicious," he said, "If we go back to the God Realm, we may not be able to eat them, so I thought, can I pack some and take them back to the God Realm?" The polite tone of his inquiry made everyone feel respected.

For them on Earth, these foods were commonplace and nothing unusual. So of course they had nothing to refuse!

"Of course, Whis-san," Goten replied immediately with a smile, "If you want to taste the delicacies of Earth in the future, you can come directly to Earth again."

Now, of course, he had to establish a good relationship with Whis. This would allow him to guide himself in training Ultra Instinct. On the other hand, he could also find a way to fight Whis and see if he could acquire Angel's abilities in battle, or perfect Ultra Instinct.

"Hmmhmm… That would be great! I'll definitely come when I'm free," Whis said, nodding quickly with a smile. The days in the God Realm were very boring. Moreover, there was no delicious food on the planets near the God Realm. Once Beerus fell asleep, he would definitely come to Earth secretly and taste some other delicacies on Earth.

"Get ready, let's go back quickly, Whis!"

"The battle just now has made me feel a little bit tired. I'll want to go back and take a nap."

Seeing Whis talking and laughing with Goten, Beerus interrupted from the side.

Beerus had slept for a shorter duration than usual this time, having slept for only 39 years. His awakening had been prompted by a dream about a rival Super Saiyan God. However, after his duel with Goten, his interest in the Super Saiyan God had waned. He decided to return and compensate for the lost sleep.

"Very well, Beerus-sama!" Whis responded promptly, swiftly packing a dozen lunch boxes. Before departing, he turned to Goten and posed a question, "Goten, your power surpasses all mortals in the seventh universe. It's so immense that it could potentially obliterate some of the other universes. Have you ever considered becoming the new Hakaishin of the seventh universe?"

So, he got the Hakai ability of a Hakaishin. What he gona dyuuu, stay tuned.


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