Reborn in Dragon Ball as Son Goten: Start Bonus Ultra Instinct-Sign

Disclaimer?: The purpose of author in this AU was to make it similar to Future Trunks timeline, where in this timeline only Goten was a survivor and the world was without hope. Since it's Goten's story, it starts with few years after Cell saga. If it was Trunks story, it would start with few years after Android saga. ........................... Synopsis: .......................... It has been three years since Jiang Hui transmigrated to the world of Dragon Ball. His soul merged and took over the body of a four year old Goten . After transmigrating, he realized that the timeline he was in was f*cked up. All the Z-fighters died at the hands of Cell in the Cell Games and now were refusing to be resurrected for some reason. He was the only warrior left to protect the earth if one ignored the dead beat old man Roshi and little bald head Krillin. In desperation, not wanting to die, he trained desperately for three years and mastered the full power of Super Saiyan transformation, but still struggled to break through to Super Saiyan II. Just when Goten feels extremely frustrated about not being able to break through to Super Saiyan II, and is ready to accept his grim fate, a system notification rings in his mind. His golden finger, a god-level attribute picking system, finally appeared after three years of transmigration. The system activates and issues a novice gift package Ultra Instinct - Sign. This newfound power might be the key to defeating Cell and protecting the Earth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Guys, I have been working on this fanfic for a while and finally decided to share it with you guys. This is a translated work, but I have made sure to filter out all the kinks and unpleasant name mistakes and other errors from it. But since it's my first translation work, it might be a bit lacking. I will be uploading the whole work, at the moment of upload, I have around 50 chapters left which I need to work on, and then re-refine the previously done chapters before uploading. Basically I have to re-read 3 times before uploading to make sure there aren't some discrepancies. For the curious fellas out there wondering what's the chinese raws: Name: 我!孙悟天,开局奖励自在极意功 English translation would be: I! Son Goten, Starting With The Secret of the Self-centered Sign By author: 赛亚龙珠 English translation would be: Saiyan in Dragon Ball You don't have to worry about me dropping mid way. And once the final touches are done, I might speed up the upload rate to finish the work here. I am a student, so sometimes, my real life work might interfere with my upload rate. But dontchu worry :D I got you guys. Doing this work, I learned that translation was hard work. Took over an hour and half to refine a single chapter, that too when i was just refining the stuff, before uploading have to re-read it twice to make sure everything is in order... 0_0 Kudos to those kind strangers for giving us those gems. (GPT doesn't count, it fuc*s up the feel of the chapter that one would get by working on it himself.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you plan on negatively reviewing this book, please do so after reading till 50 or 60 chapters (You can skim read it). Because I know that some readers might have nothing but negative reviews due to early plot development lol. Those unpleasant developments get a closure around chapter 63 or 68 (I think).

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The Clash of Titans

"Don't get too cocky, saiyan whelp," Beerus warned, his eyes narrowing at Goten. "It's true that you possess a level of alertness that others lack, but do you really believe you're fit to challenge a Hakaishin?"

"I came here in search of the Super Saiyan God. I have no interest in insignificant pests like you," Beerus added dismissively, a slight frown marring his features. In his eyes, Goten was nothing more than an ordinary being with a slightly heightened sense of awareness. He was far from the formidable adversary Beerus had envisioned in his dreams, and certainly nowhere near possessing even a billionth of Beerus' own power.

"Who's to say unless we try?" Goten retorted, his tone serious. He was well aware of the risks involved in confronting Beerus directly. However, if no one stood up to Beerus, the Earth would inevitably face disaster.

Perhaps by throwing away his dignity, he might be able to hold Beerus back. By using possibility of using Beerus' weakness for gourmet food to his advantage. But he quickly dismissed the idea, as he was unwilling to do it.

Besides, if he could engage Beerus in battle, there was a chance he could acquire the Destruction God's abilities. It was a risk, but it seemed worth taking.

Besides, if Beerus approved of his next performance, maybe he would be unwilling to destroy the earth.

Just like in Dragon Ball Super!

"An insolent brat who doesn't know the meaning of fear," Beerus muttered, his tone indifferent. "You lot simply can't comprehend the power of a Hakaishin. But since you're so eager to try, I'll indulge you for a few seconds."

Beerus initially dismissed Goten's request, but eventually, he agreed. After all, it would only take a few seconds. A few seconds later, the planet would cease to exist.

"Then…can you promise not to harm the innocent people on Earth until our battle is over?" Goten pleaded. He knew that once they started fighting, the Earth could be destroyed in an instant. He wanted Whis to ensure the Earth's safety until the battle was over.

"Tch! What a nuisance," Beerus grumbled, glancing at Whis. "Fine, agree to his request."

"Yes, Beerus-sama," Whis responded, nodding respectfully. He tapped his staff lightly on the ground, and a wave of green energy spread out from his feet, covering every inch of the Earth. A light green halo appeared around all the creatures on the planet. For an Angel like Whis, this was a simple task.

"Little devil, I can't believe I agreed to your absurd request," Beerus muttered, shaking his head in disbelief. "But if your strength fails to pique my interest, I won't hesitate to destroy this planet, including you."

"Goku, will my Goten be okay?" Chichi asked, her face filled with worry. She couldn't sense how strong Beerus was, but judging by the expressions on Goku and Vegeta's faces, she knew he was a formidable opponent. Moreover, Goten had admitted that he couldn't defeat Beerus, which only added to her worries.

"Don't worry, Chichi," Goku reassured her, taking her hand. "If Goten is in danger, we won't hesitate to rush to his aid." Of course, this was just consolation. Because if even Goten was not the opponent of Beerus, they are even more incomparable. Their only hope now is that Goten could defeat Beerus.

'Goten you must win!' Gohan prayed silently.

'Boy, although your superiority makes me feel very uncomfortable, but now you have to use all your strength to defeat Beerus, let him not look down on a Saiyan's power.' Vegeta clenched his fists tightly, thinking secretly in his heart.

Although he didn't like Goten, that kid very much, he didn't like Beerus even more.

"Come on! Goten, you can do it!" Krillin also cheered for Goten!

As the crowd watched, Goten and Beerus slowly rose into the air. They stopped when they were about a hundred feet above the ground.

"Little devil, you Saiyans have some flashy transformations, don't you?" Beerus asked indifferently.

"They may be useless, but at least they seem to increase your strength. Hurry up and transform! Otherwise, you won't stand a chance against me with your current strength."

"Ah, you're absolutely right," Goten replied seriously. "In the face of a Hakaishin, I can't afford to be careless."

If it were anyone else, maybe he wouldn't have started off with a Super Saiyan transformation. But facing the likes of the ridiculously powerful Beerus, there was no room for error. This guy was the top existence among the Gods of Destruction from the 12 universes. So, there's no time for holding back! Saving strength would just be plain foolish at this point.

"Then transform quickly!" Beerus commanded, his tone laced with impatience. He had no illusions about Goten. To challenge a God of Destruction, Goten would need far more than what he currently possessed.


In the God Realm of Kais.

Old Kai was pacing anxiously, his face a mask of fear. "Fools, they're all fools," he muttered, his voice echoing in the God Realm. "I warned them explicitly, yet they still chose to challenge Beerus-sama. Do they not understand the catastrophe this could bring upon the Universe?"

As he paced, Old Kai couldn't help but voice his frustrations. Despite his clear warnings, Goten and the others seemed to have disregarded his advice. Their decision to confront Beerus was akin to courting death. Their demise could potentially provoke Beerus further, leading to a disaster of cosmic proportions.

Upon hearing Old Kai's words, Shin raised an eyebrow. He felt that the blame didn't lie with Goten and the others. Rather, it was Beerus who was excessively tyrannical, threatening to destroy planets on a whim. Faced with such a situation, should Goten and the others simply stand by and watch their home be destroyed?

He retorted, "Gosen Zo-sama, while I usually agree with your statements and opinions, I must disagree with you on this matter. Beerus-sama may be powerful, but he now threatens to destroy Earth, the home that Goten and the others have fought so hard to protect. For Goten, the destruction of Earth would mean the loss of all hope. Under such circumstances, shouldn't they fight back? Fighting might offer them a glimmer of hope, rather than sitting idly by, awaiting their doom."

Shin's tone was firm and resolute. This was perhaps the first time he had spoken so assertively to his ancestor. However, he truly believed in his stance. In the face of an arrogant God of Destruction, one should fight back. No one wishes to be a sacrificial lamb, least of all Goten, who possesses immense strength.

Hearing this, Old Kai looked surprised. He hadn't expected the usually docile Shin to speak so assertively. While his words were indeed true from the perspective of Goten and the others, Old Kai felt that his vision was too narrow. If they were to anger Beerus, it wouldn't just be Earth that would suffer. The entire Northern Galaxy, and even the entire Universe, would face a great catastrophe.

"There's nothing we can do now! It's already reached this point..." Old Kai sighed, he couldn't say anything. From the perspective of those mortals like Goten, what they did was indeed right.

But what he just said was from the perspective of a Supreme Kai. From the perspective of protecting the universe, his words were also completely correct.


Meanwhile, on Earth

Goten clenched his fists.


 A deep roar erupted from his throat as a powerful aura burst forth from his body. Energy ripples, visible to the naked eye, appeared in the sky. Vibrant-green flames enveloped his body, piercing through the clouds like a beam of light. At this moment, Goten's aura had reached an unprecedented level of terror.

Both Goku and Vegeta were taken aback. Although Goten had transformed when facing Majin Buu and Janemba before, the aura he released during those transformations paled in comparison to his current state. This indicated that Goten had been holding back his power during those battles. However, facing Beerus now, he was going all out.


Even Whis, standing to the side, couldn't help but glance at Goten, feeling the surge of power. A hint of surprise crossed his face. Although this aura was still incomparable to Beerus, it was undeniably strong. In the entire Seventh Universe, apart from himself and Beerus, there was no aura stronger than this. Even the Supreme Kais paled in comparison to the young warrior before them.

"Oh?? Interesting," Beerus mused, a look of surprise on his face. "You possess a formidable power hidden within such a small body. No wonder you were so confident earlier. I must admit, I underestimated you."

Before, he felt he could defeat the brat in front of him effortlessly. But the aura erupting now was unprecedentedly powerful. Among all the opponents he had faced before, except for Gods of Destruction from other universes, it seemed that there was no one stronger than this kid in front of him. Although the Super Saiyan God from the prophetic dream wasn't found, this brat seemed to be a good opponent. At least he wouldn't be killed too quickly!


Amidst continuous roars, the vibrant-green flames enveloping Goten's body surged like a raging sea. All eyes were fixed on him.

Goten's hair color directly turned into vibrant-green hue, and his pupils turned into gold.

The suit on the upper body had been torn, revealing a bare upper body adorned with powerful muscles—a testament to his immense strength.

This was his Legendary Super Saiyan form. Goten at this moment, had unleashed all of his power, without holding back. The current him should be the full power form of LSSJ in the first stage.

The power of his at this moment was completely incomparable to before, in fact, it was estimated to have reached beyond the power of Super Saiyan God.

After transforming into the Legendary Super Saiyan form, Goten stabilized his aura and addressed Beerus politely, "Beerus-sama, this is my power after transformation. I look forward to learning from you."

"Interesting," Beerus repeated, a hint of excitement in his voice. "You are indeed much stronger than I had anticipated. It seems the upcoming battle won't disappoint me."

After millions of years, it seemed that Beerus would finally have a worthy opponent to spar with.

Shin-sama rocks. He sympathizes with mortals. And Goten is his friendo. So he stands up for him. This is important for later chapters. The only deity Goten respects from his heart.


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